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  1. I dont care honestly, just let me disable it like i always do.
  2. First of all, sorry if this is already known. When you start a taunt and move, you teleport. Other players will see you standing where you started the animation, when you finish it you teleport to the new location. The collision works though, you can still block players while being "invisible" so i guess if they'd knew where you are, they could kill you aswell. And they cant damage you. Soo you basically could teleport around the corner behind enemies. I uploaded a video from both sides, so you get a better idea of what i mean. https://streamable.com/1gzmb Build ID: 3242871 Steps to reproduce: Press F1, F2 or F3 and move normally, you need a bit of timing though.
  3. Do you have your settings on low? Because low disables camo
  4. Definitely agreeing with your reviving point. And some sort of training area
  5. Something needs to be done though, if one team dominates it gets sooo boring.
  6. I agree, something needs to be done to make them shorter. When my team dominates the other team halfway through, i'm always close to leaving the match as it gets super boring.
  7. I'm just spamming buttons everytime because i thought i need to press something for it to go away lol
  8. Yea i also would love to have a revive system, and i agree, not when you died via headshot or explosions. Make it a long animation, where you may even need to carry your mate to safety to do it, just anything please
  9. I agree, squad leader should be able to spawn on his mates
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