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    Level Cap

    Which region you play?
  2. Wow, try again. Next time please describe the problem, thanks.
  3. Can you screenshot your graphics settings from the last tab in video settings and post it? Thanks
  4. We are aware of that, thanks.
  5. Icons are more visible in PTE and some tweaks has been made, just wait for the patch...
  6. UE4 doesn't work well with Ryzen's somehow, definitely, around the release there will be the best moment for full optimization.
  7. Sometimes it's work, sometimes not, thanks for the report, someone will look into this.
  8. Those has nothing to do with the ping.
  9. Heli is easy to take down, jam it then shoot down, simple. Game is not optimized for Ryzen...
  10. Is that's what I heard, can't confirm. With your spec, you should get around ~150 FPS
  11. It's kinda weird, I know there are a few people with 2080ti and they don't have such performance issues, your RAM could be a problem there, also there are a few persons which said when they switched to 3200Mhz their FPS magically increase, also GPU usage...
  12. Just wonder, did you tried PTE client, there is any difference in FPS? You mention you crashing and cant send reports, how often do crashes happen?
  13. You will find the folder there, forgot to mention. Win key+R type: %localappdata% hit enter
  14. Is your power management is set for high performance, both in Nvidia and Windows? CUDA GPUs - All Threaded Optimization - On Did you tried remove config settings: Local\WW3\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
  15. Thanks, forwarded. I think I reported this some time ago...
  16. Thanks, forwarded for investigation.
  17. 1. Odradzanie wałkowane setki razy, raczej nie będzie, to nie BF. 2. Jest taki wóz w grze.
  18. No just wonder, there are some problems with 1903, all you can do is wait for fix the crash... -Update drivers -Clean system registry -Remove config files
  19. Try to defragement your hard drive
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