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  1. We will investigate, thanks.
  2. Thanks, we will investigate, but it will be kinda hard without steps to reproduce... Does it works on any other scopes?
  3. Thanks, forwarded for investigation.
  4. So you stuck on "Waiting for the Browser" as you described in the form? Please, start the game, as soon as you stuck on this screen, open google chrome (it has to be google chrome browser) enter this in the address bar: localhost:7900 hit enter Screenshot the information which came up and post it here, thanks.
  5. http://reset.worldwar3.me/ Please, fill the form.
  6. Hey, Where do you have installed your WW3, do you have any weird signs in the path to this folder? for example "#"
  7. Kopiowałeś gre z jednego dysku na drugi zanim to się zaczeło dziać? Utworzyłeś folder pobierania poprzez steam na dysku D, czy manualnie?
  8. https://community.amd.com/thread/240456 To raczej wina AMD, spróbuj starsze sterowniki.
  9. Thanks for the report. Linked for repro
  10. Respawn system is a still WIP, should be better with the future.
  11. Send me your Steam profile link and tell me on which region you play, we will fix it for ya Thanks
  12. Never meet with this situation before, thanks for it
  13. Confirmed, Suicide drone and Quadrocopter.
  14. I have no idea what this tag mean, I'm aware there are wrong translations for Att/Def. Someone will investigate this, as the free weekend ended, no idea if the Dev team will be able to check this out, but maybe they have some information about it...
  15. Everyone should be compensated with 51k after each wipe, that was the plan.
  16. Does restarting the game help you out? It could be broken player profile.
  17. Sprawdzi się, mi na razie normalnie pokazuje
  18. weedtime

    Marder camo

    Thanks, reported.
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