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  1. yeah i'm sure it is,i asked a question to Úlfhéðnar because according to him people can't complain.
  2. So if your not a programmer you can't complain? If you go to a restaurant and the chef shits on your plate you have to eat it without complaining because your not a chef?
  3. So yeah,i understand what everyone is saying,it's not an easy decision,but i also understand OP,this is going to split the playerbase and discourage any new comers when the servers on EA are empty. From what i understood is that Farm51 knows they are losing part of their community,but they are depending on the ''hardcore'' section of that community to hang on and go for the long run,expecting people to come back after the game is fully released,if they know the hardcore supporters are sticking on,why not just release in EA. But what i'm also wondering is if this PTE is here to stay,if that's the case a shitload of people are switching to PTE,so why not just release patches in EA? Also,why would they announce a patch,but launch a PTE? I'm sure i'm getting hate just for asking these questions because you can't be negative on these forums,but hey,what do i know.
  4. Nope,only around 2500 for the last couple of days,and those numbers are dropping slowly. Let's hope the patch next week will fix allot of shit and boost those numbers a little,else we are going to lose a shitload of people to battlefield and fallout.
  5. From what i understood is that there was a issue with the game itself,where it asked way more from the login server than it should have. That's why we where getting these client side patches,and that's way they didn't found out before the launch,because only a hand full of youtubers where ''stress'' testing. I've read it somewhere but i forgot where so i can't show the sauce.
  6. They did say the progression is fully enabled after the servers are completely fixed,so i think there's gonna be a stat wipe because they are not done fixing yet and there are still people that can't play. I assume that when the servers are completely fixed they reset the stats so there aren't any players that have an unfair advantage over players that weren't able to join because of the servers being down/overwhelmed This is just guesswork though. When the servers are completely fixed they will post a statement and publish a roadmap.
  7. interstellar. Great movie and soundtrack,fits right up my alley.
  8. I totally agree,but,like i said in a different post,it's all about first impressions. People bought the game,couldn't join any server,so they refunded. Still allot of people like you and me are hanging around waiting for improvements or whatever,but,the more ''basic'' gamer doesn't have so much patience in this disposable market. With a lack of communication from the studio and fallout and battlefield on the horizon it's easy to never look back. I'm hoping this game does a complete 180 and competes with the big titles,but i'm afraid it's just gonna be the die hards that are gonna stick around,not that that's a bad thing,but the more the merrier ofcourse.
  9. First impressions are everything in this disposable market today. People buy the game,first impression is bad,refund,and move on to the next game and forget about it.
  10. They are only working on the servers right now,once they fix that they will make a announcement,publish a roadmap and start working on things like optimization. Keep an eye out for it on twitter. https://twitter.com/ww3thegame
  11. Oh yeah,it's fine for like 90% of the players,i myself can't play because of the massive frame drops and lag,and 3 of my buddy's gave up because of the low fps and connection issues. I feel kinda bad i recommended them this game,but like i told them,it's early access. But,in my opinion some one got be the devils advocate and bring this stuff up because you can't just keep waving these problems away with the early access excuses. The devs sat on thousands of keys,but they decided to ship it without any decent testing,and here we are. This past week could be spend on pushing gameplay patches like the spawnpoints and fixing low fps instead of just getting people to the menu. So despite of not agreeing with everything TS said i'm not going to fanboi and give him a angry reaction,i'm gonna give him a thanks,because he's a paying customer and got every right to complain about something he doesn't agree with. EDIT: i don't know why it's quoted twice,i probably clicked on something
  12. According to steam an EA game must be in a playable state. For allot of people it's still unplayable.
  13. DICE doesn't have a very big team on battlefield either,they got more games,so the employees are spread out across multiple games.
  14. According to some news articles they sold 100,000 Copies In 2 Days,if they didn't get some help from the outside resolving these issues this game deserves to fail. I keep hearing this small team argument but i'm sure it isn't as small as you think it is.
  15. I'm not frustrated about the performance,in fact i'm not frustrated at all,i'm fully aware this is in early access and everybody is working their skin of their fingers to get everything fixed. On the other side,i can't really shoot some bad guys because of the low fps and freeze frames i'm getting,but again,i understand that's all part of EA. I'm still having loads of fun in arma so i got patience. I just find it weird there isn't a roadmap of some sorts to let people know what the plans are after the servers are fixed,the only thing i'm hearing right now on every bug and issue is ''after the servers are fixed''. That's the only news i'm getting,and that's on twitter,last friday i had to make a twitter account to get updates on why i wasn't able to join a game. What's the priority after the servers are fixed,what are the plans,is there an indication on when the servers are going to be fixed,days?weeks?months? I sure wanna know,and i think i'm not the only one,if i read some tweets people are getting impatience and want to hear something else then ''after the servers are fixed.
  16. Everything seems to be done after the servers are stable,that's the only thing i'm reading for the last week. News on the forums,oh yeah we'll do that after the servers are stable,roadmap? after the servers are stable,communication? after the servers are stable. How long is it gonna take before the servers are stable? And what is the next step after the servers are stable,are they gonna work on optimization or spawnpoints or what. I stopped playing because the fps drops and freeze frames are terrible,would be nice to have a indication on when they are going to fix that.
  17. Had some great help debugging on the linus forums. Never tried the jayz forums,so i don't know about that,that's for OP to find out which one he like's best.
  18. That's what i mean,everybody knows better.
  19. 8350 is an AM3 socket,current generation is AM4,so for 200 bucks he's not going anywhere. @RookieHunter don't come to a gaming forum to get pc advice,you'll attract AMD/Intel fanbois. Go to a hardware forum like toms hardware or linus tech tips and educate yourself a bit.
  20. Exactly,i don't use discord,yeah i know that's my fault,but i already made a twitter account just to keep up with the news,which is mostly the same. Would be nice if they actually started posting updates on their own forum.
  21. Yeah pretty annoying,but hey,that's risk of buying a early access game,i got patience so i just wait a couple of weeks,or months?(i hope not months)
  22. Oke you can't quote someone in a edit it seems
  23. Oh yeah i tried them all,fps seems a bit better but i'm still getting these freeze frames and it drives me crazy,updated all my drivers,tried all the settings,nothing works. I don't have a top of the line system but i should be able to run this game on a 4770K RX580 8gb 16gb ram booting from a m.2 ssd Untitled.mp42.mp4
  24. I agree,i love the game but for right now i'm gonna stop playing it,still to much bugs and poor optimization. I know it's early access and bugs are expected,but optimization is the biggest let down for me,low fps,freezing screen for a second in a firefight etc etc. To much frustration for me right now.
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