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  1. We have an Independence Day today in Poland so there's no one in the office. Simplest way will be to add your friend to your party and play together as a team... I also don't have full server list, even if they're in steam browser some of them are missing. Maybe ISP blocking some ports, dunno but it will be investigated as Ragir said it's a known issue.
  2. So, we're still investigating an issue with missing money after completing the match, problem it's been reported a few times.
  3. Servers are automatically added when the rest of them is fully populated, keep us updated if the issue persists. Thanks.
  4. Money is still missing after logout or back to war map? Thanks.
  5. Known issue, thanks for the report.
  6. Thanks, could be intended but obviously this is not how it should be.
  7. Hello, it is a standard crash window, are you able to send the crash report through crash reporter? Thanks.
  8. We still encountering some problems with squad manager, thanks.
  9. Hey, preferable is to use server browser instead of quick join. Thanks for the info!
  10. Thanks, I think it's known one but I will add this to the sheet.
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