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  1. So it's like I've said, game load resources, and sometimes it's happening or don't, probably depends on what's going on in the actual match. We still optimizing the game as you know, I hope you can deal with it, for now, we will try to decrease the loading time in the future Thanks.
  2. What I'm trying to say, I can hear the "sound" when you cross the border of the map, that's why I asked where were you finished the warm-up
  3. Hej, gra jest bardzo ciężka jeżeli chodzi o CPU, i5 nie jest bardzo mocnym procesorem na dzisiejsze czasy, również Twoja karta graficzna nie jest zbyt wydajna (jest to raczej karta do biura i prac gaficznych - ja bym to tak określił). Prosze nie porównuj tutaj takich tytułów jak BF, to gry na zupełnie innym silniku i gry są całkowicie ukończone. Co mogę polecić, to zajrzyj do mojego tematu, są tam najbardziej optymalne ustawienia dla najlepszej wydajności: Gra jest ciągle optymalizowa pod względem wydajności, pracujemy nad nowym systemem animacji który pomoże poprawić wydajność. Z czasem będzie lepiej, ale trzeba troszkę poczekać... Co do freezów, polecił bym również monitorować użycie dysku twardego, temperatury oraz zegar CPU, czy czasem nie zrzuca taktowania podczas ścinek.
  4. I personally don't have any HDD's in my PC so I can't tell how long it takes, for me it takes mostly 1-2 sec. before FPS back to normal after starting a match, I'm using SSD M.2 which is 15x faster than standard HDD drives. What more important, does this happen only when you start the match or every time when you're on deployment screen, for example during a match when you die and need to respawn?
  5. Thanks, we will investigate.
  6. Hey, at this moment game loading/synchronize resources, is that a brand new HDD?
  7. Hey, first disable AV if you use any, then go to this topic and follow guide number 10 and 11. Then let me know.
  8. For me personally, this doesn't happen but we had a similar bug in the past when people deploying strikes and open tablet map, it's been fixed, Devs team will try to reproduce this bug, it could be related to some settings, for example, the UI map could load too many resources that are needed.
  9. Thanks, we will investigate.
  10. Thanks for the info, also please provide your video settings in the game. I will report it and we will investigate. Thanks.
  11. Any camos/skins won't be fixed for now until we implement new customization menu. So some of them won't be displayed correctly.
  12. Thanks for the reports, ammo bag bug is already being investigated by team, about dead spawn, did you remember where you finish your warm-up? It could be like tynblpb said.
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