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  1. I thought it may have been my mouse driver or even mouse playing up but the last couple of days I cant seem to change weapon after i have died. Sometimes I just get a mouse cursor appear on screen whilst in game and sometimes not but the same bug using scroll wheel or 1 and 2 I cant switch weapon. I have tried this with Razer drivers on a Razer naga and on a cheap ass mouse and still the same issue.........
  2. Joined yesterday having a blast, this game is even better when you work together.
  3. Whenever I go into settings menu in game on a server the mouse cursor randomly appears when I have returned to action causing me not to be able to move my soldiers aim etc.. I just have the mouse cursor so i have to go back in menu and come out again to get movement back then it bugs randomly after that until the game is over.
  4. GazmanUK

    How old are you?

    41 (had to think for a second)
  5. Do you have the Chrome browser open, a few tabs on there can start eating into the ram on your system. I use 16GB and its been fine for years.
  6. GazmanUK

    Say Hello!

    Hi Gazman here, good to meet you all...i'm sure i'll get destroyed on the battlefield but i will try for revenge
  7. Hi I am currently using an i7 4770k/16 GB DDR3/and GTX 980 on an Asus PG278Q id like to push the monitor a bit but unsure if its possible on this setup @2560 x1440 res. What are you using and what would you like to use for this game and other newer games? 1st post on here ;)
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