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  1. Thanks for your feedback
  2. Thanks for the report, I will forward it.
  3. Hey, anyone who will buy the game during free weekend keeps his progress. Everyone should get compensation after each wipe.
  4. Thanks, I forwarded it.
  5. Can you upload screenshot of this place, thanks.
  6. i7 8700k 16 GB 3200Mhz GTX 1060 6GB Asrock Z370 Extreme4 SSD's
  7. The game hasn't been much tested on those cards, does game crash for your friend as well? It also could be a problem with the game or specific itself, that's why it's in EA, so we have a chance to fix stuff before release, I do not force you to play, but thanks to your reports the issue will be fixed For me personally game runs fine without crashes.
  8. Try restart the game, maybe it's not loaded properly
  9. Thanks for the report, customization menu will be completely reworked.
  10. There are some problems with 2080's so maybe also with 2070's, best thing is wait for a fix and keep sending crash reports, more reports, more priority it will be. Does it happen in certain moments or on a certain map?
  11. Whats your GPU/CPU usage during the game? Also I found an error description in your last RunTime file You can try this Also I would suggest you to check your RAM with MEMtest86. I will forward dumpfiles for investigation.
  12. If the crash was sent, they are aware of the problem, if there will be more players or it will happen for you more often, let me know I will push it for investigation.
  13. That's cool, we will investigate
  14. I need a permission to view your file
  15. What's the CPU and GPU usage during the game?
  16. That's the plan, it's planned to merge all to master servers in one big master server, so you can choose the region in-game and have only one character/player base config for all other regions. @Ragir Stuff, maybe he will explain in a more detailed way.
  17. weedtime

    BUG Window

    Reported, thanks.
  18. Żadna informacja, o nie posiadaniu gry się tu nie wyświetla, niech zrestartuje Steama, doda WW3 do wyjątków, wyłączy AV, coś blokuje połączenie.
  19. Podaj linka do Steama, masz zepsuty config, zresetujemy.
  20. Wywala crasha na starcie?
  21. Hello Soldiers! We prepared a request form mostly aimed for the players facing problems like: -Infinite loading Screen -Crashing on Startup or loading screen into the game Simply just follow the link and provide requested information, when we receive all the information needed we will reset your config which is probably broken and causing the infinite loading or the crashing upon startup. We'll process your response as soon as we can. Remember this is not bug report form, applies only if you are facing the above-mentioned problems. Config Reset request form >Click here< - World War 3 Moderator Team
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