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  1. No... Think about Trump's reaction. He will start a war On Topic again: In the old roadmap I read about 9 different official maps. Or 8? Don't really remember but it was about 8 or 9. And I don't mean 8 or 9 with TDM, Recon, Warzone, I mean complete different locations.
  2. I read from the Devs, think it is in the latest weekly report, that the free weekend map Polyarny will be
  3. Without PTE 0.6 live would not run as smooth as it is now. And it was the right decision of F51 to have a PTE, because another disaster (server, performance) as in the start can knock out the game forever.
  4. Thx for the answer. I thought the live version will also be at the end 0.6x as the latest PTE version
  5. Thx.... Was just curious, I think that I remember that one version was a complete different then the PTE one... Maybe I am wrong. I hope so
  6. What I also like to know: No PTE 0.6.6 is beeing released. What version will be released in the "live" one? 0.6 or direct to 0.6.6? And if not direct to 0.6.6, why not? Just curious about that
  7. I thought about what you said... I think you are right. Should rotating all maps and one game mode. Means, server with only TDM, only Warzone, only Recon later and so ob
  8. I know what they are working on, I read it. Because I had the last times I played after 2 to 3 times leaving or staying in all servers 0 players. I started and some server were populated, at least 1 was full, and the 0 players everywhere. And after match end more and more people left. I am on EU-servers and the time was totally equal.
  9. No vote! I always saw in map voting that only the same 2 or 3 maps are played. And such map voting leads also that you have a few players and all the other are bored and left.
  10. 1. No, I am not a dev. And everyone can start a poll 2. I talked a lot with friends and well know people who are also loving FPS and are following WW3. We discussed a lot and also about map rotation. At the end, all last comments have been: they wont' start to play/test it until a map rotation is available and not the sever map reloading. Everyone is saying that a map rotation (and also game mode rotation if it fits to the game) is a must have standard feature in every FPS. Also in the game chat I read complaints about that and now with 2 more maps later in the "live" or official version it's time for a rotation. But not with the same cycle in every rotation sequence. And yes, I read the road map and saw it somewhere under "improvements" or something like that. But to make a map rotation at the end of development is too late. All people I talked to are saying the same thing: they will give it a try when this map rotation will be released. And I believe there are much more people who are waiting for that.
  11. I assume that the devs will know how to make the fine tuning. As I mentioned in the start, server could be for example Recon and TDM, Recon and Warzone or only Warzone, only Recon and other kind of combination with further game modes in the future. They don't need to make such a big server setting change, at the beginning it's worth enough when the maps are changing in one game mode AND after each rotation cycle that the sequence of map loading is different then in the cycle before. Other stuff can be added later
  12. They will say it when they finished fixing those bugs. Did it with every update until now
  13. Stability and Optimization: ok, it's an ongoing process, I agree with you Content and not up to us: other opinion. You can have all weapons, vehicles, countries in the game, best performance an stability, but leaving all the time the server to play another game mode or map and join very often a already started or half finished match leads that player will also leave the game. They aren't willed to do that all the time.
  14. A bit, but you can play more tactical. I don't get too often killed when I sneak around, camp move forward, take cover but be ablte to make a lot of kills and conquer places. Of course, you can also play it in a gun and run style. But then you also get killed very fast and need good reaction. I tried to play battlfield more tactical. Useless. If you the only or almost only one who do that, other will rush over you. But TDM is not what went wrong in this game, by the way
  15. Yep, TDM sucks a bit because it has nothing to do with the idea, it's just gun and run, but at the other hand, it's also in one case very good: a lot of kiddies are moving to it, so in warzone or later recon or whatever there are more people who are playing with their brain a bit instead of "gun and run" like in BF5 When in BF5 Firestorm was released, I could noticed that a lot of those kiddies moved from Great Operation or other game modes where you need to play "a bit tactical" away and gameplay has become more serious than before. And honestly, you need in every mulitplayer game a corner for kiddies who can only gun and run.
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