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  1. Need to remove the spotting people mechanic. You still have people trying to spam x because it marks people. It clutters the view when you are trying to see people as the marker doesn't follow them but adds another layer to look pass in order to see a player. The spotting people mechanic actually makes it more difficult to see enemies as it doesn't show their actual location. Even if you have a cooldown it will still mess with the gameplay making it frustrating when you cant see a player behind the marking. The pin spot mechanics needs to have a UI revised and be less intrusive to the game because it also makes it hard to see whats behind it. Should be more like GPS coordinates that hug the ground and are small not big boxes that are able to cover a person up. Spotting should only be marking vehicles and locations. Smolensk looks good, lots of LOD issues coming from .6.2 ot 6.3 where stairs are invisible, see through floors in the bunkers, and trees vanish
  2. Fixed gunplay and balance. Need to fix the reason people play FPS games and keep it interesting enough that people want to keep trying to get better at the game while giving them room improve.
  3. The entire game is run and gun honestly, You just play it as if its CoD and you only have to reflex faster then the other dude. The skill ceiling is pretty low with shooting in this game and the skill set needed is reduced to reflex. WZ give streaks and vehicles and you run to points on a map to find people to kill while TDM your run around in circles trying to find the spawn to get kills. One game you try to figure by looking at the map where the enemy will try to take a point so you can go farm there the other you try to farm players by being the first to their spawn.
  4. Problem is the game is boring honestly. The main content of the game with is the gunplay has a low skill ceiling and a narrow skill gap between the floor. If the gunlpay was more challenging with a higher skill ceiling less people would quit. The main reason people are interested in this game is because Dice/ EA is fucking up BF and going more casual. F51 needs to do the opposite. Getting more people only to get board with the main point of the game will only have temporary boost in player numbers.
  5. I dont like TDM, hated it when it came out but half the people In the group im in which is probably 1/4 the very active NA player base loves it or loves the smaller areas to play in Also seeing at least half the matches as TDM. I would rather get rid of TDM and use the map for a objective based mode instead. Most people were not asking for TDM but for the low spec PC guys it means they can play. Some people just want a smaller map and or less people. A 10v 10 objective game mode would be great like a large search and destroy.
  6. Your are the same dude accusing me of using macros in game. The shooting in the game is easy, using a macro would be redundant with how casual the game is. Adding more recoil wouldn't change the difficulty of shoting but would annoy people more as we have to recenter our mouse sooner and more often. Its not down to opinion for what requires more skill. Having to keep your aim for a longer time to land more shots onto a target that can counter and move to be harder to aim on is more skilled then landing a few connecting shots out of a spray. When it takes longer to kill you have to take into account your positioning more now since you will expose your self for longer to return fire if you fire at a opponent meaning keeping track of where people can retaliate against you is more important since you cant just shoot and scoot like in low TTK games. Better aim also matter more because the difference in TTK for head and body kills is further apart. You have to play better and use tactics and strategy with higher TTK because you cant just rely on out reflexing your opponent like in low TTK when you are is a disadvantageous position. There is also the big issues of how close the TTK is to the reflex of players combined with the latency so you get situations where it seems that a person shot you form behind a corner or gets a huge time advatage as they come from around a corner. Since its all a race to land 3-4 shots first, sprinting around a corner give you a head start of latency plus the reaction time of the other player which is average to .25 is you play games a lot before adding in the latency. When a player can spray 10 rounds per second they can output 2-3 rounds before most people can react to it. The only counter to a person rushing a corner on you is to prefire at the corner producing a risk to them coming around that corner. On the other side of the coin sprinting around corners prefiring is pretty broken in game and is a situation that the other player is sure to die. Ive said in the past a lot of the time what would be a good BTK but going over 5 is too "arcadey" for the devs a good TTK is around .6-.65 seconds if all rounds hit and that is determined based off reflexes of people and the limitations of the equipment in game such as magazine limit and the high possibility of fighting more then one person. Its down to a science and the limit for how high of a TTK is to make it where a person can fight multiple people in a row. With 6 BTK a player can kill people with one 30rnd mag not counting head shots and the secondary weapon. That is plenty enough killing power per weapon using standard magazines. BTK isnt what matters because a 10 BTK out of a weapon that will project 1900RPM would have a lower TTK then a 6 BTK weapon shooting 660RPM. Reflexes and lag doesn't care about quantity of projectiles but how long it takes to for that quantity to kill. The BTK matters to killing multiple opponents not the individual and it can be balanced with length of reloads or weapon swaps. Sorry but its not a opinion. The only opinion is would you rather have a more realistic but more casual game or a less realistic more skill based game.
