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  1. It's sad for me to see the player base drop since EA launch. It's understandable why. Though the game is not released it's very important what view of the game people retain. Most of people I know do not plan to even try this game because "it's broken". I still enjoy it every time. Even it the game crashes once a while. I love it and I want to see it succeed.
  2. Noticed that is I switch my keyboard layout from EN to any other language (lets say LT -native) it effectively disables my ability to use: Top numbers from 1-9 (otherwise known as ~!@#$%^&*()_+ line) Cannot use num pad to call in strikes and quick switch weapons using the same keys.
  3. My squad experiences has been mixed. Sometimes you get games when a full squad is following your orders, except from an occasional strangler. On the other hand, sometimes you get games when barely anyone is following orders. I think if really depends of the pool of people in a single game and their play styles. Sometimes you join a squad where the SL is active. Other times you join a game when he isn't. I believe that the issue with SL spawn not being available most times should really be solved.
  4. My own game started to crash a bit more often, and I would get "failed to join" often when joining a game with a squad. Still, it didn't kill the game for me
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