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  1. Hosting provider will investigating this issue.
  2. Imagine 20 players camp at the same point - breakthrough it...
  3. Thanks for the information, we will try to patch this issue ASAP. I will now lock this topic.
  4. Please do not call out people publicly, you can send me details through PM like his steam ID and a proof (like scoreboard) or follow our guide how to report: Without any proof your report will be ignored, thanks.
  5. GPU/CPU usage? Run MSI afterburner, then add screenshots, no one will be guessing
  6. Customization bugs are postponed until we get new UI 2.0, there is no point reporting them unless they're fairly new or game-breaking. Please follow our news to be updated. https://worldwar3.com/news/ Thanks
  7. It's know issue. Thanks.
  8. Movement and animations will be changed in 0.9 update - it will be a completely different experience. The Farm always been working on two games at the same time but they're separate teams. Thanks for your feedback anyway. Follow our Roadmap
  9. @pytatrololo@Gacek227@MrTooth@DareQQ@Lugresky Tutaj kontynujcie sobie dyskusje, troche posty są pomieszane, ale na własne życzenie Możliwość raportowania w grze oczywiście się pojawi, ale w późniejszym czasie.
  10. weedtime


    Why dont use MSI afterburner? As far I know/heard some people were banned for using macros in games supported by EAC, kinda risk in my opinion if it's self made macro...
  11. weedtime

    No helmet

    Works fine for me, try solution above.
  12. Thanks for the report, it will be investigated.
  13. weedtime


    Ok, we have two options for port forwarding - Automatically or Manually. Automatic - UPnP Manually - Port forwarding As soon as you forward all the ports manually (which you have above) UPnP is no needed, what's more, it's not really safe because it's vulnerable for malware as it opens ports automatically on request by other applications (malware, exploits, etc.) I would suggest keep it off - but is up to you.
  14. weedtime


    You should be able to forward as many ports as you want, seems like this section is only for PlugnPlay, what router is this (model, manufacturer)?
  15. weedtime


    First one you should leave as default 60 sec and in the second one you just type the port number which you want to forward.
  16. weedtime


    You can find them in this topic...
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