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  1. Big welcome to the new WW3 Player and Trial Member at KSK-Germany: AmokPauleHeavyDeltaforceWolleOnkelYogiWerewolve More about us at https://ksk-germany.enjin.com/forum/m/50119098/viewthread/32246164-clanvorstellung Head Menu "INFO" MfG, Stuffz
  2. Richtig, es war im falschen Forum. Aber auch nur weil wir den Thread erstellt hatten bevor es diesen Bereich hier gab *zwinker*
  3. *push* Soon? Pls, give us a defining about your "soon" ? Regards, Stuffz Leader www.ksk-germany.com Multigaming Clan since 2010
  4. KSK_Stuffz

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    Hello @ all! Greatings from Germany ?
  5. Leute die Wert auf Qualität und viele Funktionen legen sowie auf Datenschutz ? Nunja, die einen trinken Secco die anderen Dom Perignon ? People who value quality and many features as well as privacy ?Nunja who drink a Secco the other Dom Perignon?
  6. The German speaking Multigaming Clan is recruiting Member with age 21+ and active TS using! More Infos about us on the Page: https://ksk-germany.enjin.com/forum/m/50119098/viewthread/32246164-clanvorstellung HP: http://www.ksk-germany.com TS: ts3.ksk-germany.com:10175
  7. Hello, i dont finde some german speaking section...not in Steam and not here. The geman speaking User are bigger as you think. Please make a Place for us german speaking user from Germany, Austria, Swiss etc. MfG, Stuffz
  8. Hello, make please a clan recruit Thread in this Forum. MfG, Stuffz
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