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  1. I am @DirtyDimitri mate and we both live in the UK but for some reason his data is on the NA server and that means one of us making a new account but we both have a good 40hrs into our accounts and shouldn't have to split to play together i have never played an FPS with a structure like this it's just weird. And this splits the PB in half making the game feel empty.
  2. Intel Core i9-7960X with a GTX 1080 really why not 2x 2080ti And OC your RAM as well.
  3. Most likely Friday as if anything is broken they will just run.
  4. The thing is nobody should change a setting in Windows just to play one game that could affect the whole computer the game should work for everyone so just wait or refund they should have that issue fixed.
  5. Try get a new CPU though on sale and you will smash your fps counter threw the roof. And the graphic driver there was a bug with one of them.
  6. Dude your CPU is so old and with a 1080 why it's so unbalanced plus your on a ddr3 board with a high end card. NO NO NO
  7. Nobody asked for flawless they asked for playable some can play some cannot and for the people cannot makes this game look like shit when 100k people buy the game and the servers can't even handle 5k.
  8. Uno or family destroyer aka monopoly. Most people want progresson on as it gets really boring thing is most of us get money and shit so I don't know why it can't be just turned on. For the people that can't log in I don't know what 3rd world country there in but everything is fine just a bit of lag here and there it's normal. Ik the servers are underload with 5k players what's it going to be like with 100k.
  9. Im not complaining of course it takes time but I feel like there not up to the job or are just purely have no idea what going on I know servers can be little shits sometimes but after 10 days surely they would of called up an expert or wipped out the wizard book of servers. So far I have had no issues loading or playing I only do when I go on 64man server they it get really bad but 32man is fine.
  10. There's even a news topic and there's nothing in there I don't understand what going on in there heads it's easy to talk but tell the truth as we know how lies can go out of control with people. We know the servers are underload but 10 days come on if you can't handle the average player count of like 5k what are they going to do with over 100k. Everyday that goes past they lose money.
  11. The communication is getting really shit between the PR and Devs I'm beginning to think they want to be known not to talk to anyone it doesn't hurt to tell the truth what going on and before and baby's say meh just let them work that's what PR is for they don't do dev work. All people want is an update not repeated crap it's gives us hope knowing that you actually care and that you haven't done a runner with our money that we work for to give to you.
  12. I've just gone back to Arma 3 I'm not bothered what happens anymore it's got to a stupid point of wtf is even going on in there servers rooms.
  13. It doesn't need a change i don't know if there's a VOIP system but that's what we need to do better, as being a squad lead is hard always typing in chat it's not practical.
  14. Yea would be nice to keep a decent flow, but could be aids at the same time
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