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  1. DESCRIPTION OF BUG My guns wont save at all on NA on Live and hasnt done in months and it keeps going back to a odd set of loadouts I had in early December Works fine on PTE and EU Live i saved them earlier and they stayed in game but then i exited and its back to the way they were before now I go back on. I dont want to have to keep redoing the loadout I Can change my loadout fine on PTE and EU server GAME BUILD ID 3544746 (But has happened since December) STEPS TO REPRODUCE I saved a loadout once on a build in early december now I cannot save it on NA server
  2. Whats going on with sniper shots. They are way off. I ended up not even aiming for people and hitting them.
  3. Id love to see a different TTK modes such as Hardcore or F**K Me Im Dead Already!? Mode. To me it seems a bit quick on TTKs. Overall feel of the game is nice but feels one-sided for some reason. Id like Claymores to have more range of detection and detonation being that one of those IRL could take out half the building. I think strikes are where they need to be with so many going off on a full server but they could have a price range depending on how many people are on to liven things up.
  4. DESCRIPTION OF BUG I spawned with the missing front to my bullpup (see pic) and having ran around and actually noticed bloody coming from people I shoot id saying the hitreg is still off. GAME BUILD ID 53067 STEPS TO REPRODUCE Have a loadout of the bullpup and the G29 and spawn on squad leader at C2 Moscow (WZ med) Hitreg bug happened on Warsaw warzone medium Hope these help.
  5. So you're just admitting defeat ? The Ronin helmet is actually far too high up on the head and needs to cover the chin and upper neck anyway. Also while you're on could you add the Jersey Flag as it seems the only one you havent added but I happen to be from there and want to represent.
  6. DESCRIPTION OF BUG The Camo isnt changing to black for me and the Ronin helmet is coming out over the top of the jacket hood. GAME BUILD ID 52784 STEPS TO REPRODUCE Tried to loadout character with Ronin hood and black camo
  7. Yes but Georgia Islands are on there along with alot of the British colonies and they are under the British army.
  8. Hi You have EVERY other flag apart from my home island of Jersey in the Channel Islands. Please can you add. Thanks
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