  7. shotguns already shot buckshot. I could see slugs but the rest is a bit to extravagant for a battlefield. Games not that realistic tho so might as well. The current ammo customization situation is meh already. It doesnt add alternative gameplay options and only a powerup like mechanic so IdK if the devs can solve the issue when they cant even solve shotguns as is.
  8. if they are doing ue upgrade in .6 thats big. idk or think they are doing it yet. they said they commited or were doing animation redo since .3. shoukd take a while but a can see animations being added after or in a later .6 verson
  9. both of them already in .6 pte
  10. theres a media pack out there.
  11. Games pretty broken right now. Weapons are pretty unblanced and 7.62 or LMGs are the meta. Pistols are luck based with huge spread and unable to see when ADS. Shotguns are broken, bolters are a bit too easy, The whole game is about spraying down people because accuracy does not matter, and there's lots of BS moments you can make a situation that is uncountable easily by abusing the low TTK. Pistols are a prime example that the devs dont know their own game. They are pretty worthless and a tool of luck. 2m spread of 4 shots out of 7 on wall 8m away and you cant even aim with the ADS because the recoil and ironsights make it improbable. But a dev would be like I think they are ok since I get killed by them sometimes. The more your try to push realism for BTK the less realistic the weapons get with handling making the game less fun and more broken. The game is a race to get 3 shots on target but you can take short cuts like prefiring corners, using lag + reaction time to kill before a enemy could fire back as you round a corner, and you run around as if the game was CoD since if you have better reflexes you can drop another player before they can do anything meaning you dont need to There is no good middle ground you are just gimping the gameplay while trying to chase realism in a game that ins't all that realistic. I dont understand what you have against arcade or why 5 BTK is too much when it is the lowest you should go for any type of skill based gameplay. So many problems you are blind to that have been brought up these past 6 months with a bias against people calling for a raise in the TTK. The gameplay is pretty broken and has been getting worse each patch since launch. When you shrug off the problems people bring up regarding the TTK as opinion and not arguments based off of you cant just spin a dial a lil bit one way and wait for how people feel, There's clear math involved with this its not a matter or opinions. FPS games like many other games come down to math and other hardfactors when you try to make a fair and skill based game with a large skill ceiling to allow people to not get board with binary outcomes. This games TTK just makes the situations binary where you play abusing the latency that another person can react or even see you on their screen also keeps a low skill ceiling so good players hit a level that they cant improve anymore because there is no reason too. Its depressing to see blindness to the situation the game is in. Many people were expecting a alternative to BattleField since they wont step up to the plate and are increasingly making the game for the mass casual which kills the games for competitive players. The competitive scene died in BF4 for a reason. Please hire a experience game designer that knows how to design a FPS game because these past six months and seeing whats you are changing in .6 give me very little hope in the future of the game. Either that or give us a "arcade mode" with a competitive conducive TTK and balance. At this point I lost trust in the devs if they cant see this game is broken for players who are not mindlessly playing at a low skill level. I was against having modded versions of the game and community servers but at this point just give us the code so we can fix what you wont fix. We can do a better job, I know some people who are really iching to get there hands on the game so they can fix it them selves because the are dissatisfied with farm 51s approach and track record with this game.
  12. yeah can already roll pretty much of you look down, the way your dude throws it changes based where you are looking.
  13. Quas are OP and cheese shouldn't even be in the game, its a free kill but people are asking for it to be easier to kill with even still. LMGs do to much damage lower the damage, then add a heat up mechanic to deter people from long burst like how its is in real life. Barrel heats up the gun gains a little bit of spread, if it gets too hot it wont fire and you got to change barrels. guns already have exaggerated recoil and most people in real life just hip fire and aim with traces any ways when not prone but we are not going to have accurate hipfire. I would like the dont to big again as QoL but its doesn't matter as long as we have it. Remove spawning on people entirely.
