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  1. Thanks for the report, we will look into this.
  2. Thanks for the report - forwarded.
  3. It's been reported by me as well, if this bothering you, you can change this color in the config file. Thanks.
  4. Please, provide your in-game video settings. Thanks.
  5. Good find, thanks for the info, it will be investigated.
  6. I think the first screen with an obstacle is better, just stay in front of the obstacle, coordinates are good for a map like Smolensk because there are so much open environment and not much reference points. The second screen where you mark obstacles, I can't really tell where are you, to be honest.? Thanks.
  7. Good Lord, I wish a good day to someone. Reported, thanks.
  8. You can recover your password through email, if you can't access your email I can change it for you, just let me know through PM.
  9. Thanks, added. Isn't it easier to make screenshots? ?
  10. Thanks for the info, we will wait for more situations like this, maybe we get more replication steps.
  11. Still work in progress, even in my car electronic speed meter drop to 0 with delay ?
  12. Balance purposes, also it's been mentioned in patch notes.
  13. Those are heavy tanks and not the fastest ones, any difference when you unlock more HP when hold shift key? I guess it's a design and nothing wrong with them.
  14. Hey, you should have a PTE client in your Steam library - if you bough the game.
  15. Thanks for the reports, forwarded. The players which are "stoned" mostly get a crash.
  16. Thanks for the report, if you get a message "Report sent successfully" Developers definitely will get all information's needed. Crashes are expected on PTE client, and as you mentioned you you run into a wall when playing Live version - would be nice if you give any more information if it's reproducible, so we can investigate the problem. Thanks.
  17. Thanks, someone will be investigating, new HUD it's a still WIP.
  18. Thanks for the report, It's a new thing and I guess they already know about it - I will add this to bug sheet anyway.
  19. Hey, it's not finished yet, as you can see there is "test" in item description. Thanks.
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