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  1. but what if you cant fully recover because there are bullets inside you or if you are hit by a grenade your legs are blown off
  2. what if there will be a "hardmode" when you have 1 life no hud and dont shoot from the sight but the barrel
  3. would you use that ? and who would use that for the long run ?
  4. yes i understand it's more work than not doing it but it's something the customers want
  5. Than i see no reason why they would't implement
  6. yes thats exactly what i mean They can just make a button to go to the shooting range with the same startup as normally with spawn select (there is only one spwan point) and you can select diffrent loadouts so in a nutshell load another map with 1 button while you are changing your loadout
  7. if you make a weapon and want to try it out
  8. I would like to see dedicated servers come to ww3 to play and train with a few friends
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