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  1. 1. You running HDD or SSD? 2. Monitor your temperatures, game is preety heavy on CPU, we still optimizing. 3. You need to use FRAGMENTATION warhead, if you want to be effective against infantry, SINGLE STAGE warhead has been nerfed for a reason.
  2. There is similar bug to this reported a few topics earlier. Thanks forwarded.
  3. That's what I thought, but I didn't know at which time match starting, I thought it was always 45:00.
  4. It happens sometimes, not only when you spawn in the MRAP, did you get any information what killed you? e.g. like a suicide icon/screen? Thanks
  5. Does it happen only when you calling a vehicle? How often does it happen?
  6. Provide me your steamID (link to your account) your profile could be corrupted.
  7. Thanks, it's a known issue.
  8. Thanks for the report, please keep us informed with additional info under what circumstances does it happen, there is not enough information for reproduce...
  9. How often does it happen? I mean 1 to 1000 or more like 1 to 10?
  10. The scope flickering is a known issue all the time, once it's fixed, then it's broken again in next patch...
  11. Hey, we do not support server in Sao Paulo anymore due to low activity, we will consider bringing it back when the player base will grow enough in this area. Thanks.
  12. It's definitely planned, no ETA for this at this moment.
  13. I - It's known II - No steps to reproduce, how to glitch in there. III - All the weapons work fine for me, you probably moved forward at the same time you have been hit by the enemy, also no issues with vehicle weapons... IV - Known V - Known VI - Stuttering or flickering? Which scope, any chance for footage? VII - Reported again, but probably will be the same response as last time, there are no issues with it, it's work as intended. VIII - Known
  14. Sound is improving all the time, we had a nice update not so long ago. There will be more maps (9 of them), night mode is still discussed. HUD will be improved Map rotation WIP There will be no bots in the game Lager maps/player base, all depends on the optimization. New game modes are also planned.
  15. weedtime

    free stuff

    After each wipe players have been rewarded with some money, maybe your friend has been playing longer than you and he managed to earn more items. I have no idea. You can contact customer support in this case if you think you're missing some rewards.
  16. Unfortunately, there is no specific date at this moment, but most of the described upgrades are almost finished.
  17. We are aware of that, thanks.
  18. Also thinking about that, someone will investigate
  19. Thanks for the report.
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