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  1. weedtime

    Cheating discussion

    hacks@worldwar3.com Make sure you provide as much information as possible, screenshots, video klip, Steam ID etc.
  2. weedtime

    Reanimacja & Gore

    Proszę abyście utrzymywali dyskusję na poziomie, każdy ma prawo do wyrażania swojej opinii, od tego przecież mamy forum, ale róbcie to z szacunkiem do drugiej osoby, szanując jego zdanie/opinie/wypowiedzi. Dalsze prowadzenie kłótni spowoduje zamknięciem wątku oraz "nagrodami" w postaci warnów. Pozdrawiam.
  3. weedtime

    Czy to jest troll Hourdeau

    Hej, jeżeli uważasz, że ktoś sieje zamęt na forum, jego zachowanie jest niezgodne z regulaminem, proszę użyj przycisku "Report post" w prawym górnym rogu każdego postu, który uważasz za niestosowny. Na pewno ktoś z team'u moderatorów przyjrzy się sprawie.
  4. weedtime

    Switching weapon configs bug

    Hey, we aware of the issue, still working to resolve the problem once and forever
  5. weedtime


    Hello and welcome, Join our discord, if you're looking for teammates, check this thread Also, use quick join option while in game, guaranteed to find a server with players.
  6. weedtime

    silencer dosent work

    As Ragir liked it, I guess they on it, I didn't have a chance to test it myself.
  7. weedtime

    I'm a filthy hacker pt.3

    As I guess we have only 2TB hard drive on our website hosting provider, if we increase the upload limit size the server could be overloaded by time, I don't know to be honest. For some reasons, forums use the low limits if we provide a separate server in HQ there could be security breaches, and we need to provide the plugin on the forum, etc. Hosts like YT and others have no limits, and that's works well for everything, even big companies ask for uploads on external hosting providers. As far I know the reporting system will be different in the future, here on the forum and in-game, so there will be an option for sending bigger files, also there will be a replay system. You can always make your videos private on YT then send a link, so they won't be public to others. Devs get your video from this post and will be nice if you keep it on your channel. About the uploads limit, @Ragir should give a couple of cents here as I'm not really into server configuration. But I think it mostly depends on hosting provider.
  8. weedtime

    silencer dosent work

    Hey, which silencer? Did you try different ones, are you sure it doesn't work?
  9. weedtime

    Fast fire Pistol Red dot sight not centered

    Hey, we aware of this bug, thanks for the report anyway. Have a good night.
  10. weedtime

    I'm a filthy hacker pt.3

    Yeah man, I forgot to remove the video link. Thanks.
  11. weedtime

    is statistic wiped?

    It will be investigated, but at this moment if it doesn't affect your rank, money etc. it's not a major issue, we had similar problems in the past, something corrupted with player profiles.
  12. weedtime

    Grinding system

    It's an EA, there are more important things at this moment, but a good idea. Everything came in time