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  1. i hope it’s an strong looking female soldier, i personal don’t like anime look a like model in any games, i don’t like the outfit like Silent in MGS eaither, i just kindda like the model like Ash and Zofia in Rainbow Six Siege
  2. After almost a hundred hrs playing this game i realize some how i want to be some thing to protect my teamates when we attacking the objective, so i wanna be an shield for my teamates so i hope some day i will have an shield and an pistol to cover up my teamates Second thing i want is an underbarrel shotgun also for attacking objective such as C1 in red square , the gun with underbarrel shotgun will be more recoil but i accepted it, the gun will look cooler and more tactical gunplay that’s all i want
  3. Well i still enjoy the game whithout that Fk EA don’t talk about BF with me i better spending my money for squad+ insurgency , i won’t spend my 60 buck for the dev make me angry for years
  4. Oh come on i left BF so hard because dice and EA suck
  5. I really like to play a game with female characters but please don’t make big booties and no big tities i’m ain’t weaboo
  6. Damn you make me cry with your Paul Grey profile pic
  7. What we are missing here is some under attachments like grenade/smoke laucher , under barrel shotgun, and of course the thing almost useless but it it’s look cool yeah an bayonet
  8. I already know that you guy planned for NYC and Paris deploy in game right ?, but my suggestion that i and asian people want an asian map, seoul from korea or tokyo Japan, don’t touch china they’re sensitive, it should me more high places in this game like 4th floor building
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