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  1. >Clip You misspell magazine but I think tracking bullets by magazine+one in the chamber instead of number of bullets would make it more hardcore and realistic, and also I like that kind of thing.
  2. Dat 50 round straight mag tho
  3. Exactly. It goes WAY off in Full Auto unless you are a 7 foot tall powerlifter.
  4. If there is one already existing for Mk14, why not this one. A highly modular AR-10/AR-15 style Battle Rifle that looks sexy as hell, and packs a ridiculous amount of punch, as it is 7.62x51. An HK417 is a Battle Rifle made by Heckler and Koch. Currently it is used by the Bundeswehr as the G28 Designated Marksman Rifle, by the US Army where it is replacing the M14 EBR and is being introduced as the Squad Designated Marksman's Rifle under the designation of M110A1. South Korea also uses it as G28, so does Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Estonia, Croatia and so on. As the revised HK417A2 Model, it generally comes in 3 different variants. 13" Carbine 16.5" Rifle 20" Sniper with accurized barrel It is a light gun for a Battle Rifle, at 3.8 Kilograms, has a muzzle velocity of around 700 m/s, and a base Rate of Fire at 600 RPM.
  5. DESCRIPTION OF THE BUG: There's a broken spot on Warsaw where you can get on the entire third level of the map and shoot down into the C objective. BUILD OF THE GAME: 3847490 (0.6.2 Live build) STEPS TO REPRODUCE Get a buggy, go to the tarps of the shopping mall and drive up hugging the left side until you fall in. Now you have the entire side open to you and you can see through into C1 and shoot people. This is a pretty broken spot imo. SCREENSHOTS:
  6. So, I had that error ever since I bought the game. Never was able to get into a match. I emailed support, received my reply too. ut no matter what, the game WILL NOT connect to a match. It freezes on the splash screen and after a while boots me back to main menu. Makes me really sad. But I have hope that the Developers are working on it. As told by Twitter I sent a reply to the email I got telling the Support team of the issue persisting about 3 days ago. Ajem, I think it was, on the Discord, advised me to make a forum post. Any of you guys having this problem as well or did the profile reset work for you?
  7. I thought the reason for destruction limitation was that that UE4 wasn't suited for the task especially for a small indie dev. I mean not everyone is DICE is it?
  8. Ayy this game has good shotguns thank the Devs. Seriously though, I love playing shotguns. To the point where my BF4 tag is DBV-Slingshot
  9. Slingshot

    Say Hello!

    Hey hey hey! I am Slingshot! Been on the Discord for months! I still don't have the game as of now but I was on vacation and so I'm working to remedy that! HELLO!
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