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  1. Hey @Kryp7on In which spot you can fall through there, can you provide steps to reproduce? Thanks
  2. It's' been already reported to IT guys this morning. Nothing we can do about it, connection is still secure! Thanks
  3. Would be nice if more people could confirm this issue, I didn't notice such drops in performance. I also play on low shadows.
  4. It's mostly known they disappearing, would be nice if you could provide exact location.
  5. It's been already reported. Could be intentional.
  6. I didn't meet with this problem, seems to be fine for me, would be nice if more people could confirm this problem.
  7. If you think there is something wrong in the game you can always report is as a bug, if something is missing, create a topic in Questions, we also have Suggestions section. Missing arm badges were added, either they were reported as a bug or in the Question section. Do not hesitate to create a new topic - it will be moved to the appropriate section or merged with other, if there will be something important, someone will contact with the right person and he'll give you an answer.
  8. Thanks for the info, what's wrong with the Iraq patch?
  9. Thanks, it's probably known but I will add this to report sheet.
  10. Thanks for valuable report. As always, forwarded.
  11. In my opinion it's a feature, SD should explode on any contact e.g bullets. I will ask someone when they appear online who may have knowledge about this.
  12. Dzięki za raporty, wiekszość jest znana, reszta została zgłoszona. Na przyszły raz z sugestiami proszę kierować się do działu Zgłoś Sugestie ?
  13. Probably failed, thanks for the report.
  14. Thank you, does it is reproducible in this certain spot?
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