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  1. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: It is now not possible anymore to play with anyone except yourself, no mater who is the squad leader you do not load into their game and they dont load into yours. GAME BUILD ID: 3339314 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Start the game and there is a 100% chance of it happening.
  2. Literally every singe version dosnt work with WW3 on my PC, lul.
  3. Never mind I found it. If anyone cant find it just PM me for info.
  4. I cant find version 3.0.6 or older anywhere on the Internet. Where did you get the old version?
  5. Hello, Are you and or your clan members interested in joining our German Discord server with over 50 active players? If yes then please write me a message.
  6. German: Hey, Feldwebel! Bist du, auf der suche nach kompetente Mitspieler die ein wert auf Teamplay und "PTFO" legen? Dann bist du in unseren freundlichen discord server herzlich willkommen! Schau bei uns mal vorbei oder schreib mich an, falls du Interesse oder Fragen hast. https://discord.gg/a2TEDMp English: Hey, Solider! Are you looking for German speaking competent Battlebuddies that value Teamplay and "PTFO"? If yes then I have good news for you, Private! Join our Discord server and start fraging away with your new squad members today. Send me a message if you are interested or have any questions. See you in the Battlefield, Solider!
  7. "U MAD?" is a meme that exist since 2003. There are many abbreviations but it boils down to just saying that someone is upset, angry or mad on the internet without providing any further argument on the topic that is being talked about. Do you want me also to explain what a "meme" is or do you at least know that by any chance?
  8. Still using the "U MAD?" response, I see. Must be tough being stuck in the year 2003.
  9. Guess what this isnt real life this is a video game. Want to oneshot your enemies? Aim at the face! Dont have enough skill to hit the face? Practice your shots until you can consistently hit a moving target smaller than a Tennisball at 300 meter. In other words get good.
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