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  1. This is standard crash report window fill description and send it, does game crash every time when you start? Please provide PC specification. Thanks.
  2. It's been reported 10 times... They don't want to fix it
  3. weedtime


    Game is not optimized yet, minimum requirements will be for finished game (maybe), this setup seems to be old, what's your CPU? And what's the usage of those components and temperatures during game? An old setup might be the issue here...
  4. weedtime


    @AtwayI moved this topic around fourth times, he edits and creates a new one... @makrumsa1987 What's your full PC specification?
  5. You shouldn't be dropping vehicles into buildings Thanks for the report.
  6. Does it happen every time on Moscow? Thanks
  7. Thanks, forwarded for investigation.
  8. O co Ty człowieku się w ogóle pytasz...
  9. Thanks, if you have more informations about other points, please post it here.
  10. Thanks for the report but it could be intended.
  11. Thanks for the report, we will investigate.
  12. Thanks for the report, if it happens again let me know, for now, it will be a painful trying to reproduce exact drop spot - where the tank stuck.
  13. weedtime


    Large maps definitely will be available in Recon mode, for now, I don't know about Warzone large, it all depends on server performance, at this moment there are tested more game instances per machine, we'll see.
  14. Nice dig, mostly my fault, this topic should be in archive. Helidrone has been balanced many times and this topic seems to be outdated. If no one else will post here useful information, this topic will be locked in 24h. Thanks.
  15. weedtime


    Please, use the question section on the forum. Depends how servers will perform we may increase the slots.
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