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  1. Hi, Like the title says. We need a dmr type rifle. I love shooting semi but it just isnt effective cuz of the low damage dealt from assault rifles. What do you guys think about dmr's? Are they coming to WW3? - Patrick
  2. Hi, first of all great game! Got 13 hours in so far and I must say its fun. Got a problem tho. When I spawn in with the FMJ I only get 30 bullets in my mag and + 38. With all other guns I get like 30 in a mag and +120... What is going on here?
  3. Yeah, that is the best option for now. Still I'd like to be able to not have a secondary and maybe also have less nades. It's all about the weight reduction
  4. Hi guys, I'm wondering why I gotta have two guns. I'd like to save weight by going with only 1.
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