  14. .5 is is pretty much the same TTK at .4 Limb damage pre .4 was 50% and hand foot was 20% raised to 25%. The limb shots got raise more then lowered then raised again in .5 so the TTK is lower now for some weapons then it was at the end of .4. The 3 bullet TTK is now 3 or 4 bullets from full health while some weapons do 80-86 damage in two shots. The TTK is pretty low on the scale of things when comparing to other games. Battlefield would be said to have a normal TTK length which is longer then the TTK in game now. A .29 or a .38 TTK is very low especially when the reaction time of good players is .18 and the average player is .25, and normal average for reaction time is .312. Killing people before even half a second with body shots is pretty low. (I didn't see the context of your post until now Atway) Yeah I was expending 5 shots to defeat armor and kill a person in .3 and before. That's not a mag or even half of one. Its a get better issue, I was droping people at 100+m with a 6 shot burst when Smolensk came out if they were running in a straight line. The main thing I would of changed is lowered the BTK for headshots because it was also 5. And fixed the gutshots which I heard they are now looking into fixing. You can have a range of 4 for a center of the body shot maybe even as low as 3 as long as its only the center of the body and protected by armor while the outside is comparable to be less efficient to shoot then the armor. A range on 5-7BTK with 7 being the heaviest armor and 6 being the two medium tier with some extra protection against some bigger guns for the t3 armor would work.
  15. so .6 is pretty bad right now. when you read the down below remember I gave some positives in post before this. UAV literal wall hacks now with spotting people through the walls. Spotting sometimes spots people through walls so its still a wallhack. Should only be a pin system instead of ever marking players since now people will be spaming the pins every where trying to mark other players. And the spawn on teammate. WTF this straight up BS. having people spawn on squad leader was bad enough but now this. It wasn't in the original build of the game for a reason because its a broken mechanic. You end up shooting friendlies who spawn on top of you either because you are in a gun fight or because they spook you and when you are shooting enemies they have people spawn right on top of them which is BS for both parties involved. The Helo is straight cheese. Bolters do 1 damage like ARs and you cant even hit the thing. 3 different people shooting at it and out of 60 rounds only 8 damage and out of a lmg only 19 of 100. A very good reason Air was not put in to the game at first because it is broken. The only counter to a pilot who isn't bad is jammer which is press one button counter and not what would be considers fun interesting gameplay. It can still be adjusted and put into the game since you put so much work into it but its is game breaking right now. You got to spend so much ammo and it still doesnt deter it and you have to spend so much time trying to shoot it that you are at risk to ground forces. .4 was a stab to the gut which killed off the many players who stuck through .3s crashes and .6 will be the throat slit. These bad decisions is whats killing the game that a lot of people put stock into you and were hoping for this game to be good. Many of these choices should of been ignored if brought up, and many of the gameplay changes that are killing the gameplay wont even be experimented in going the opposite direction to see if things get better. Ignoring feedback and good sound arguments based on the math surrounding the science in game design but taking the YesMan feel good opinions of people who dont know what they are talking about and cant even play well is a serous issue. .4 didn't work and .5 didn't work and .6 will severely hurt the game. You cant be like its only advertisement its only bugs, if the game was great and if people had faith in you still they would keep playing. There's been issue in game for months that just get ignored or made worst and Im not talking about tech but the games design. From the start really good and skilled players looked at this game and gave their suggestions but got ignored. for the past 6 months people have been asking for a TTK raise and been giving good argument for it and explaining the issues around low TTK. You cant have a Esport competitive game community at all with how this game is so mark those people off your target audience. Those people will get board and frustrated and got to better games. Most of the good players said **** this and left already because they were smart enough to give up. Now guess who you have left to tell you how good of a job you are doing as the game burns down. Most of the people I used to play with straight up told me that they lost faith in you and quit the game a long time ago. You guys proved them right and many of the changes in .6 ontop of changes these past 6 months show that they were right. @Morp @Borreh
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