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  1. It's postponed until tomorrow, due to holidays.
  2. TTK, hit registration is still WIP, we trying to find the right balance.
  3. It's fixed mostly in PTE (I mean in 0.6 which we testing), hit registration and TTK.
  4. Developers and F51 know how it looks, there is only a handful of people who know about WW3, I bet Developers will deliver enough entertainment to enjoy this game for a long time. BFBD3 it's just a rumor, not confirmed information, even if they make it, won't be the same as BFBD2...sadly, it's not enjoyable at this moment due to the low player base, but hey - it's only beginning of development (only 30% of EA just passed) it's a first game of this kind made by Polish studio in Poland at least. It is too early for destroying walls in the building, moving stuff around it will impact the optimization, but who knows, maybe in future, Ragir talked about it yesterday. Don't worry about me, I'm ok
  5. Send me your steam ID, we will reset your profile config manually, but don't expect it on the fly, as we have holidays, and people with access to the database are limited.
  6. Thank you, we still encounter some spawn issues, but it should be fixed on the upcoming patch.
  7. Most of the bugs are known, to be honest, most of them and are fixed in PTE 0.6, about performance should be better after 0.6 hits live, AMD users have some performance problems, but we keep optimizing the game all the time, it's one of our priorities. Thanks, for the report, I will forward not known bugs to developers.
  8. There is always at least full server on PTE in evening ~20 CEST and also during the day, it's 4 a.m in EU everyone sleep (not me, just wonder why I'm sitting and read again post about the same thing over and over), we have holidays in Poland for example, so people will be less active. Playerbase isn't big, but it's enough to keep developing the game. I repeat what I said earlier - I'm rather to play with ~150 people which give us constant feedback and help to develop, than play in a finished game made only by developers with their vision of the gameplay, and later those games getting boring. I would like to have such developers as in WW3 in every game. It is not yet time for promoting the game when the time comes, you will notice. Developers working hard right now, to make the game better and better, then we go back to promoting. What other project are you talking about? Chernobylite? Don't worry about it.
  9. You spawned on vehicle, site or a squad leader?
  10. It should be fixed in upcoming patches, to be more precise in Giga patch which should hit this month.
  11. The information about patch notes always go first on the Forum, then on the Steam and lastly on the Discord, so its the place where you should check all the news regarding the patch notes, I don't know where is the problem, you want us to send you an SMS?
  12. Hello, I make a poll about one of our Jammers, which are now constantly used by people, since we have Heli-Drones, the UCAS-D jammers are continuously abused by the enemies, Every time I go into the Drone, I'm maximally 15 seconds in it, what's funnier, not a lot off people are aware that they can prevent enemies from calling strikes with it. How it will be when more people discover the possibilities of the Jammers? It is such unbalanced in my opinion, I, for example, spend 4000 BP for a Heli, and it could be destroyed by a 1000BP and I can't come back into it, even after jamming finished. Please take part in the voting Thanks
  13. I think Patch notes on the forum, discord, steam, twitter and I guess facebook is enough... Weekly reports have nothing to do with PTE announcements, cuz they're not planned as live updates.
  14. weedtime

    Dev tools pte

    That was a quick response I would prefer it to be toggled on all the time, upper right corner on the screen would be a good place.
  15. Pozmieniaj bronie w loadoutach, jak nie pomoże, daj link do konta steam, zresetujemy profil, kiedy ostatnio grałeś?
  16. Updating UE and rewriting animation system are two different things, what won't be in 0.6? I don't understand...
  17. Raz sie udało, później już nie chciało, chyba, że ktos musi być razem ze mną, ale szło zbyt szybko jak na jedną fizyczną osobę przejmującą punkt, więc musiało zaliczać przejmowanie przez drony, w sumie była tylko jedna osoba przejmująca punkt + dwa drony.
  18. Reported, we will see what they think about it
  19. Thanks for the report, the Customization menu will be rebuilt (no ETA).
  20. What kind of topic are you looking for? We currently running servers in Washington DC and Los Angeles, but most of the players from NA moved to EU servers due to activity, but you still can find some players over there as well. How do you know you connect to non-NA servers?
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