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  1. weedtime

    VEPR handguard misalignment on Beryl 762

    Thank you, reported.
  2. weedtime

    VEPR gun weight mismatch (+ others)

    Thanks, reported.
  3. weedtime

    Falling through Map Warsaw A1

    Thanks, reported.
  4. weedtime

    Server performance (lags)

    As you can notice in the left top corner you have two indicators, they showing server performance, we will investigate. Thanks.
  5. weedtime

    forum w języku polskim

    Będą dodane języki, ale jak już to będziemy robić na wszystkie działy, a jeszcza ma dojść sekcja francuska. @Rozmo coś tam dłubie, więc niech się wypowie.
  6. weedtime

    Free BR

    Jest cała masa innych sposobów na reklamę, pamietajmy, że gra jest w EA i póki co nie widzę sensu reklamy na przyciągnięcie nowych graczy, kto chciał to kupił, kto będzie chciał to kupi itd. Produkt będzie ukończony lub naprawdę stabilny to się wtedy o tym pomyśli.
  7. weedtime

    Generał i co dalej ?

    Nie wiadomo, do pełnego wydania daleka droga...
  8. weedtime

    Generał i co dalej ?

    No idea @Borreh Inna rzecz, nikt nie powiedział, że nie zrobimy wipe'a
  9. weedtime

    Sli can work!!

    Please use the search function, you already created a topic about this. https://forums.unrealengine.com/unreal-engine/feedback-for-epic/13316-crossfire-support?29105-Crossfire-support-=
  10. weedtime

    Some attachments bugs.

    Thanks, reported.
  11. weedtime

    invisible, un-usable Anders AFV

    Reported, thanks, he could be flying above somewhere
  12. weedtime

    Question regarding playerbase/primetime

    Depends on which server you play, here on EU server most players play on an evening around 18-19 PM CET until late at night. Join our Discord https://discord.gg/YmST3vd You can find players to play overthere.
  13. weedtime

    FPS Guides

    You had to turn off some system programs, or your laptop starts throttling after you change power management, no idea, still don't know what kind of error you get. What laptop you have?
  14. weedtime

    Untextured cars

    Noticed them as well. Reported, thanks.
  15. weedtime


    We haven't a wipe past 4 months, so I don't know what's happen to your account, feel free to contact customer support, you can find a link in my signature, they had access to the player database and easily can check you login times and also account progress. As I can see on RU section you received the answers, so now you know what to do. Thanks.
  16. weedtime


    Did you connect somehow to a different region through the steam?
  17. Everyone with Recon Unit rank on the forum should receive an invitation, thanks.
  18. weedtime

    RPG issue

    Thank you it's been already reported, please if you wanna have a conversation with me, I'm happy to do it through PM, don't spam in this topic. Having access to the forum it's a privilege, not a right, if you're not happy to provide information which we need, you're free to go. I'm sure I know what I'm doing, the thread will be cleared from unnecessary comments. Thanks, guys.
  19. weedtime


    When you last time played in the game, and when your account has been wiped?
  20. weedtime

    RPG issue

    Sure in free time, it could be not needed, but one type of shell could bounce and the other not, so this information might have some value for testing. Thanks, reported.
  21. weedtime

    Purchasing customization items bug

    Thanks, reported, we will see it could be intended.
  22. weedtime

    Untextured cars

    It mostly depends on graphics setting, not only in the game but also Nvidia CP, we're not sure what triggers the issue, does it happen every match, from a certain patch or just single time issue?
  23. weedtime

    RPG issue

    I'm not kidding, it's a post of this kind: "Man my tank flying" Provide accurate information next time, every single report you made it's not described properly, but nvm, you've been punished? No. Back to topic, so it was intended in previous versions of the game, at this moment we will investigate the issue, can you provide in free time information such as: -shell type -does it happen from certain surfaces? Thanks. @cuba @Atway
  24. weedtime

    repair and wall

    But it was you who drive on the wall and that's your problem, I'm an experienced excavator operator, so drive on this obstacle could result in hanging on the track or flip over. Not enough material to reproduce the second issue, but problems with ramp has been already reported. Thanks.
  25. weedtime

    FPS Guides

    You could mess up something with settings, system registry, cuz the guide is 100% safe and definitely not cause any crashes, you also didn't say which kind of crash you've got, system, graphics card, game etc. Also, it will be crucial to get this information as it might have helped many other players, what you've undone from my guide so far or which settings you've changed.