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  1. Well, that's what I call a full-time job.... Playing with animations/movements. Ok, almost 1 year for moonwalks.... I have something to laugh at
  2. Thx for the answer. I hope for you that it's not as difficult as planned to modify the animation/movement system and of course the other stuff you planned
  3. Yeah... somehow I can understand it. I hope the 0.8 update is coming faster then 0.7 (I know 0.7 is primary a graphic engine update with a lot of code changes, so it's more difficult to develope it than game content).
  4. As my title says, there are some questions about the next free weekend. Because after 0.7 live update it should bring more players to the game and fill the servers: 1) What do you think about a free weekend version with the first 3 maps (Berlin, Warsaw and Moscow) including the new map rotation? 2) What about reducing the customizations cost? I am thinking about a discount of 75%. People can buy some "expensive" things to test. Of course also only in the free weekend version. Well, that's all what I want to ask of to move forwared
  5. In one big point I must agree a lot: the map rotation. To bring player back there must be another free weekend after the release of the 0.7 update, and when a server benchmark has been done. That means it's important to check if the servers can handle 60 players with different pings properly... After that, a free weekend is a must. About updates: people voted for slower updates. Has been several month ago. Proper and slow bugfixing instead of releasing on broken update after another in short terms... So, that they concentrate on bugfixing. And after testing and checking the PTEs, I must say they are doing a great job, even if people don't see it (because no content etc...). A lot of bugs and problems has been solved. And it is a big improvent now since the release of 0.6 live. Much much better. Well, not to say that the live 0.7 is what a EA title should be. And I don't want to say it, but several people are right. Has been to early for a release last year.... But now, with the 0.7, a good restart of the game is possible. And it's now good playable (because of the new added map rotation). But for more, read all the news and announcments of F51 and you see what their major object is.
  6. In verison 0.7.9 it seems that the map rotation is fixed, no infinity loading screen or crash to desktop.
  7. As title said. A lot of map rotation failed because of infinite new map loading. Sometimes it works but mostly I need to kill WW3 and Steam. My SSDs are working all the time, nothing happens. I don't know how I can reproduce it, happens randomly. It's a bit like in the first days of WW3 where people called the game "loading simulator", but now it refers only during a map change while it loads the new map. I hope I am not alone who have this problem. I think I read somewhere that some other people also have that problem. Maybe on Steam? Several crash reports are also sent.
  8. And don't forget 30vs30 ? Very strange and confusing that they didn't program the map rotation earlier, means in the first quarter of the year ?.
  9. Terux


    Totally agree with that. Nothing to add and I hope this one can be closed asap because it will goes into nothing as at steam
  10. My system first: Asus Z170-Pro i7-6700k stocked 16GB DDR4 Ram MSI 1070 2 SSD (same manufacture and model) all drivers and all software up to date (also windows 10 64bit) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is the problem? Since the 0.7.4 update I lost about 30 fps. Even in 0.6 live I have more fps than on the 0.7.4 I checked my settings on the nVidia driver, switched some settings of application used or decision.... Could get 10 more fps at the end. Even lowering my settings in the game could not increase my fps and the smoothness as I had before. V-Sync or framerate lock is disabled Before I forget... I also have small stutterings. Checked also the CPU boost and GPU buffering. Activating the GPU buffer causes more stutters. G-Sync also could not eliminate those stutterings. Average framerate in this PTE: 48 Did I forgot something? no, that is all.
  11. Just randomize the rotation or combine it with the war map global status. If first, then every map need to be loaded before a new cycle starts and the map sequence is a complete different one. Map voting: no way. I saw a lot of good games fallen because people left due to map voting. Don't want to play all the time 2 or 3 maps. Want them all. Not possible with map voting. Never worked
  12. Sorry, missed to quote Rozmo and his voting system. It's the biggest bullshit in game development.
  13. Forget map voting. Map voting means that only two or three maps are choosen. The other ones never. I saw it in several games. Good people left very fast, only kiddies played it. And the complaints were all the time the same.
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