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  1. Link to the profile was enough, thanks.
  2. You know what, give me your steam ID. Thanks. You play on EU region right?
  3. Thanks for the info, servers should be online.
  4. Thanks, forwarded for investigation.
  5. You can fill the form, describe your problem. Thanks.
  6. Someone will check this tomorrow. Thanks.
  7. weedtime

    Battle Royal

    Hourdeau Ci nie odpisze bo ma blokade na pisanie postów jeszcze przez jakiś czas, każdy dostaje to na co zasłużył, jeśli użytkownik wykorzysta limit ostrzeżeń to zostanie zbanowany. Twój post również nic nie wnosi do tematu, jest przycisk "Raportuj" - Polecam na przyszłość. Jako, że OP otrzymał odpowiedź, temat zamykam.
  8. Provide me your steam ID via PM on the forum, you provided the wrong one and we can't find you ? Just copy an address from the URL bar, after you click on your profile. More advanced instruction below: https://www.lifewire.com/find-your-steam-id-4178780 Thanks.
  9. It's just my guess, shorter barrel - ROF need to be changed, I don't know...
  10. I should say - intended that M4 has no short barrel. So at this moment, M4 has no short barrel added yet, when they will add or whether it will ever be added - No idea. Probably balance issues.
  11. Yeah, once it's fixed, it comes back next time...
  12. Hit markers are not accurate in any way, you probably noticed it while playing, the first shot can come from behind where your view was obscured, there is still no proof the enemy was invisible, but keep trying to record something like this, for now it will be impossible to reproduce this problem and mostly waste of time when Devs can focus on more clearly issues.
  13. So you basically changed the weapon config names and now you can't change attachments on the weapons?
  14. Looks like a feature. I've never seen M4 with short barrel.
  15. Kinda odd issue, we need to collect more data about it.
  16. Developers uses those numbers to know which issue it is. It's known. Thanks.
  17. Thanks for the report, I'm pretty sure marking work as intended. Does it happen every time?
  18. weedtime

    Data patch-y

    A jakich dokładnie informacji oczekujesz?
  19. Thanks for the info, we will look forward into this.
  20. Just remove the folder WindowsNoEditor
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