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  1. Eh, you say that, but I just like nice looking things and I am willing to pay for the effort. I've been a part of my share of consumer revolts, but this is something I just don't feel so strongly
  2. Yea, as much as I like to, engaging on the realism front is ultimately pointless, this isn't a perfect milsim to begin with, this is a game, and it has gamey features like the customization. A female character would add to that.
  3. It doesn't go out of any window, because these nations in fact allow women into combat roles, that simple. Now, I don't know what you are backing your argument with, personal experience? Anecdotal. Moral/social views? Personal opinion. I will concede the gameplay bit perhaps, but I am unsure on really how much of an effect this will really have, so I can't say for certain.
  4. Well, Kinkysumo brings up a good point here, and I would like to supplement this with saying that AVA has very different ideas about character design than this game. It's choosing to take a realism approach, so I am sure the female character would be wearing similar gear to the male, nullifying most of the concerns you may have. AVA designs seem to be made to be sexually enticing, so hey play up the curvature of the body, and reduce the amount of gear they should be carrying to make war.
  5. I am not sure this is that big of an issue, there have been plenty of games with different hitboxes in multiplayer. The head and lower torso are the big hitboxes in this game with arm and body shots being discouraged. We could even say women might be at a disadvantage because of their wider hips, but I won't say that.
  6. Yes, but some would piss and moan about it being unrealistic in the game where I can bring a solid black, hood adorned, cybernetic helmet wearing, Golden 12x scope attached SMG into battle. I was speaking to that angle, plus its nice to have factual backing hehe
  7. Yes, and I understand that, I'd rather them focus on what is important. Discussion on the discord prompted this post more or less where a select few people there were shooting down any suggestion. I disliked that.
  8. I do this more because the discussion around it is infuriating, it's always some tacticool know-it-all that wants to slide into a conversation and spout off bullshit they heard on youtube, or anecdotal evidence, even when they are factually incorrect. The "culture war" against the SJWs doesn't let you discard fact for ideology. Whether or not I get to play as a woman or not (as I would default to) is ultimately irrelevant to my methodology here, and I will play the game even if they are never added, but if the devs have a penchant for realism, then they should know the facts. Firstly, I want to get the hard facts out of the way. Nato has many participating states that have integrated female soldiers into their ranks in close combat roles. These nations are: Australia Canada Denmark Finland France Germany Israel New Zealand Norway Sweden Turkey United Kingdom United States Eastern Bloc forces: Russia China North Korea Honorable mentions: India South Africa Like it or not, these nations have allowed women to join and participate in combat roles of various description, all including infantry. This is a decent chunk of Nato forces and the would be Eastern Bloc. Regardless of any data or rebuttal you produce in the comments here, this stands true. That even though you may believe these women should not be in these roles, they are, and any woman of any of these nations can and do join, go through basic, and are put into infantry and other combat roles. This is a fact. Now for simple gameplay reasons. Variety and pure customization: This game as an in depth and fun customization system, down to how you dress up your soldier, and yes, you are essentially playing a little dress up game with your little operator, before you go into a match. Female models add to the variety, different voice actors, vastly different body types. It would allow for more customization choice Role Play: This isn't like an RPG role play, its more of a "I have an idea in mind for my character" role play. I had the other day a guy saying he really wanted a Japanese voice so that he could create a Japanese JSDF Nato peacekeeper. We all do this to an extent when we are thinking about customization, and what is actually on the battlefield when we play. The vehicles are a German Tank, a Russian Tank, the weapons are a mixture of common Nato and Eastern Bloc weapons. Even down the the vests and pants you select, are all associated with a certain army in mind. This naturally translates over to how you make your character look. I made mine look as if he was a member of the German KSK. Cosmetic Microtransactions: I play Planetside 2, I have spend to much fucking money on that game because I wanted to customize my Vanu girl. I am sure it would as tempting here. I do it for myself, and I am sure other people do too. They see something cool and they really want it for their character. If you are to do micro transactions, I would most likely be tempted to purchase some for a female character, but not so much a male character, as I see it more a means to an end, nothing to identify with at the end of the day. Player Identification: I'm a woman, I've seen other women play this game, I've seen trans women interested and playing it as well. While I dislike this methodology when applied to a political situation, this is a fucking game at the end of the day. Some would love to customize a character to which they are the gender, or identify with said gender. It would make them happy.
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