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  1. Thanks, forwarded, also noticed.
  2. Thanks for the report, forwarded.
  3. Promotion time will come when the game will stable enough and as much fewer problems as possible. Another free weekend is planed in the near future.
  4. This game hasn't been released yet, and which idiotic behavior you mean?
  5. Thanks for the report it's a known bug.
  6. I just installed CS yesterday because there is not much games on the market in which I'm interested at this moment. Gaming is all about fun, entertainment, killing time, etc. unless there is money on the table and you play professionally - but even then, most people do it for entertaining. You cant always win in games which are strictly focused on teamwork (CS, WW3) without friends, clan, team - you can be skilled and carry whole match for example in CS against random people and when you playing with random people, but when you'll be faced against good team, which play together for a long time, you'll lose. Same in WW3, you can carry and top fragging, but without a bit of team work, most of time you'll lose, there is much more people and much more objectives which need to be carried - so at least in 15 people there need to be a few good players in each team or 1 team of friends which know what to do - they have fun and also they play for the win. For now there is no ranking games, no leader board so people play srticte for fun only, unless they see there is fierce gameplay - and they think - "let's play seriously this time, let's try to win" - that's what I'm doing, if I see there could be good match I start playing following the rules, otherwise I can play in the way which I like, and and nothing will stop me, I can do whatever I want... In games you can be a lone wolf as well as have your own herd - it will be your choice, but I personally always treat gaming like an entertainment and never take it too serious. I never cared about rank in games - it doesn't representing you as a person. Sometimes you winning and sometimes you loosing - you can't always be the best in games which are focused on teamwork. Look at the professional scenes in different games, they're not winning every time. Same in games where you can be lone wolf (mostly MMO's) you can get the best items or spend a lot of money, but those players which were top 1 in PvP (for example) which I known, when I played in MU Online, Black Desert (I were top 1 in PVP in this game for a long time), etc. they always played for fun and nothing more, I never heard someone take it too seriously. I also have been angry in my young age when I lose a game/match, because someone do something wrong or stupid or I did - but with time I understood that, this is only game, I play for fun, I want to have fun instead being angry or get pissed off because of the GAME. So if you see no one capturing the point with you, try to do it yourself alone, you fail that, move on and play for frags as others, get into vehicle, do something funny - have fun! When there will be possibility to create clans, they'll add some leader boards, people will be playing more serious, then you can also, play it more for the win but remember - it's only a game and whenever you playing, winning or losing, try to have fun and be happy! Just something I wanted to write, no idea if it will be useful for you.
  7. As you can see I can attach them What does it says when you go with cursor over red square? I think it could be because you reach maximum weight, try to remove something from other gun and check again.
  8. What's your Mesh settings? It also affect draw distance, try with both set on ultra.
  9. This has already been reported: Thanks.
  10. It could be related to the server performance, everyone gets spikes sometimes, netcode is pretty solid and it's easy to play even with ~200 ping. Devs are aware and it will get better in the future updates. Thanks.
  11. I don't think so, probably it could be done by adding launch option - but I could be wrong... In the future, all regions will be merged into one master server.
  12. Can you screenshot the error message? Did you move game between hard drives? Thanks
  13. I'm going to close this topic, I really don't see a point to keep this conversation going.
  14. Master Server is offline in Washington, our server provider working on it, unfortunately there is no ETA.
  15. I've seen that, it could be desync or something...
  16. Devs are aware, of the map rotation request because it's been suggested a lot of times. Next time, please use the suggestion section on the forum - where players can vote. Unfortunately, it probably won't happen in 0.7 patch, maybe in the next one. Thanks.
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