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  1. Sound is improving all the time, we had a nice update not so long ago. There will be more maps (9 of them), night mode is still discussed. HUD will be improved Map rotation WIP There will be no bots in the game Lager maps/player base, all depends on the optimization. New game modes are also planned.
  2. weedtime

    free stuff

    After each wipe players have been rewarded with some money, maybe your friend has been playing longer than you and he managed to earn more items. I have no idea. You can contact customer support in this case if you think you're missing some rewards.
  3. Unfortunately, there is no specific date at this moment, but most of the described upgrades are almost finished.
  4. We are aware of that, thanks.
  5. Also thinking about that, someone will investigate
  6. Thanks for the report.
  7. weedtime

    free stuff

    When did your friend bought the game? We had a free weekend, and people who bough the game get free stuff.
  8. Yeah, make sure you attach screens/video and steamID 64. There will be in-game report sytem in the future.
  9. You can report them through the same address as cheaters.
  10. weedtime

    No role bonus

    This system it's not finished
  11. From when does it happening, from a certain patch? So you can't play on Asia servers?
  12. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/announcement/46-infinite-loading-screen-crashing-on-startup-loading-screen/
  13. Does it still happening?
  14. Thanks, forwarded.
  15. Are you sure? I've been playing yesterday and tried to mark the abandoned vehicle and nothing happened...
  16. Na każdej skale tak jest, w innych grach też masz takie coś? Możliwe, że coś nie tak z monitorem.
  17. Thanks, for the reports, forwarded for investigation. Answers above are correct.
  18. It's known, thanks for the report.
  19. Does it persist all the time? All of the servers?
  20. Mi to róznicy nie robi, mam reszte pod innym kolorem
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