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  1. Cyan

    Say Hello!

    Hello again! I already said 'Hello' on Page 6 about one and a half years ago but I feel like I want to re-do that now. Back in 2018 I didn't play much but what I had experienced was very enjoyable. One thing I didn't mention the last time I was active in this forum was that this game, when it was first released and I played it, had the potetial to become the game I expected Dice to create after Battlefield 2. The game I have always been waiting for and that I always wanted. A modern version of what Battlefield 2 had to offer and possibly more. The gameplay is very similar, the visuals are looking good, the gun-play looks snappy,...and through the recent announcement about the partnership with MY.GAMES my excitement has been revived! Before I didn't have much hope after playing it because I thought that the studio was too small, that you wouldn't have enough money to keep up the development and bring the game out of the potential and to the real thing. However, this new partnership was the missing puzzle piece in my opinion and I'm so happy you guys were able to make that deal happen. Now I'm sure World War 3 has a bright future ahead of it! Best of luck! -Cyan
  2. I'm sure this will get sorted out.
  3. This is something that makes me worry if it was worth buying this game. It was nice of them to excuse themselves so much for the bad launch and I thought that was a good sign, thinking they'd be very talkative and transparent developers but now I'm really not so sure anymore.
  4. Happened to me with sniper rifles. Started with what?...Five shots and no extra ammo? This needs a fix.
  5. Yep, definitely too long.
  6. For me it was the beginning of the end. So many things from the previous games were missing and I didn't like the new engine at all.
  7. BF1942, BF Vietnam, BF2, BF2142. Those games are not "as good as BF4". Those games are Better.
  8. Cyan

    Nothing gets saved

    Alright, thanks for the info guys! ? I'm not using twitter. ?
  9. I don't know if I'm the only one with this problem but... it seems like every time I start the game up, my soldier and loadout customization is just gone and everything is back to standard. Am I doing something wrong? Whenever I created something I saved it in the templates.
  10. Cyan

    Say Hello!

    Hey people! Looking forward to have a good time with you all!
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