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  1. I've seen that, it could be desync or something...
  2. Devs are aware, of the map rotation request because it's been suggested a lot of times. Next time, please use the suggestion section on the forum - where players can vote. Unfortunately, it probably won't happen in 0.7 patch, maybe in the next one. Thanks.
  3. Hey, it will be resolved in the near future, for now you can use -nohmd in launch options, thanks.
  4. Bigger caliber - slower burst - less damage in the same amount of time.
  5. Provide me with your Steam ID (Account link) Thanks.
  6. You can choose the region which you want to play. Right click on steam.
  7. Hey Optimization process takes a lot of time during development, it's something which can't be done right now, at least not fully - full optimization will be done at the end of development. I wouldn't worry about it, for now, Developers know about performance issues and they're working on it, for now, they preparing 0.7 update which consists of engine switch to UE 4.21 and Optimization. You can read about it here: https://worldwar3.com/en/2019/07/08/weekly-report-19-engine-upgrade-and-optimization/ As developers also playing the game, I bet they're focused mostly on it, also they split team which can work on both - new content and game performance, because, no one wants to play in a game which has a lot of stuff added but is poorly optimized. ? You can also read newer weekly reports https://worldwar3.com/en/articles/ Tomorrow comes out new weekly report, there could be some interesting informations. Also check our Roadmap
  8. weedtime

    Data patch-y

  9. I will add this to report sheet, Developers will decide, you might be right - I can see you drive through him in last seconds, I didn't notice this earlier. I'm also closing this topic for obvious reasons, if you wish to add something, PM me. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the report.
  11. You can spawn camp on every map, be smarter and use other spawn area. This is not a bug.
  12. Unfortunately, there are no steps to reproduce, mostly it will be a waste of time by Developers trying to reproduce the glitch. As I remember it could have been reported earlier but I'm not sure. If you can try to record how to get in there it will be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. It's been reported some time ago, should be fixed soon.
  14. He's lying between your tracks... There is nothing bugged with this part of the map, you shouldn't be drive in there - unless you want to stuck. There are some rules for tracked equipment IRL which are implemented in the game.
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