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  1. weedtime

    Patch 0.2 - LIVE "connecting to ww3"

    Probably, a lot of people trying to connect at once now, give it a bit. Let me know.
  2. weedtime

    zapis gry

    Możliwe nawet dzisiaj, ale nic nie obiecuję
  3. weedtime

    zapis gry

    Co do tłumaczenia w PTE to jest dycyzja z samej góry firmy i inaczej nie będzie, tylko po angielsku, każdy patch który wchodzi "live" ma polskie tłumaczenie. Komunikacja jest poprawiona w większym stopniu, nie wiem o czym mówisz, wejdz na discord PL, możesz pogadać z Devsami itp. tutaj też więcej sie udzielają.
  4. weedtime

    RAW input ON/OFF in game options

    12k lol 800DPI here and 25 in-game sensitivity, some people never notice how big boost give RAW input ON for precision aiming, whatever their choice
  5. weedtime

    Performance Boost (one frame lag) bug.

    Already reported, thanks.
  6. weedtime

    zapis gry

  7. Already asked about it by myself, everything should be reworked. http://www.wbgroup.pl/en/produkt/warmate-loitering-munnitions/
  8. weedtime

    under map glitch

    Hey, please provide screenshots with the exact place where it's happening. Please, follow our template, you can find it on here: Template - it will help us to solve bugs faster. Thanks.
  9. Please, make sure you don't report bugs related with PTE client here, instead use this section for PTE BUG reports: https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/forum/55-public-test-environment-forum/ Much thanks.
  10. weedtime

    Cant even open main menu

    Looks like, cheap PSU in preassembled PC's it's a common problem.
  11. Sorry man, no idea how much files you have on your HDD and you never clean your disk. Also, it's should be done in safe mode only.
  12. weedtime

    Points Deducted Without Vehicle Being Dropped

    Reported, thanks.
  13. weedtime

    Berlin map obstacle makes you catapult into the air

    Reported, thanks.
  14. weedtime

    Steam having no rate DL PTE?

    It's a steam server problem, we can't do a lot about this.
  15. weedtime

    Volume doesn't restore on SL spawn

    We aware of some sounds problems, thanks.