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  1. You can guys try some troubleshooting steps from google. I will forward this topic, I think developers have faster contact with EAC Team. Please add your PC specifications @NooB and Wolf, I can't mention you. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=page+fault+in+non+paged+area+fix
  2. Thanks, forwarded for investigation.
  3. Thanks for the report, it's known and annoying problem, but tweaks haven't been implemented yet.
  4. You should contact with them anyway, maybe it was only fix for win 10 which they applied. As it's a third party program, no one from F51 can help you with this.
  5. So they're highlighted again (glowing) in the shadows?
  6. It happens for some people - for some reasons is more visible for you than others. We will investigate, thanks.
  7. It could be in-game problem, but I need someone to confirm that, also there is windows setting which can force HDR over the game. About locked fps, you mean while in-game or in menu?
  8. Thanks, does it happen every time with any vehicle?
  9. This issue is between Win 10 and EAC - it should be resolved by this time because it's known by them for like 4 months. Did you updated your system recently? I would contact with EAC support and provide all information needed. https://www.easy.ac/en-us/support/game/contact/tech/ Thanks.
  10. Thank you for the report, problem with garage is known. Can you be more specific about player models? Provide screenshot if you get a chance. Thanks.
  11. Thank you all for the feedback which you provided!. We're moving to the next patch!
  12. Soldiers! Please feel free to leave your feedback regarding patch 0.7 You can find patch notes below: See you on the battlefield! WW3 Team
  13. It still could be a good game, give it more time.
  14. Probably just a placeholder...
  15. Does it happen in PTE client or live? Thanks.
  16. I would stop discussing about Recon in public forums, there is very thin line before breaching NDA (which cause permanent ban in game and visible on steam profile). In WW3 will be 5 game modes: Warzone Recon Brakthrough TDM (not sure if it counts for official game mode ?) unknown mode yet As developers implementing all of the 5 modes, there we can discuss additional ones and eventually discuss any improvements or sub mode for already implemented one. From my opinion people are tired of RNG in games - that's why most of MMO's are dead, players can put 2000h in the game and still can't get what they deserve, when others after 100h get amazing luck, same in PUBG, you can get amazing set in one are, when the others can't get armed up through half of the map. People who played Recon know this tactical-royale is unique comparing to others games and let's keep it this way, no one like to copy paste other games/ideas. Every game mode sooner or later will be dead including BR from PUBG, as they don't care what community have to say, people will stop playing it and will move to play something different. So let them finish Recon, we will see how people enjoy this version of BR when it went public.
  17. Now forum is back online.
  18. Hey, this is known issue, thanks.
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