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  1. Thanks for the reports, as far I know issue has been passed to Developers.
  2. Thanks for the report, known issue, it will be investigated. Also, please provide your PC spec. Thanks.
  3. Ragir hasn't been online yet, I'm also waiting for clarification... Idk if any other Dev can confirm this besides Ragir.
  4. @@PRUNKgaming Game Ban and VAC Ban are two different things: Game Ban VAC Ban Game ban in WW3 doesn't affect any other VAC secured Games/Servers... Your ability is not impacted to play any other VAC secured games. @RagirIf I'm wrong and on players profile is visible VAC status, instead of Game Ban, please correct me, but I'm sure I'm right. Otherwise, something is messed up if his account shows the status of VAC Ban.
  5. You're all reading wrong article about VAC https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=6899-IOSK-9514
  6. Thanks for the report, if this is happen again let me know.
  7. weedtime

    How to report?

    Well, it depends on behavior, as far I know, we can choose 24h, 72h and permanent ban which is visible on Steam profile.
  8. weedtime

    How to report?

    Sure, but we changing some things at this moment and this is the fastest way, we did that for Discord users as they are not using forums so often.
  9. weedtime

    How to report?

    You can report them through this form https://forms.gle/9ND7atBUoFFYoH1p8 If you don't have a google account, PM me with Steam ID and a proof. Thanks.
  10. Thanks, it should be resolved by new customization menu, also forwarded.
  11. Thanks for the report, forwarded.
  12. Please, stop revealing such confidential information!
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