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  1. TZoningHard

    Vests with groin area defence.

    Cure the illness instead of just treating the symptom
  2. A on of chat hotkey would be appreciated. Especially for videos making, IDC what other people say but it does pop up a lot when people are complaining which takes away from the visuals.
  3. TZoningHard

    Current Gameplay design

    The game was pretty balanced before with the only issue being caused by gut shot. IDK where these idea of the game wasn't balanced came from. You see people say armor doesn't matter buff it, but then you have people complaining about how its broken to have armor on. There were no issue that you couldn't fix by tweaking weapons I dont trust what the playerbase says regarding balance since most players in game are quite bad and only play for a couple of hours a week if not only a couple after each big patch. Its a fallacy that the majority view is correct just because its the majority because it's a case of cognitive bias and that most people dont know jack in the first place. Game was pretty balanced even with the issue of gut shots, the TTK was already very low, something I disliked still and pushing it but armor make head on fights enjoyable for the most part. Out side of balance which doesn't matter if the game isn't fun which "hardcore mode" for BF is not fun for the majority of people for a good reason. You can't fix the netcode when I ping a server at 100+ latency even before any server side stuff gets added onto it because I'm connecting from the other side the country which is almost 4000 Km away. I used to play on AS servers when the NA servers were dead at night and it was playable and enjoyable but you had to play differently to accommodate the lag but you can still do it. Now I dont even want to play on my own region its that game affecting because of the low TTK. I'm playing a game about abusing and minimizing the lag in may favor instead. Even at lower ping low TTK has always been an issue as well, so another reason netcode isn't going to save this TTK. Also reaction time is a big issue since I can just flex on the majority players with superior reaction time and play mindlessly with out any real tactics just like its cod. And when it comes to Good player against good player the fights are pretty shallow and narrow still. I literally dont care one bit about the superficial "FEEL" of combat nonsense. Gameplay first, and that should not be compromised on to make the game "Feel" like real combat es specially when there's all this other non realistic stuff going on. Every game that has that "Feel" is single player or compromises on the gameplay by pushing gunplay to the back to make it workout. Arcady works and works well for a shitload or reason mainly its long enough to get away from the reaction time I'm just getting tired of putting up with the whole changing something on a scale of 11/10 then reverting back but still having some of the direction from the change when it doesn't work like with match time and score. Pretty much the same as the tactics Gas Companies do where they raise the price over a couple months then when people complain they lower it to still be higher then the original price but people dont see that they still got there way by having gas at a higher price. You guys dont even do proper test. You change to many variables with each change, dont have proper base line before changing variables, the test subjects are bad at the game and are mostly irregulars who play less then 10 hours a month that dont know or use the meta so that messes up data a lot, testing is one sided venture only looking at changing variables in one direction and the testing is more like a crusade to push a idea then proclaim it FEELs good but when its broken and we have to get people riled up to change it back you revert in half measures. We did not have a proper base line to even see if balance was messed up or not. Changing damage, armor, recoil, and spread was too many changes to even get a good "if when" data for a Hypothesis. I feel like you guys want low TTK and the "feels" no matter what and the game will never go back to the way it was which was balanced pretty well or go higher to test that out. 5 Shots to kill to the arm is pretty ridiculous, and the base BTK should not be lower then 4 which is a low TTK still. You should not be rewarded so much for such a shot. Damage to the limbs should be "so so" and now viable way to win. 5-6 BTK is what should be the torso not a limb and it did too much damage before the changes since it would be equalish to the chest if you shot the arms. Head shots used to be OK but not great and its a good thing that they are getting more of a modifier since they go up against damage reduction but main reason head shots weren't done as much before was because of gutshots dealt a 3 shot kill compared to 4-5 shots to the head. You are not going to tweak it to were I'm or the others who dislike like the low TTK are going to like it, while the people who have OPINIONS favorable to it were already playing it just fine and would of kept doing so while the playercount drops after changes. You are not making a "BF2/3 like" game anymore which so many people where expecting and wanting because the current Dice BFs are shity kiddy versions of the former also run by EA and a lot of people just want a out which they were expecting from WW3. If your not making that and are pushing for "hardcore mode" which is the worst, more mindless, more casual mode in every game it came out in then I'm not interested anymore and my hope is gone. Ill stick around and test shit out to give it a fair shake bu with all my experience gaming I know its not going to work, be bad, and be another casual boring shooter among all the others.
  4. TZoningHard

    Cheating discussion

    Exactly that's why there will be people who make cheats for this game but as far as I know EAC updates to block the hacks fairly quickly. You can really only lessen the number of cheaters or annoy them till they leave but new hacks will come out then get patched with in a week in most cases. Not that many cheaters in WW3 so I would say the EAC is doing its job. Every one is switching to EAC. PB and BE arent really all that better besides having a list of already known cheaters.
  5. TZoningHard

    Any news about the Recon mode ?

