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  1. I can see the appeal of the Israeli Alpha, its a very nice heavy hitter that definitely works well! Unfortunately its definitely not my playstyle but we'll have a loadout with it just for good luck Working with a few new techniques in editing so feel free to let me know how it went, and what I could do to improve! Otherwise, enjoy the video ladies and gents! New featured videos i will attempt to find a squad with comms for a more "Tactical" playthrough!
  2. So this is a very general question, I'm hoping to see some honest and straightforward responses! All the responses will be used for an upcoming video project talking about what ifs, what might happen, and what will happen (Via updates and dev announcements, so far theres little information) Feel free to add whatever comes to mind, either in detail or a simple word, all is accepted! As for myself, I'd like to see more weapon varients via unlockable methods such as daily or level up rewards, perhaps even a challenge with specific platforms, unlocking a higher end version of that system. And the fixes that will surely relating to the spawning system, spawning in front of hostiles, while they're in a vehicle or foot. Gets old pretty fast if I might add.
  3. The possibility of playing either Run and gun, or squad plays with both working very well. And the sparks... Plenty of impact sparks everywhere!
  4. And you guys are right, I'll definitely be explaining the mechanic in the next video, and even attempt to showcase it in action. Its very, very difficult to knock out optics when a vehicle is looking right at you, even more difficult to hit a moving vehicles optics though i've seen it done. I believe the Alpha is next on the list
  5. So i've been working with the G36 lately, and the hype for it is true, its a fairly OP system! The platform has almost no recoil, so I can see the appeal when running the system! Its my first commentary video.. Ever, so feel free to let me know how I did!
  6. I've been unable to replicate this bug, only thing i know for certain is that I spawn on a Squad lead near the boundary, and i ended up in this box. DESCRIPTION OF BUG Spawn out of Map GAME BUILD ID : Unable to find? (Current version) STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Possibly, Squad lead step out of bounds and spawn on SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): 8700k, 32gb RAM, 1080ti, 240gb SSD (Installed on) CRASH LOG: Unable to find
  7. Afternoon everyone! How exciting to see the servers up as well as the forum! Easy to say it was very much needed. So very quickly, not to take up too much time with typing out the backstory of what this is. I am an upcoming (More of a return) Content creator for YouTube, in other words, I create videos for all to enjoy. The idea and eventual goal is release at LEAST weekly content in the form of Updates, Gameplays, tutorials, as well as the fun bits that includes fails, wins, and even community montages. So to keep things plain and simple, you're all welcome to throw out some ideas, some do's and do nots, and what everyone would like to see! Feel free to check out my previous content, and expect much more
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