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  1. I've got to give it to the devs, they really fixed the armor system. TTK and TTD is quicker and feels more responsive. There's no more "wait, I didn't kill that guy with those many bullets?" moments anymore. Sniping feels way better now. No more TOR snipers that much which is good. That means there's more people using the G-29 and Technosh. Gives variety to the gameplay. With the armor reduction, snipes to the head and lower torso where there's no armor turn into one hit kills. Finally! SMGs and pistols finally have more damage too. Performance wise, I've been getting smoother gameplay and less stuttering. I run on an RX580 which is a hassle to optimize with games running on the Unreal Engine, but the slight improvement does make my life better overall. The game still has a lot to improve on such as further optimization, managing spawn-killing, and cheaters (Seriously, these guys need to get good at the game.) I give the Devs a BIG thumbs up for the improvements! Please stay on track guys and I wish you all the best.
  2. Everybody’s already said what I have to say, Imma just troll and tell you that your argument is barely an argument. Hahahahahaha.
  3. Try setting the graphics to high or ultra. All of it except for Textures, View Distance, and post processing. Keep these 3 at low and enable One Frame Thread Lag. Worked for me. I’m doing somewhere between 40-100 FPS depending on the location and players present in an area. However, I keep textures at high. I have an HP Omen 17 with an RX580 and i7-7700HQ. These settings should put a bit more load on your CPU and GPU. Devs are still working on optimizations but there is no timetable yet. Unreal Engine 4 isn’t really an easy engine to work on despite it’s relatively cheap price compared to other engines. For the meantime, I hope this helps. See you on the battlefield bro!
  4. True true my friend. It was just unfortunate our RPG teams weren't well coordinated. LOL. However tanks do tend to get really robust when kitted-out with high level armor.
  5. Just played a couple games today, and I cant help but notice that the "Limit" on vehicles is quite unbalanced. I had a lot of games where our team was leading by 1000+ points, but we couldn't call in our tank support. It turned out only the enemy team could call in their tanks, but we cant because it was at their "Limit". We lost the game because we couldn't call in our tanks to counter the enemy's. This really took me away from having a good game experience. I hope The Farm 51 Devs can fix or tweak this problem. It would be a good suggestion to have a "Limit" to both teams instead of handicapping the winning team just because their leading and the opposing team needs an "advantage." We call know that vehicles in this game are very OP most especially in the right hands.
  6. @ poti Will do man, thanks for letting me know. I just started out on the forum and just wanted to report it ASAP.
  7. I had this glitch on my last game where I glitched under the map while inside my Leopold tank (screenshot below). I just want to put this out there so the devs can take a look at it and fix it. So far this has happened to me once only on the (I think) Poland map where the fight happens on day time. This allowed me to mow down and blow everybody up without consequence. I ultimately died because of teamkill. I ended up getting acalled a chaeter which is very funny. It's pretty game breaking to be honest and should be addressed immediately. Side topic: It would be cool to have like a title to each map or at least the location of the battle about to happen, just a suggestion. I love this game. Good day to all!
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