    Feels TTS man,... Feels bad man. Nevermind it was in spam.
  6. TZoningHard

    Current Gameplay design

    @Borreh Was there a obstacle keeping the team from fixing gutshots since its been a problem since launch and has been a issue with the community for a long time? Gunplay and other mechanics have been changed a lot but gut shot was always ignored and wasn't really talked about till mid way through .3 by the devs. Besides that if you want a game that is semi-realsim TTK go ahead. The science behind it has shown it not to work and you are going to push out all the very dedicated competitive players who were looking forward to a alternative to BF. Hardcore mode has always been the worst and less skilled mode among all skills including tactical ones since you can brute force every encounter to win. Its a shelter for bad players to make them feel better. Competitive players never played hardcore modes and tourneys were always core mode for a reason. The majority of players play good and average play core and the hardcore mode players always end up sucking at core while core players do better then most hardcore players in their own game mode. Insurgency, RS, Arma, and Squad are all fun games but are not competitive games and are played for the experience not to be the best you can. I have a bunch of time in the original Insurgency and a few on sandstorm and they are casual games that are fun if you are playing casually but suffer at competitive level and is why it is not popular even in the insurgency community which is filled with RPers who bought the game only to play Bots. Still the more arcade and closest to being able to be competitive but compare the popularity of bots vs competitive I:SS and you will see that its small and not cared for my most of the community that would rather play a realism experience that is more of a story with friends. People play Insurgency, RS, Arma, and Squad casually even if they play a lot its mostly for the experience and roleplay which is half of the people who bough Insurgency do is play bots. The game is utter broken when playing at 100 latency (which is every other game at times in NA) to where we get shot immediately as some one rounds corner and some times even before we can see them which is broken since you cant really stop or counter that and just have to hop by chance that you can turn the corner first. At 100 latency and more the game comes down to chance which higher TTK mitigates and is a reason a lot of games have higher TTK because it reduced the randomness factor. There is science and examples of other games that if used should have never let these changes happened because you cant get past the technical issues from lag and reaction time with out making people not shoot as soon as they see a person which causes issues still. Its bad game design and will not work and has shown to not work. I was playing .3 almost every day even if I crashed 3 times in a hour I would get back on because the gunplay great and better then most games out there. Gameplay was solid outside of a few issues that were properly addressed and only needed tweaking. Now I dont even bother to play because the experience is bad and the gameplay is ruined for players seeking skill based/competitive gameplay. You killed the game for a lot of people seeking a alternative to BF and the people who praise you for it were playing anyway. (Started out as a question but the game is still ruined to the point its unenjoyable, and last time the game was ruined like with the match length it took a very long time and community push to get that reverted and its wasn't even a full revert after shown it was broken and people complaining about it every other day.)
  7. TZoningHard

    Make Armour GREAT Again

    Its 3 steps in one direction then 2 steps back. Its not enough to fix the TTK issues. Still going to have lots of issues remaining.
  8. TZoningHard

