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  1. Na razie nic oficjalnego nie ma.
  2. Quad should be repairable only on the ramp, there is no armor, etc. Only bug is probably that you can equip repair kit. Thanks.
  3. Soldiers! Please feel free to leave your feedback regarding new Breakthrough game-mode, this topic is designed only for the new game-mode, general feedback about patch 0.8 you can post here: Thanks!
  4. I will unpin this topic, let me know when you planning other tournaments. Sorry for any technical difficulties ?. I hope the next tournament will work out. Thanks.
  5. It will be ready when BT hit PTE servers, I don't want to create topic until players become familiar with this game mode in the state that the developers will present it to us according to their idea - after that, we can discuss changes, what we like or don't like and other improvements.
  6. Please provide your steam ID64 Thanks
  7. We're in Early Access, Developers working hard for the game to succeed - it will take time. People who bought EA titles should be aware of the low player base, broken gameplay, bugs, etc. I expected this situation when I bought this game (Everyone should expect this from EA titles). There will be a big update soon and probably bring some players back because they also wait for the progress - like everyone. For now, you can follow our Weekly Reports to be up to date with all the news about the game. Hope to see you sooner or later on the battlefield! Topic will be now closed to avoid unnecessary comments. Thanks.
  8. There will be twice more ranks, The progress will be wiped in the later time. We are still in early access.
  9. Seems like issue is on your end with those updates. I read about it a few times on discord, I don't know how people solve it.
  10. Z Ryzenami tutaj same problemy, jednym działa lepiej drugim gorzej, nie ma na to reguły. A jak wygląda zużycie CPU/GPU oraz temperatury podczas gry? Najlepiej sprawdzić przez MSI afteburner: Ja nie posiadam Ryzena, ale wiem, że kilka osób tutaj ma 2700, może jakbyś wpadł na Discorda to by się ktoś znalazł, warto byłoby się dowiedzieć jak u innych działa. Warto jeszcze abyś zainstalował PTE i sprawdził czy jest lepiej, przechodzimy na nową wersje silnika itp. Jak bedą lepsze wyniki to warto poczekać aż update wejdzie na live. Przez ostatnie kilka miesięcy się dość sporo zmieniło, ale jakoś idzie do przodu powolutku, optymalizacja i tak na samym końcu.
  11. Provide your full PC specification (CPU, GPU, RAM, Hard Drive type). Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the info, will be investigated.
  13. This is known issue - under investigation. Thanks.
  14. Thanks, it will be investigated.
  15. Thanks, forwarded, if you find any reason for that, let me know.
  16. It will be investigated, thanks.
  17. Please, provide your steam ID and region (EU, NA, AS) or you can contact directly with Ragir through PM here or on the Discord.
  18. It's a known issue, it will be fixed.
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