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  1. so wait, they said they would release the new patch that fixed a lot of things, but not everyone can join the test server? So it's not released if not everyone can access it LOL!!!!!!
  2. Has anybody tried the new big patch on the test server? and can you feel any difference?
  3. because people are stupid, a game needs to be fun, not realistic
  4. My guess is that it's coming tomorrow, since friday is a sexy day
  5. Very true, if the player count is falling doesn't matter, I would expect it to fall, but when it's more stable without many bugs, and hopefully not many cheaters, people will come back. Just see how battlefield 4 was when it was released, full of bugs and super unstable, but even this day today it's still far from being dead, still many online players.
  6. I have waited a thousand years for the patch, please cmon release it!
  7. solution: match chinese people with each other, and match russian players with each other, and don't mix them with any other country. China and russia are standing for at least 90% of all the cheating, they are horrible people when it comes to cheating.
  8. looks pretty legit to me, especially at: 1:00 what seems to be the problem? looks pretty realistic! :,)
  9. if people want realism go fuckin play ARMA.. :,)
  10. LOOOOOL! :,) am i supposed to hold it like a normal gun?
  11. but how? in pubg on the picture, the bullets starts to travel more up than straight, then goes down, and then up again, hows that possible? XD
  12. I have no idea if it's true, but regarding that picture, battlefield is the only one that got it right.
  13. I wouldn't say so, battlefield feels a lot more like IRL, and a lot more smooth, you don't have to stand directly looking at the object you want to jump over, you can do it a little from the sides, and you can do that IRL as well, but it's not about being 100% realistic, it has to be fun too. for 100% realism, arma is good, but super boring
  14. It feels weird when jumping over obstacles, such as fences and stuff, it feel a lot more smooth in battlefield when jumping over things. Is this being fixed in the upcoming 0.1.1 patch :)?
  15. I see, it might not be a problem, then, i haven't tried the sniper myself, I just heart a lot of people mentioning that it had low damage. Have the game been improved in any way the last 7 days? I might soon re-buy it, got a refund a week ago. i also might just wait till the release the patch to buy it, to see if people gets more satisfied
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