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  1. Hi Weedtime I use everything as the lowest while keeping post-processing on medium and anti-aliasing on high and fog on.
  2. Server browser has the dark blue background but mine glitched and this happened. It looks 100x better. The globe is behind - all shiny and blurry, it looks way better than the current one
  3. I've seen videos of helicopters being under heavy fire. I don't see ANY camera or heli shake. I prefer if there WAS heli camera shake that would distort the view of the heli sight and that would make it more balanced as it would need to retreat rather than knowing it can one shot a player anytime. Just some heli shake/ heli sight shake when someone shoots it Thoughts?
  4. Note: I found this today and didn't use it for my advantage. Only to check if it DOES give me an advantage, I played a few minutes with it to check which walls it works through and it works through most of the thin walls, no sandbags/barricades or big walls like the one in Moscow. I don't wan to get banned for using this exploit. I didn't use it for fun and genuinely want to help find bugs like this. I just found it but I wouldn't use it for myself as it gives me a big advantage and makes the game less fun. Description: Face any wall, look 180 degrees (backwards). Your back should be hugging the wall. You look directly up as much as you can and walk backwards and keep walking back and you will see through the wall (kind of) but to see more you have to use ALT (Free-Look) to look around while walking backwards. I tried this in multiple locations on multiple maps and I tried to see if it helps me in a match and yes, it definitely does give me a big advantage. I spotted 2 people flanking us through the wall so I looped around the wall and killed them. I felt bad but it's a glitch so please try to fix this clipping. Game Build ID: 3847490 Image: Steps to Reproduce: The above image was when I was in a container and I did this glitch in like 1 second and I could see through it and trying with an angle, I could see the other side 180 degrees and I saw 2 guys who were running not seeing me but I came out and shot them. 1: Hug the wall (Face towards the wall) 2: Now turn around 180 degrees (Back facing the wall) 3: Now look up as high as you can 4: Now move backwards (keep looking up) 5: Now use ALT Free-Look to look around the exploited walls (Idk if the other people can see you clip through walls) System Specifications: i5-7400 (3.00Ghz base clock; 3.50Ghz booster clock) GTX 1050Ti (Overvolted slightly using MSI afterburner) 16GB DDR4 RAM ~500GB HDD (Laptop Hard Drive) 500W PSU 120GB Boot SSD Thermaltake H15 Versa CASE Windows 10 PRO
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