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  1. Point is I don't have 40 minutes to throw away here and there on long games, at times I just wanna dip in and bang out a couple games when i'm pressed for time, not all of us have ample amounts of free time on our hands.
  2. what kind of a moron takes a riot shield into frontline combat
  3. I completely agree, sitting down for 40 minute periods of time is a joke especially when the games I get in aren't full therefore combat is rather slow paced, from time to time I just wanna hop in and play a quick game which is pretty difficult when games last so long, my advice is to copy the BF4 conquest game lengths, its perfect.
  4. Counter-strike, quake, doom 3 and duke nukem.
  5. Its rough for sure, lasts about 2 days ish. For me it wasn't headaches just fatigue, I felt like I could just fall asleep at any given time when I was coming off it.
  6. I used to drink monster like there was no tomorrow, buying them in bulk, I loved that shit. But I cut caffeine out pretty much completely so now just water for me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Although I am partial to a glass of dry red or single malt scotch. As far as food is concerned I don't really eat besides standard meals.
  7. Marlin .45-70 SMLE MK III Kar98K M1 Garand
  8. I quickly encountered this issue when I could hear my GPU fans spinning up to near max RPM as I have an aggressive fan curve. I decided to open up my software and task manager to see that WW3 was for some reason using 100% of my GPU, which is strange considering I was only in the connecting menu. Any word on why this is or a potential fix in the future? Thanks.
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