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  1. In this case you need to wait for a fix, just wonder if you tried connect to different region, like EU for example? or did you tried to play on PTE?
  2. Thanks for the report. Bad soldier
  3. Not need, I know what do you mean. Reported, thanks.
  4. weedtime

    funny bug

    Thanks for the report but it will be kinda hard to reproduce, probably some synchronization issues.
  5. Does it happens only in TDM I guess?
  6. Thanks for spot this, reported.
  7. It need's to be tweaked, thanks, reported.
  8. Those are not bugs, as you can freely get over there, walking on the ledges is fine, it's been designed in this way. I will report the stuck between pillar and window.
  9. You should try to install the game somewhere else then, Your account seems to be fine.
  10. Still not done, ehh...
  11. Yeah, I'd love to see it, since we are spawned in the same position as your teammate, it could be helpful.
  12. Please: -Do not create ~25 post threads, you could fit it all in one post. -Don't accuse others as cheaters with their name visible publicly Feel free to discuss any cheaters situation in the topic linked above - without public someone's names. If you have any cheating evidence, e.g. movie and SteamID64 of the user, feel free to report it here hacks@worldwar3.com There is no point keep this topic open, you know what to do. Thanks.
  13. Plik nie jest podpisany i EAC będzie go traktował jako zagrożenie, możesz o tym przeczytać w poście powyżej.
  14. Dzięki za raporty, przekazane. Proponuję zrobić defragmentację dysku, czasem pomaga. Alt+PrtScn robi zrzut aktywnego okna. Sam PrtScn, robi zrzut dwóch ekranów, ale wklejając go do np. painta, będziesz widział tylko lewy ekran, musisz przesunąć suwakiem
  15. Thanks, forwarded.
  16. What exactly happen here?
  17. My bad then, Ok I'll forward it, maybe they can do something about it.
  18. You can preview it on the other side
  19. Just wonder one thing, didn't you change opacity for crosshairs in the game settings ?
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