    Current Gameplay design

    Its a video game just make the gameplay good, realism games dont have good shooting mechanics and for a reason because it wont work unless you make people miss all the time and slow down their ability to kill other quickly which is not how the gunplay in older BFs or WW3 is set. Squad, RS, and Insurgency all put shooting in the back seat because they want to force other aspects while trying to be realistic meaning that the gunplay suffers a lot to have. "Hardcore" in BF and Cod has always been the worse game mode because you could brute force your way out of most situations, didn't have to think, or use good positioning. Other games similar in gun play to WW3s style have show this. The TTK was already very low before hand and not near middle range TTK unless you counted only armor hits which gut shots were a very big issue because they messed up the TTK. The consistency issue was from that. The old TTK need a TTK increase and the hotbox for 3 shots was way to big which also caused what issue people though they were having with consistency. Most people who play only play a little each week. Ive played more in of .4 TTK in 3 days then the average player have played in 2 weeks and I was forcing my self so I could give it a fair chance and honest opinion. Most people dont really understand game design or are high level players at really any games a mob of people dont equal the right answer. At least 3 other high level players I know and talk too have already quit for now because of the TTK. These changes arent really fixing any issues and are just making players quit out of boredom. There is a reason why "hardcore" mode is the least played version of games that have them and are never played by the top tier players. 5-6 BTK in the chest is the around the golden zone for most games with some issues like plantesides 2 1/5 of a second server lag made them have to go higher to 6-8 TTK. Arcade works well and is the preferred TTK for the majority of competitive play for a reason. When realism is pushed in games around TTK the gunplay always gets worst to counter the brokenness of the TTK. I would like more realism like removing the enemy markers and among other things that dont affect the gunplay which used to be very good but the mob like the game being easier so that's not going to happen. 2/ Gunplay was great before, it worked well enough and was very enjoyable which kept people interested in the game for a very long time. BF3 is know to be one of the best BFs and its all thanks to that style of gunplay which WW3 was similar too at launch. 3/ Old armor was quite balance and worked well. .2 patch was probably the best version of the game balance wise but we cant be sure because of hitreg issues in .3 which I felt .3 was the best feeling length wise of TTK so far because of that hitreg issue. 4/ The shooting would have to be changed a lot to work out with a very low TTK like this in order to not be broken. The game already had low TTK and was pushing it but tolerable enough to still play because of armor. The old gunplay felt realistic to shoot and very close to BF which is the main enjoyment part of the game. You guys may like this for what ever reason but this is so unenjoyable that people are quitting. The people who bought the game a t launch can and will play with the old TTK or high to be similar to BF3 and not be too upset but when you make the game like this it completely ruins the game beyond playbility and wont hold people in game. The game is extremely generic and dumbed down now to the point I and other can not play. You guys might like "hardcore" mode but its very easy and boring to a lot players who came here expecting a BF like game and completely ruins it for us. While a "arcade" version works for pretty much every one. No one would be quitting over a 6 shot to the chest game but this breaks the game. People were expecting a BF2/3 game with a twist on it and its own differences. The reason I'm very adamant about this is because it makes the game dead for lots of us and it pretty much the end of our story with the game which was a hope for many people who backed you guys that we might now get a non mindless, non completely casual FPS game similar to BF. You guys keep doing the whole 3 steps in one direction then 2 steps back when it doesn't work but then leave the issue their like with score/time limit changes because you listened to a mob to try and make the game more accessible at the cost of gameplay. Putting more participation trophies into the game which can be tolerated, deviating from what we were hearing for months before launch about the streak system. Still no fix for the gut shots which should have been fixed months ago and was a issue people were bringing up since launch and only briefly talked about last .3 as there might be balance changes. But now there might be some looking into gut shots when it should have been addressed a long time ago and was the amin reason to "issues like "consistency" and "armor not working well" which the mess of .4 TTK failed to fix. So any changes you make I dont think you guys will revert to the previous version of the game or go in another direction. So The game will for ever the very low TTK and broken at some degree after this patch and some of the most dedicated players will continue to not play and probably quit for good. Hardcore mode splits the community but having the game solely "hardcore" mode just means the half that was split is gone now but a more arcade version means that those people would still be here anyways. The games population is droping which is not all about this patch which should have been the greatest one and at least retain players but is so bad from the direction you are taking is so bad, people dont want to play the game any more. People who like were fine with the old version but still only play occasional amounts and ca.
  9. TZoningHard

    Cheating discussion

    For this game there isnt a market but private cheat makers usually have a select patronage they have ssucribe to use their undetecable cheats which the subs can cost anywhere from 20usd a month for lower tier cheats for probably around 20-40 people all the way up VIP cheats where only 5 people might have and spend hundreds to thousands a month for. Some Esport cheats people will buy for 10k at a one time cost and only them and a very few others will have this cheat to avoid detection better. There's a market out there for private cheats for a select few number of people which one coder making several different versions to sell to different groups if there was a leak in one group they could keep track of it and keep the other customers from getting detected. For this game the only hacks you might get are public ones which get caught very easily or some one is premaking cheats to sell latter or test out what gets by the anti cheat.
  10. TZoningHard

    Make Armour GREAT Again

    That's why i kinda liked the messed up hitreg even though it should be fixed. I would OK if the back and sides were low TTK like 3-4 hits so you can be able to take out a lot of players but have head on fights be higher and more skill based because of armor. Main issue is the 3 hit kill of the old patches hitboxes was too big and was the entire body. The 3 hit kill should be smaller at least since that is what other video games do to fix the issue of spraying to win. Armor should cover that hit box and be equal too or better to land a hit on then the outside of center of the chest.
  11. TZoningHard

