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  1. Personally in 0.3. the movement speed seems to be a bit too fast on all weight classes. Maybe shave off like 2% would work just well. What do ya think?
  2. I'd hope the TTK becomes fast, like realistically fast.
  3. Change the thumbnail mate. The result is given in that.
  4. Any game that you play an hour per dollar/euro spent is worth it for me. And I got at least 3 hours per euro spent.
  5. Time to git gud for these sick soundtracks.
  6. I just backed up when he was behind me. Unfortunately in the same hole he was sitting in was also his quadbike and my armor went for a ride to the Moon.
  7. Had one certain dude who got pissed over me and other premade mates killing him with armors on the opposite team, and in the next match we ended up in the same team. The dude started destroying friendly armors. As soon as I saw him take the RPG out behind my armor I drove over him. He had already destroyed one armor.
  8. I'll try to get some footage later on of the bug.
  9. The large pillar makes a random sound, usually bush or something along those lines. Current content build ID: 3421056
  10. The amount of actual, proper firefights where tens of rounds fly at once is just? I've seen one of the capping spots get blasted by 5 people at once, relentlessly shooting until there's no way anyone could have survived inside, and not even on full-auto. Semi is far more reliable in large areas. When you open fire properly, you dispense at least 1-1,5 mags.
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