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  1. I honestly can't wait for the M4/M16 to come into the game. It is an incredibly versitial weapon platform and fun to use
  2. I would like to see a new game mode type, this is one that I think would be pretty cool! Name: "Front Line" Mission Type: Control Objective: Control territories to start their timer. When a team reaches territory control of 90 minutes (or more) of victory, that team is the victor. Additional Details: The map is contrived of 9 territories that have seams dividing them No dead space between the territories, only spawn zones have no territory reaction Every territory controlled for 60 consecutive seconds will add 1 minute of victory to the respective teams total score. each territory holds their own control timers Example: 3 territories controlled for 60 consecutive seconds will add 3 minutes of victory Example: All 9 territories controlled for 60 consecutive seconds will add 9 minutes of victory per minute (minimum time-till-victory would be 10 minutes which will help aleviate the spawn r**e of the loosing team) A territory is controlled and lost instantly when there is an overwhelming amount of Combat Influence in the area. Everytime a territory changes hands, the timer is reset to 0 seconds Example: Blue team has 4 players in the area, then Red team rolls in with 5 players. The territory then becomes controlled by Red team. If Blue team kills 2 of Red then the territory is Blue due to superior Combat Influence Example: Red team has 2 players in a territory, Blue team assaults with 2 players, since the sides have equal Combat Influence, the territory remains Red until Blue can overwhealm them with Combat Influence to gain control of the territory An airstrike strike or mortor strike is worth 3 Combat Influence for 30 seconds (starting when the strike is first launched) If a strike/player enters a territory that is not adjacent to the "Front Line" and has overwhealming Combat Influence in that territory, that territory simply gets the timer reset to 0 seconds but remains in control of the enemy team A player is worth 1 Combat Influence Unmanned vehicle Strikes are worth 2 Combat Influence A manned Strike is worth 3 Combat Influence (plus 1 for additional crew that is NOT the driver) Each territory acts as a spawn zone for the team who controls the area Only adjacent territories to the ones already owned can be controlled next. This forms a thick colored line that acts as the battlefront and adds focus to the push Since the 3 closest territories to the spawn zone are adjacent to the spawn zone, they can be controlled at any point during the game I am working on a proof of concept sketch that will illistrate a match and what it could look like from a maps perspective (and here is the very rough outline)
  3. I think it would be pretty awesome if the Squad Leaders could have the ability to draw on the map. Why? Simple. it is an avenue of comunication that speaks louder than words. Draw an attack route, draw a defence line, click a player and give them a suggested position...etc This would allow a squad lead more control over what is happening and allow the squad to have some uniform movements. Each squad should have different colors so that there can be a clear difference between the squads. Perhaps add a panel on the right hand side of the map that the squad lead has access to and they can drop in squad command symbols.
  4. UPDATED UI MOCK This is the version 3 of what a new UI could look like. Be advised, the grey area underneath the Weapon names and Strikes are placeholder. That color box should be replaced witht he weapon outline so it floats in the dark grey space just beneath the label! Notes: 1) There is a divide between the staging area and the map 2) The left hand stack is set up with the most important and drops in influence the farther down you get. The Map on the right is by itself so it can be easier to focus on 3) The map is vertically slimed down, allowing more room on its sides 4) The "Loadout" section has been cut down a little and has all 6 classes present without menu serfing (inspired by @Atom_Alchemist) 5) I increased some of the smaller fonts so that it could be easier to read by some viewers (inspired by @Graphic-J)
  5. @Atom_Alchemist This is what I would imagine that to look like. One that would read better (and have less mistake clicks). The UI seems a little cramped but the right proportions could make it look a little better.
  6. @Amaterasu To give credit where it is do, I actually used Affinity Designer to do everything you see in my photo. You can't beat a one time price of 50 bucks haha
  7. @Atom_Alchemist I was thinking of how the animation would run for that. In my mind's eye when you clicked the right arrow then it would shift to the 3 other classes, the when you click the left just the animation reverses direction. Having all six displayed was making it feel even more cramped. The only viable work around was to consolidate the load out and squad then make the left hand for them and the right hand side of the screen for the map. Besides that, you could also keep it the same and have the 6 load outs stacked vertically on the left hand side and have them squared up more.
  8. I don't really like the Deployment Screen that is currently in the game. I think it needs some T(ender) L(ove) C(are). Below is a mock-up that I drew together to re-imagine what the UI could look like for the in-match "Deployment Screen" (at least one that I like). I plan to do more re-imaginations of the other menues in the same manner, so let me know your thoughts! -------------------------------------------- Notes: 1) I kept the lay out roughly the same (important on left, less important the farther right you go) 2) I seperated the "Loadout" and the "Squad" menus 3) I gave better definition to the "Loadout" menu. The missing images should be white outlines of the selected weapon and there can be a "hover Over" effect that displays the current attachments 4) I use the Yellow to accent some of the importnt things (much like the current yellow usage). I bordered the player selected tabs in yellow, the chat box and the "LEADER" selected target point so that it is more noticible at a rough glance 5) I zoomed the map in closer to the play area so that more spacial detail can be derived from the "live action" style map 6) I grouped the 1 and 2 sub points together and spread the A/B/C headers out so they are better seperated in the players periferal vision
  9. I picked to play as a West, but once in game I went to the customization menu and it was on the East soldier.
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