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  1. Mint, thanks for filling me in buddy
  2. redownloading it right now, servers still dead? used to love this game, but if the game is officially dead, i won't bother
  3. I haven't played in a while, since the last hotfix last April, has there been any news or updates from the devs?
  4. Are the North American servers every populated? every time i launch the game and try to go for the NA servers theres never anyone on, was just wondering if ive been missing the time of day when any people are on. I've tried getting on the European servers but lately everytime i try to, i get bumped off the server and get a message in the corner saying my connection was dropped.
  5. Game has been crashing since the .7 update, crashes every time i try to launch the game, usually 1-2 seconds after it launches and the screen goes black is when it crashes. ive tried the usual fixes, reinstalling the game, verifying files, and updating my drivers. i know its probably something small and stupid im missing but if someone could help me out that'd be great, thanks.
  6. thanks, figured out my sound problem, my mic is busted, but went through changed my steam options for it, so thank you, much appreciated.
  7. Cant get voice chat to work, knowing me, its probrably an idiot thing in my settings but could someone lend me a hand, plz n thank you. (also, could someone point me to a weapons guide for the game? i havent been able to figure out the better weapons yet)
  8. i actually forgot how rough of a shape bf4 was in until you said that, genuinely thanks for reminding me because that AAA title was so shit at launch, a small dev team like this should get more slack. i was crashing like crazy since release, but since 0.4.3 dropped today, no crashes so far.
  9. yes NA, glad at least EU players are getting into full servers, but for the rest of us, its very frustrating that there's maybe 1 hour a day during peak hours that we can get into half populated servers. i try not to mind the xp and currency loss, but when it crashes every other match, and usually 30-40 minutes into a round, it feels like a waste of time even playing and like a damn kick in the balls. (i havent noticed the bar with xp and currency after the crash, but ill look for it, because if thats right then my bad) people have been to hard on it and the devs in reviews and comments, even i was a bit hard on it in this post, going to edit it a lil to clarify. want the game to be good because at the end of the day it is good and has a lot of potential, but even for an early access game (especially one thats been out for months) it should be stable enough to play without such massive crashing issues.
  10. I've tried very hard to like this game, wanted it to be good (and i still do), and it still has the potential to be a BF4 replacement. and to be fair, the DEVS deserve a lot of credit and props for the improvements made since the horrible release, a lot of bugs have been fixed, and a lot of improvements made (and big props for to the devs for not having loot boxes)..... BUT, ive put 135 hours into this game and still havent played a game with more than 26 players, and the friggin game still crashes every other match (which wouldnt piss me off so much if if we got XP and in-game currency for matches that crash) So frankly update .5 needs to fix the game and add content, or give us a damn refund, because at this point, anyone who bought the game bought a waste of hard drive space and nothing more than that. *EDIT- didnt mean to come off direspectful to DEVS (post was mostly a frustrated rant after the game crashing 5 matches in a row) and admittedly, a refund to players would be unreasonable, but at the end of the day, this isnt a free to play game, even though its early access it should at least be more stable this many months after release. *Edit after 0.4.3 update- THANK YOU DEVS. seriously, thanks. whatever you did in 4.3 fixed it (at least for me). so anyone that sees this and hasn't played for a while, reinstall and give it another try, seems to be stable now.
  11. damn, well ill keep trying to get into a match. at least the devs have made a lot of progress on the game since the release
  12. could anyone tell me what time the PTE servers tend to have some players on it? or if its always dead? was on between 1-3pm today didnt see more than 6 people in all the games in server browser. UPDATE: I have gotten into a few PTE matches, so for anyone thinking about downloading the PTE, i think its worth it, (just expect some higher ping, and ive had an occasional fps issue but nothing major) as of the 0.3.7 PTE update, it feels noticeably better than the .3.2 base game update
  13. When in game, If someone on my team calls in the UAV RADAR, my fps drops from 50-60 (with medium-high settings) to 11FPS (doesnt go up or down, stays right at 11FPS). has been happening less since 3.0 patch, and will sometimes clear up immediately if i put all my settings to low, then back). it usually clears up right after the UAV strike is over, but sometimes the minimap doesnt go away and my fps stays at 11. like i said in the title, im not sure if its a bug in the game, but im hoping its something stupid in my settings. PLZ help, thanks
  14. still newish to the game, and a bit shit to be honest, but looking for a few ppl to squad up with on NA server so i can get better.
  15. yes, played a bit today after tweaking game settings. temps stayed fine, and cpu usage stayed around 65%, bug kept happening, even after dropping graphics all the way down.
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