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  1. Every Gun/attachment/equipment in the game is unlocked. Will we ever have to earn those things? i really think that would be a good idea. People are runnning around with 100 ft barrels, 2000 round mags and depleted uranium bullets, abusing the system. I think drum mags should be banned from the game honestly. it's GOING to get abused.
  2. Hello, first of all, I'm loving the game. I've notice when you aim down sights with a handgun, it looks strange. I dont know if this makes sense but I would like to see my character grip higher up on the pistol grip. when I hold the pistol I can see the grip because I'm gripping very low on it giving it a weird look. Just a thought, cant wait to see what you guys have it store for us. Maybe many many more attachments & being able to hand place sights on top rail and lasers/lights on side/top rail.
  3. i think we should get... - M4 -Tar 21 -VSS/ AS VAL - AK5C (Swedish AR) Gorgeous gun - Remington RSASS (precision/sniper rifle) BUT most of all I want LOADS of attachments!, and want to be able to place the sight/scope ANYWHERE on my top rail, like HAND PLACE it - same goes for my lasers/lights. So i can front mount my red dots on my tactical AKs! see you on the battlefield- Temptor
  4. Why should they be shorter? i think it's a perfect length. Its enough time to do what I want and not feeling like i missed out on something in the game. Its just long enough to get my rocks off
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