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  1. Hi there, Regarding this specific bug, it has occurred to me multiple times now. Always in the same position as shown in the original post (couple meters "north" of the repair station). It just happened to me today on the most recent BuildID 4651670. I believe the problem lies with the vehicle in question, the T-72. I don't remember have any issues spawning in APCs, IFVs, or other tanks (Leopard for example). Note that the vehicle movement seems to correct itself after the driver exits the vehicle, as the T-72 will move forward after I exit while holding down the "w" (forward) key. Without a driver, the T-72's tracks appear normal (contacting the surface, not stuck in the ground). Please take a look at this issue as it has become extremely frustrating during games. Wasted hard-earned BP for a vehicle which cannot be used in combat. Thanks for your hard work.
  2. Indeed, I was playing on the Berlin map. Thank you for clarifying. Hopefully this gets fixed soon ;) Apologies for the redundant post.
  3. Pretty sure this has been suggested already, but in case that it hasn't; could players get access to a virtual testing environment for their weapon and strike (vehicle) loadouts? The customization in WW3 is expansive, and for the sake of newer players, perhaps it would be beneficial if players could try the loadouts they have created to see if the weapons/vehicles they have customized fit their needs/playstyle(s)... Personally, I have been both let down and surprisingly impressed with some weapon/vehicle setups. But the only way for players to get an idea of their weapons and [especially] vehicles is to play in a match without prior experience on how their gun, tank, IFV, etc. works/plays. As an avid BF4 player, the training grounds were a very welcome addition and I would often use it for more than just testing weapon/vehicle setups (training to guide TOWs for example). I understand that there are more prevalent issues and features in the pipeline, but I would like to highlight such a feature for future versions/updates. Thanks for the hard work.
  4. Description/Steps to Reproduce: The Infra B&W view on my Marder + 90mm turret (HE/APFSDS + HMG [FMJ]) + Light Cannon RCWS (HEDP/HEAT) + Evolution Armor + Incandescent APS + Smoke Grenades setup displays a completely white screen when activated. Unsure if this was a one-time occurrence, as I the vehicle setup in question was newly created; but perhaps devs/testers could replicate this in a testing environment. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a screenshot as the round ended promptly, apologies. Game Build ID: 4651670 Thanks in advance, keep up the great work Farm 51.
  5. Hi there WW3 community. I'd like to talk about some of the modifications/changes/options I would hope to see in the future based on my personal experience(s). Bit of background: I've an avid Battlefield player, started in BF3 on console but switched to PC shortly afterwards. BF4 was the last Battlefield I felt deserved my time and money. I've also played quite a bit of Insurgency (INS2 Source Engine). 1. After playing Battlefield for quite some time, I've gotten used to pressing "F" to switch between vehicle weapons. In the current game, "F" is bound to exiting vehicles (and entering) by default. This has resulted in me exiting my tank numerous times when trying to switch to my coaxial weapon. I've since rebound exit to "E", but I'm still hoping they can implement weapon switching, where you can press a key to switch between primary shell and coaxial machine gun (for example). This could also apply to infantry weapons. Perhaps consider adding a CS:GO-esque "Q" function to switch to your previously used weapon/gadget. 2. This customization in this game is unparalleled. However, many questions regarding the effects of our equipped customizations still remain. I believe the effects should be listed in the customization menu so that we can recognize the difference between equipment/attachments. 3. A test range, for both vehicles and weapons. Similar reasoning as #2. 4. Uniform Mouse Sensitivity. Setting vehicle sensitivity to 100 and vehicle zoom sensitivity to 100 as well, I expected both to be equal in terms of mouse movement. I was wrong. The vehicle zoom sensitivity is significantly lower than the vehicle sensitivity. After raising the zoom sens to 200 and lowering the vehicle sens to 50, they are now similar (but normal vehicle sens is still slightly faster). 5. Changing RPG explosion radius/damage to infantry to encourage them being used in their intended anti-armor role. The fragmentation/shrapnel warhead can be equipped as an alternative ammunition for clearing out infantry. I hear too many players complaining that vehicles are overpowered (some are... *cough* BMPT *ahem*) when they can be easily overwhelmed with well-placed tandem warhead RPGs from different angles. There are also not enough players shooting out the optics... 6. A proper Server Browser (where you can join from). Battlelog or even the new Battlefield launcher is a great example of what it could be. 7. Adding a confirm button before purchasing customization options. This was a problem during the TTS and the beta. When currency and progression returns, I hope Farm 51 can modify the customization menu so that when we click on an attachment or upgrade it is not purchased immediately and is instead shown equipped (as a preview) with the option to confirm the purchase. 8. Limiting/restricting the "incoming" projectile warning on vehicles. There have been many times where I have been behind a wall or in the underground car park and where I've been spammed with the "beep beep beep" of an incoming RPG; even though the RPG was fired behind a wall or aboveground. This one is not a priority, just quite annoying at times. 9. Equipping both starting (stock pre-planned) tanks with the same loadout/equipment (or no equipment at all). It seems like the East team gets a T-72 with many upgrades (APFSDS, APS, Smoke, Secondary optics) compared to the completely stock Leopard that starts for the West. Not sure if this is purposeful or not, but regardless it makes the T-72 much more versatile and survivable. 10. Prevent vehicle turret rotation when switching between different views/sights and holding down the "look around" key. This is a pet peeve. There have been so many times where I've wanted to go to third person so I can reverse to a different location while keeping my turret (and gun) pointed towards the threat. Please don't let changing vehicle sights reset the persistence of the "look around" key. 11. Perhaps more a request than a suggestion: improved sounds and animations. The current animations in game are usable, but quite clunky and stiff; and the sounds are too tame and lack the depth and clarity that is almost required from the FPS games of today. Gunfire should be punctual, so that direction and perhaps even caliber can be determined before you even see the enemy. Animations seem fine when you are observing them, but from a first-person perspective they seem either too emphasized or overly minimal. For a reference point: Perhaps the best flowing game with regards to movement and animation (that I've played) would be Insurgency. Sliding, crouching and moving in that game was buttery smooth and just felt right. These are just some of the ideas/wishes that I am hoping can be added, refined, and/or overhauled. Hopefully you haven't found this read too long/boring. I just wanted to express my opinions and experiences. Best Regards, Duncan
  6. There is no such thing as a press version. There were press codes sent out for the two-day closed beta period before launch. Now that the game has launched on Steam I don't see any reason why they would still require press accounts/versions.
  7. Are you using the stock vehicles that spawn at the beginning of a round? You must spawn in your own vehicles (using points) in order for them to have your equipment and customization(s).
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