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  1. I see what you mean, but let me try to explain in more detail what I think Revive system - honestly Devs might end up putting it in due to public opinion, i've seen more people wanting revives to be in the game than people who don't want to see it at all, what I'm suggesting is a balanced revive system, one which isn't dramatically changing the entire game like in Battlefield, what I'm suggesting is a deliberately slow system that forces you into a slow animation, this way people won't be able to just run up to someone, left click them and magically have them running around and shooting again in under a second, it needs to be slow enough that it would be almost impossible to do with enemies around, this way the revives will help those who died in a rather safe area with a lot of allies around. Shorter rounds - ill not argue this point, ill have to play some more to get a better idea. Capture speed - I still believe it needs at least some kind of adjustment, when I say it needs to be faster I don't mean Battlefield fast, it can stay on the slower side of FPS games, that's fine, but currently it truly is just way too slow, you can't always expect your team to help you, there might not be enough players or whatever else, sometimes you will find yourself alone trying to do your best and right now it's impossible to do it alone unless the enemy team totally ignores you which happens rarely, usually at least 2-3 enemies will come looking for you, it needs to be faster, even if just by a tiny amount, anything will help. Don't make it battlefield fast, but do make it a bit faster.
  2. Could you elaborate as to why you believe those don't need adjustment?
  3. There's an ongoing poll in the same forum section, right now a Yes on some sort of revive system seems like a likely winner, I truly believe the majority of the community will want a revive system, but not one straight from the old BF games, making it so you can zap a friendly and instantly revive him is bad, there should be a revive system but a slow one, this will satisfy the community and keep things balanced so that people can't revive train non-stop.
  4. Battlefield has some systems that improve playing experience, adding those to your game is not a bad thing, overall the game was inspired by the likes of Battlefield, but I believe WW3 will still retain its original core due to its own solid shooting mechanics/movement system and setting.
  5. This is a compilation of some of the more popular and realistic requests for the game, mainly gathered from the Discord channel. Commo Rose - Think Battlefield 2, quick and easy to access team/squad radio messages with in-game voice lines + on-screen text + icon flashing of the person who clicked one of the lines. IE; a team member presses "I need a ride/transport", if you open your map the person who clicked that line will flash on your map a few times with a "Transport" icon on them so that everyone knows who said it and what he needs on your team. Example VoIP - Local VoIP, Squad VoIP and Squad Leader VoIP, local allows you to speak to anyone in a small area around you, both squad and non-squad members can hear you talking this way with positional direction if possible, Squad VoIP allows you to speak only to your Squad regardless of distance, Squad Leader VoIP allows only Squad Leaders to communicate with eachother, also regardless of distance. Think Squad and Post Scriptum. Shorter match rounds - Right now they're too long, currently it feels like a 10K tickets conquest/domination match from Battlefield, the mode isn't fun when it takes so long to finish, maybe some sort of WAR/RUSH mode with different objectives and dynamic map changes will be better with the current match timer, but right now it's too long. Faster flag capture - Right now it takes too long for a single person to capture a flag, while yes it should be slower if only 1 person is trying to capture a flag by himself, currently it's excruciatingly slow and literally impossible to do, an enemy soldier spawning at his main base has enough time to run across the entire map and get to you before you're even half-way done, needs adjustment. More information on weapon attachments - Right now it's almost impossible to understand what each attachment increases or decreases on your weapon, impossible to differentiate between what's better or worse, we need better statistics and damage values/changes with each added/changed attachment, think Rainbow Six Siege, you get a target practice icon showing recoil pattern changes and exact damage values. Example Balance - Right now it feels like there's almost no balance in matches, most matches end with one team being extremely dominating and the other ending up getting spawn locked/camped, some sort of balancing system needs to be in place. Better Spawns and Spawn Protection - Game needs to have a better spawn system, sometimes if you spawn on your squad leader you end up spawning inside walls, and when you spawn on a flag you sometimes end up getting shot right as you spawn, giving you no time at all to react and dying in a frustrating manner, there needs to some sort of spawn protection and a better spawn zone away from the flag, if an attacker is trying to capture a flag, enemies shouldn't be spawning right in front of him on right on his back 2 meters apart, the enemy team must be spawned further away from the objective and not right on-top of it. Next added Country/Faction polls - Think Wargame: Red Dragon by Eugen Systems, they made polls on their website for the community to decide what the next country DLC should be, we currently have the entire community asking for different factions, I believe an official poll will help choose the next factions to be added for the game. Example Teamkill punishment - This needs to be reworked, right now it's extremely frustrating when you're using a vehicle and doing a lot of good work for your team and you suddenly get killed by a friendly punish for accidentally killing a teammate or sometimes a teammate would specifically try to get under your wheels so you kill them on accident only to punish you to get you killed, on some cases doing it just to steal your vehicle if you didn't lock it, there should be a score penalty instead of "YOU DIED" Mines - Right now mines are extremely powerful and need to be adjusted a little, a mine currently deletes any vehicle no matter what, instead of completely destroying it from 100% health, the vehicle should be de-tracked and disabled and be unable to move until fixed, either that or make it so friendly members can spot/remove them and mark them on your map Revive system - There should be some sort of revive system implemented, perhaps something like in BF:V with long animations to both encourage teamplay and stop revive trains, it shouldn't be something easy to do but neither should it be impossible. Stationary weapon emplacements near main spawns - There should be stationary weapon emplacements around the map and especially on the main spawn areas for both teams to deter enemies from spawn camping, MG's and ATGM's would help a lot to push back enemy forces from your spawn area. Faction specific radio chatter - This is WW3, you're not fighting alone on a small area, battles are going on across the entire country/globe, there should be some immersive faction specific radio chatter during the round every few minutes, think Titanfall 2, anything to help immerse players into the world. Kick/Report system - There should be a kick system in the game that allows players to select another player and initiate a vote to kick that player, this will help fight trolls, hackers and glitchers, also give us the ability to select players and report them for malicious/unsportman like behavior, hacking, glitching etc. Medals/Ribbons - Think almost every online shooter ever, give us Medals and Ribbons to unlock for using specific weapons or doing specific things that give bonus credits or XP. Rework sounds - A lot of the sounds in the game don't sound right or are of low quality, tank firing needs to be much louder, so much so that if a tank fired near you, you should hear ringing in your ears, same with some of the point streaks like artillery and bombing runs, they need to be much heavier and louder sounding.
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