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  1. Hey! Hope you're liking it so far.
  2. When it comes to Steam replacing 7-8 files upon verify... You can ignore this (quoting devs).
  3. A lot of the negative came during the first weekend after launch because the master servers were having really big clogging issues and no one could play. Its gone from negative to neutral I believe already.
  4. Tanks are not OP if your team knows how to fight them. For example, it takes me 10 seconds to disable its optics = blind tank. For some reason people fire RPGs at infantry instead of tanks.
  5. It wasnt removed. Its for sale on Humble Bundle. Steam stinks right now. Has nothing to do with F51 removing it from there.
  6. It was announced somewhere. Reddit at least had some info on this. The beginning of november gives us a patch (server issues), and a biiiiig patch with new map and gamemode somewhere closer to the end of november. AFAIK.
  7. I personally believe that when you try to spawn on a flag you acknowledge the risk that there will be enemies going for that particular flag. I don't see a problem with this. What should be addressed - however - is spawn camping.
  8. Yeah the issue is known. According to devs we should expect a big patch on this particular wound in early Nov.
  9. Does it at least take you to the menu? If so, it works as it should until its fixed. The menu should (AFAIK) take you straight to the match but it is not doing that right now.
  10. Steam -> Upper menu Show -> Servers -> Filter WW3.
  11. My rig: R7 2700x 1080 ti 11Gb 16Gb DDR4 I noticed that when a match starts, everything seems okay. Okay, my GPU usage is somewhere in the 65-70% (I blame optimization for this), but I get a 100+ FPS on 2k resolution at Ultra. During the game however my FPS is gradually lowered while GPU and CPU usage remain the same. They have a lot to work on when it comes to engine optimization and I believe they are focusing on this after master server issues are fixed. Happy gaming!
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