    Make Armour GREAT Again

    I would say go back to .3 remove the gut shots and then start from there. The game would be more about positioning and tactics along with aim because you couldn't just cheese your way through I fight just because you saw the other player first. The possibility they would have armor would make people use cover more like it used to and you wouldn't be able to just run and gun around every corner because you wouldn't be sure if you could insta kill the other player. Armor was pretty balance out side of the gut shot which made light load outs better for survivablity because if you could die to a cheesy gut shot with or with out armor it would be better to try to dodge their aim. The weight system balanced out very well before and when you were heavy you could take bigger weapons to make up for the low survivabilty and vice versa if you took heavy weapons that made you slow you could get steelplate to make up for the death trap of being slow. But that was before the arbitrary hard weight limit that messed all that up. Gameplay over fake concepts of realism. Actually just go back to .2 Every one was complaining about .3 wasn't as good as .2 untill we got .4 and it got so bad people started quiting because of the gameplay changes.
  12. TZoningHard

    Who's your nemesis and fav target

    I get tanked by infroD I like to bulli Skittles.
  13. TZoningHard

    Current Gameplay design

    Yeah, the gut shot was a issue with making it even lower as well. I would say that if the gut shot was fixed you would have the rewards for setting up unfair fights adn being able to still kill a lot of enemies in a row while having the high skill head on fights. Some people cant do both think and aim and need to have the game made easier when it wasn't really even difficult. The thinking part isn't even difficult many people think so slowly and cant do both so they have to make the game easier then try to say its more skilled. Just dont be dumb and the "tactical thinking" part is done. For good players that is pretty low skill ceiling stuff and makes a shallow uninteresting game since the thinking was always there but you had to think faster and multi-tasked it with good aim. Now the game literally requires no thinking though. You just reflex on bad players and most players arent good at any skill so the low skill ceiling "tactical thought skill" which is just as natural as breathing if you are a competent player doesn't matter because you just need to abuse lagging around corners. The game wasn't entirely that high skill to begin with because the TTK was quite low but the armor system made a near appropriate TTK for high skill play alround out side gut shots and the massive hitbox for a 3 shot kill. Now the last bit of skill has been removed so any good player who already is good at "thinking skills" is board because all that is low skill ceiling stuff. @Artaxiad300062 agree with the part about squads gunplay being fake and unrealistic. I have only 283 hours in that game but it was somewhat fun until they completely ruined the gunplay in v.10. The games with low TTK that work have unrealistically fake gunplay that have your character handle weapons like he is disabled in order to balance the low TTK by limiting player skill. I bought into a BF2/BF3 game not a milsim which milsims usually have fake gunplay. BF3s gunplay is really good and lots of games stolen that gun play to rip it to their games like PS2 did.
  14. TZoningHard

    Current Gameplay design

    When I have a higher KD now because the game is easier die less then before its not about me getting better its about the game getting easier. Not every one likes this and its not a one sided thing about people wanting milsim larp game. People on all platforms are complaining about the games TTK now as well as the casual players saying its better now because they dont have a hard time playing anymore. The odds already were in you favor the only thing that stopped you from killing a flanked player was bad aimskills which you can improve upon. Its not play style when I get decakills and am always at the top of the leaderboards on both WZ and TDM. The game is too dumbed down and shallow to high skill players to enjoy. There's also the huge issue with lag deciding who wins now since the game is so one dimensional and narrow in the meta to win. I know how to play the game and how to the issue it its far to casual now like all the other milsims out there.
  15. TZoningHard

    Current Gameplay design

    New TTK is pretty shallow and feels really RNG based now. The guns felt so good before and shot realisticly. You cant have realistic weapon control and low TTK in a game it doesnt work because the game play becomes broken and high tier play becomes focused on abusing lag to see other players first. Positioning matters less now because you and crutch on seeing players first to insta kill other players, teamwork matters less since one player can demolish 10 people in a row in a braindead manner, tactics is just making sure to ADAD strafe on a corner or run straight through a door way to abuse lag so you can shoot another player before they see you, killing is super casual now no effort required just spray at them in hipfire get kills out to 60m, spray as you round a corner, spray aiming down sights its so meaningless to aim anymore and you dont have to think about how to shoot or make conservative shots when the near endless amount of ammo now. Overall the game has became very one dimensional, shallow, and narrow in view. Less tactical more CoD now where you turn off your brain run around shooting people before they see you. Its not hard or requires any real thought to have positioning or play "tactical" but now you removed the effort from killing another players resting the game solely onto who sees who first. The direction this game has gone took away reasons to do good in a match and the incentives for team work with steak handouts which are just cheese in the first place, Its becoming just another boring casual shooter that will only entertain people for a couple hours a week at most. Ive forced myself to play around 20 hours of the new TTK split between the pte and live to give it a fair chance. I have over 500 hours in game and my enjoyment has decreased as the game has gotten more casual and carebear but it wasn't as so bad to stop playing till now. Its too boring to play right now and I just sat it down and aint wasting my time on it anymore. Kept taking away the in game incentives and needs to think and play as a team each patch. Ill of play something that isn't so braindead for now and wait to see the direction of the game.