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  1. it was doing fine just a week ago, but now, it just keeps crashing when loading into a match. this is happening in all servers, and about 9 times now. also, it just shuts down steam for no apparent reason n
  2. im getting the Stream failed log in dedicated server error at the bottom right corner of the game. NA and AS server
  3. cant join any game, that error keeps popping up in red at the bottom right corner
  4. I have a squad of 4 which are friends, but somehow we cant join any server even by clicking on quick join. it takes forever to deploy.
  5. dont they have to change their engine for this?
  6. yeah lol, it gets pretty irritating after a while too
  7. i find it funny how when soldiers run in this game, it sounds like they're wearing dress shoes.
  8. i was having some fps issues like the others, where it just skips like a slideshow, but since ur settings helped me out greatly, im playing very smoothly from start to finish!
  9. Ezura25

    Say Hello!

    Heylow from Philippines! ? Any users from Philippines here?
  10. Probably been posted before.. delete if it has. Game sometimes just becomes a slideshow at times. specially in major fire fight. im using a ryzen 2600 with a RX 470 but i am using an 8gb memory, so maybe thats the prob but still, it should be fixed even if we're running 8gb of mem. thanks
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