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  1. Agree with that. And I know what wrong went (like everyone who is following ww3) 1) horrible launch/release because of server issues 2) performance problems 3) lack of features (and also content) Good things: 1) server issues are almost completely solved. Sometimes there are some issues but not really worth to mention 2) with 0.6 the performance should be much better. Personally, 0.6pte runs extreme smooth compared to 0.51 I played before. 0.51 is for me hard to play: stuttering, lags, bouncing and jumping objects. If 0.6 is released, it should be playable for a lot of people ( and I hope also for AMD users) Neutral/bad: 3) the lack of content is understandable because of the prior improving performance and fix bugs. But what made me to to do a break playing this game is one important missing feature which would also raise the number of players: map and game mode rotation. A standard feature in multiplayer games. Even with 2 game modes and 3 maps there 6 possible "maps". With recon later 9 possibilities. F51 should do that as soon as possible. - like in other games: moving all players from the ended match to another match and fill the match automatically with players - rotate after every match the map and/or game mode - every map and game mode needs to be loaded in 1 cycle before starting the new one - randomize the sequence of the maps/game modes Then: servers with all maps and one game mode Servers with all maps and two or a few game modes Servers with one map and all game modes Servers with all maps and all game modes This to add would give you the feeling to have much more content. If they want to add more maps and game modes, they should start to add this or the mentioned feature(s) as soon as possible. It's with 2 modes and 3 maps easier to fix server problems than with 9 or more maps and more game modes. I will continue playing when there is such a rotation. I am getting bored moving to the war map, search for a server and hope the match just started and is not in the mid or short before server lock. And I think there are a lot of other people who are waiting for that and will give the game a try when it's programmed and seted up. And I think the player number will increase very fast then.
  2. The 0.6 PTE is fine. Ok, I am focusing on performance because the lags, stuttering, bouncing objects and so on in the 0.51 version is really a pain the ass. In this case, you should copy the code/engine or what ever it makes smoother into the normal version as a next performance update ASAP. 0.6 PTE is much more fun to play than the 0.51 because of this one reason. No stuttering, no bouncing objects, no lags. You made a great job and it's (almost) there where it should be I am speaking only for me, but I hope others think the same
  3. For a dead game I could join every time I played it almost full servers. Maybe I only have a lot of luck.
  4. Thanks for posting. I also created several topics about that. And now I am going one or two steps forward for future patches and updates 1) fix crashing, loading, performance/stuttering issues/bugs and so on that everyone can play the game without being afraid of crashes, "loading simulator", and stuttering/lags (also server side) 2) before adding maps and game modes: MAP AND GAME MODE ROTATION. Not always repeating the same map and the same game mode. And every game mode and map must be loaded before the previous map and game mode will load again. Randomize each cycle 3) if map and game mode rotation works, then add new maps and game modes to the game And I think, if you do the first two points, the player number will increase fast.
  5. Nice... Never thought about that. Have this shitty bug also. I will also test it. In this case I hope the devs can fix it fast.
  6. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: I also have that kind of graphic issues. In my case, it occurs when I am walking and also aiming, not only aiming. It's like that all near objects are bouncing to the left and right, very fast and only a view "virtual centimetre to one metre". It's equal which graphic settings or network latency I have or how many players are in a server. GAME BUILD ID: 3696335 STEPS TO REPRODUCE): since the update to 0.5. Can't reproduce it, it's just here. Even with a fresh Windows 10 installation and newest drivers. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): ASUS Z170-Pro 16 GB Ram MSI 1070 GTX connected with G-Sync to the screen (and I know it's not a G-Sync problem because I hadn't got the problems before the update i7-6700k Steinberg UR22 sound device Windows 10 64bit build 1809 CRASH LOG (if any): -----
  7. I think what it would or could make it more "tactical": - squad members can only communicate via VOIP to each other and the squad leader - squad leaders can communicate via VOIP to their squad members and other squad leaders. Muting is an important function. Playing Arma 3, I always need to mute ohter players in every match. Also the symbols are important, I would add them to the score board. Don't want too much symbols in the game. What I also want is soemthing where you hear nearby enemies speaking. But 1st, a good working VOIP system is needed. And of course, it should sound like when someone is speaking as in real through a radio communicator. That means adding some filter effects and change the EQ. The last one: you need to remove the "simulated" radio speaker
  8. Hi! I am also referring to this thread: Until the map and game mode rotation is programmed, it would be great to have a timer or similiar that shows how much time remains until the match in the current server is over. At the moment, the only indicator of a new startet match is the amount of players in a server. I think that should not be very difficult to program or link the time in the match with the one in the server browser :-)
  9. Ok, that's great to hear . Looking forward for that. I am really missing that
  10. Agree, I also play a few matches and quit the game for something else at the moment. And because of the less players, it's difficult to find another map and a different game mode than the one I have played very often before. I also want an exact clarification to that. Honestly, if there won't be until final release of the finished game an auto map and game mode rotation, I don't know if I will continue play it after v1.0. After that, I will wait to play until it's programmed and if not, well, I had my fun And I believe I am not the only person who like that game with the same thoughts.
