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  1. We are aware of the IFV problems, thanks for the report, sorry for the late reply. Also, repair ramp has been reported.
  2. weedtime

    cant use a gun

    Vityaz is bugged, we aware of it, thanks for the report.
  3. weedtime


    Please follow the bug template and describe the problem more precisely. Thanks.
  4. TAK - jest w planach strzelnica, kiedy? nie ma dokładnej daty, gdyż wiąże się to z wprowadzeniem trybu Offline do gry. Ranking prawdopodbnie pojawi się z pełnym wydaniem gry, wątpie aby był wcześniej wprowadzony, co jak będzie wipe?
  5. Smolensk comeback soon - finished and with textures.
  6. weedtime

    reset ?

    Nie ma potrzeby usuwać, ale zamknę.
  7. weedtime

    reset ?

    Pytałem się kiedy ostatnio miałeś kasę na koncie, a kiedy zauważyłeś, że jej nie ma. Nie odpaliłeś czasem innej wersji gry np. NA? Jak Ci wyzerowały to pisz do Ragira PM ze steam ID, nie robilismy żadnego resetu, nie wiem dlaczego masz pusto...
  8. weedtime

    reset ?

    A kiedy ostatnio grałeś?
  9. You can try to reinstall graphics drivers, no idea which option trigger the issue, I personally use these settings, and everything looks fine for me: What's your graphics card anyway? Mostly the bugs occur for people with less than 3GB.
  10. As I suggested, reinstalling the windows may help, eventually, run the windows ISO and try to repair the system.
  11. I had no idea about it, it wasn't reported before, at least I can't find it in a report sheet, but sending reports will definitely help to resolve the problem, make sure you fill description in crash reporter before sending the report. Thanks. 5x "report" in one sentence, time to sleep I guess...
  12. We had reset customization for all accounts, as I remember somewhere in January, but since this time, there have been no resets, sorry for your inconvenience. I'm also pissed off when had to remake just one loadout which I use, I know how you feel
  13. Are we talking about live version? When was the last time you played? There are no known bugs for loadout at this moment.
  14. I guess this issue supposed to be fixed in 0.4.4 patch, we know about it
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