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    new patch

    Hello there, really happy to see the PTE with the new Map :)!!!!! wanteed to try it yesterday but I couldn´t join on a Smolensk Map Warzone mode - is it because of the limited access for players or did I something wrong? I loaded the PTE and startet the game via Steam on EU/AS Server. cheers and keep up the hard good work! PS.: a function where we could play the stable and pte release would be cool?
  2. Damn, I gave him all my money! But I should be good, a week ago, a Prince of some Country sent me a Mail want to give me all his money - shouldn´t take that long since I gave him all the infos he need. very happy
  3. I am a Player who Supports the hole Time till death! Dropping Ammo or Medpacks on good positions and do whatever I can for my Squad/Team to win not for me but for the Team huuuuarrrrrrrr!
  4. Hello! Very good work with 0.2 and the patch after it! Thank you for your hard work! I played a few Hours and the only thing that I look into it is the sprintspeed how your character is moving - have to look up on this but I think it is slightly too fast? Anyone else with me? I have to play a few more Rounds but I think, fast sprinting (unrealistic fast, it´s like you are gliding and you havve no limit - maybe a sprint limit would be also to consider) is bad for the squad play. cheers!
  5. I really hope that the new big Map is around the Corner i only want to Play, Bugs, Progression wipe or something else are not that important for me.
  6. So, hyped, even we get it not today!!!!!! :))
  7. But nothing about the new maps? I read the patch notes most of the time when they are released I didn´t try a PTE yet, not enough time for that.
  8. Remembering the beginnings of democracy (500 BC), many people discussing a subject, many opinions lead to the best conclussion, to get the best for everyone. Your Avatar Picture ist great!
  9. Yeah, I know. The most people are bad as hell and flame all the time... but there are good people out there I am so hyped for the new Maps and I thought, maybe can we get some images and a release date for it. Its very confusing at the time, Content Updates or Patches are not the same.
  10. I am ready to wait for superb updates and great gameplay Thanks for that!
  11. Try toll clear Steam chache or verify files via Steam - have to test that for myself but i read it somewhere elsethat this would Help.
  12. Hello :), after a few hours of playing WW3 I have to say I like it very much (yeah, some issues are around but I havhe plenty of other things to do in real life and BF plays in WW2 so take your time) and I am happy to see that the team is working heavy to update the game very often. I am really curious about the COntent Release next week and it would be nice to see a little teaser of the new Maps - Maybe we get some picture of the map or somethign else
  13. It would be nice if the mines make less damage like, if you get hit, your tank or verhicle has a massive damage so the only thing you can do is to drive to your base back and repair. The Teamplay would prefer from it because a Sniper and a Heavy RPG would kill a tank but the tankdriver has a chance to get back and repair. Beside that, it is sucha nice feature that you can shot the sights of a tank
  14. Hello, I have to say, the Sound SFX´s are not that bad - in my opinion they are more realistic when it comes to footsteps or vehicle sounds. In a intensive Battle with tanks and every kind of weapon, the Atmo is really good so great work with the Sound for such an early release! Some weapons may be not that accurate as in real life but its early access so plenty of time to search for the right sounds. I am a Sound Designer in my spare time and work for a few costumers (beside making Neurofunk) and I think some sounds are really great! The impact of an APC Maingun ist superb! also the mainweapon sound of the Tank.
  15. Exact Same issue Yesterday - we played 1 Game normal in moscow map bitte after that, in every other game me and a friend got a crash everytime after 1 Minute. Screen freezes and Back to Desktop. i52500k 4,2Ghz 16GbRam GTX 1070 palit 8Gb RAM Win 7 Austria Will Upload dump file next time.
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