  11. Ok, that I understand it correct: - at the moment, no map and game mode rotation. Only one map and one game mode at each server? - we can expect to have a map and game mode rotation from server side in the future ?
  12. Correct. I also played a lot a TDM Warsaw in a row. Too much. What I miss, and also really hope it find it's way into the game that more people play WW3: 1) a lot of servers that are loading every map, every map size and game mode before start loading the same map and game mode again. 2) some servers with only the same game mode but every game mode supported map and supported size (only warzone, only TDM, only Recon etc....) but rotating every map before loading the same map again 3) shorten the time after matches before the next map is loading. Official it's one minute, but when the counter is over, it's starting at 60 seconds for 20 seconds again. 4) moving all players from the current match automatically who are waiting for the rotation to the new map and/or game mode 5) filling automatically empty slots in the server before move the people into a less filled or empty server. 6) something like a waiting queue. If you want to join a full server, you are in a queue until your next to join 7) possibility to join the next full server with a question when you are in the queue 8) randomising the maps, sizes and orders after each rotation sequence (when all maps, sizes and game mode have been loaded in the sequence. The map rotation and matchmaking system should be optimized and free of issues before thinking of creating new game modes, in this case I am talking about Recon. For me, those mentioned missed features or issues are the most annoying problems at the moment in the game, more annoying then CTDs which I have sometimes. I also noticed that. I am writing a lot about this server map rotation thing and don't even saw a response. I hope they will comment it or move all mentioned or some of those mentioned points to the roadmap. If you can read some or all of those points in the roadmap, then they are definitely working on it. They implemented some or a lot of wanted things from the players and commented them.
  13. Ok, here are the samples what I mean. Sample 7 is quite fast, you need to watch it carefully. Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3 Sample 4 Sample 5 Sample 6 Sample 7 Sample 8
  14. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): no map rotation, "funny" animation of other players (moonwalker, running at the spot), server improvements/issues, GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3511736 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): about map rotation: wait until the end of timer, and you'll get automatically moved to the war map // about the animation of the other player: just play and they'll make a moonwalk. Equal which map and game mode // running at the spot while they are standing still // not possible to climb over each obstacle which should be also possible map rotation/servers: - need to overhaul the server settings/programming for the map rotation. - each map and each game mode need to played/need to be loaded by the server before starting them again - randomizing the map and game mode list after each cycle for map rotation (for example: in the first cycle you start with Moscow Warzone large, in the next cycle it starts with Berlin TDM) - each server/game need do be filled with players first; I could recognize for testing, when I leave a game with a not fully filled server, and load exactly the same game mode and map, I was moved into an almost empty server, even if the match of the server I was in before has still a lot of time and tickets left until end - shorting the time at the end of the match ("high score and game statistics table") until moving to the next map (when it works). Now it' set up to 1 minute official, unofficial what I always see is that the timer starts at 60 seconds again and end about 20 seconds. Maximum 30 seconds should be fine to see all the scores until a new map will be loaded. - tested the PTE and server browser: recognize that there server only for one game mode (TDM for example). At those servers a map rotation only with those given game modes (TDM in this example) - when the map changes, move all players to the new map who are staying in the "qeue" for the new map and fill empty slots immediately with new joining players. It is very seldom to join a match at the beginning. Over 95% of all time I joined in the middle of a match. It's sometimes very annoying. animation of other players: - when other players are running, sometimes they do "moonwalking" or better; looks like they want to run backwards while they are running in real forward. Need to fix it. - players are still running sometimes at the spot, the animation is still activated while they are standing still obstacles: it's still not possible to climb over each obstacle even if it should be able because you can do it by another one with the same size a few meters away. Need to be redesign to be able to climb over/on obstacles like in real life and each one within a defined size. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): Asus Z170 Pro, i7-6700k, 16GB Ram, MSI 1070 GTX CRASH LOG (if any): ------
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