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  1. Main reason not to play the game is dealing with the constant spawn spam. You constantly have to kill the same squad members over and over like they are some kind of infection. Constantly killing a player every 5 seconds out of a pool of 5 is BS. Players constantly spawn ontop of each other making the gun fights BS. You have to go into every fight expecting there to be 3 times the people when you know its only one dude. You have no idea if some one is gonna spawn ontop of him. People are coming from random places making map awareness useless. You just can not keep track of the routes people would come from because 4 people can spawn on one dude. Squad leaders job is to spam X, that the only content there is to squad leading. Abuse the X so you can gain points. Current squad system is trash. Copy Squads with rally points so players know when they are going to deal with people spawning in at least and not every encounter in the game is rolling the dice. Also map awareness would matter more.
  2. Dude you have no idea what you are talking about. There was 0 things wrong with no weight cap. The guns were balanced horizontally very well at the time. If some one had a LMG and a Tor it didnt matter because heavy weight is such a negative to survival that even wearing heavy armor still made the player worse off then medium or light players. The heavy armor basically just people be less worse off. Weight limit really was a negative to the game over all. A heavy class with LMGs/RPGs/Bolters and heavy armor was still less survivable then a light class with a AR. Let people criticize the game. Begin early access is in no way a legit excuse to tell some one not to complain. If no one complained then nothing would get fixed and you should complain early so they dont get false sense something working well when it isn't. We might as well just shut down the forums since its early access and no one is allowed to give feedback.
  3. like why do you guys keep digging this game into a deeper hole man. Making the light weight speed the same as the heavy would be a huge negative. Flinch is 110% cancer. Might be surprising to you guys, but If you keep piling on the cancer on top of the already cancer changes you guys made to the game it's not going to fix anything. Just gonna keep making the game worst then the disaster it is now. The randomness to the gunplay is already a big fuck up in design, adding more flinch just removes more players interaction from gunplay. Why play the game when its all decided on who get the first shot off and then juggles the other player through flinch. S their is not way to fight back. This game not going to recover if you just keep continuing on the path of disaster. Come on just revert back to launch game when the game was most fun and the game play worked the best. Waht are you guys even doing? what is this game going to be. Went from BF to CoD now you are talking about some provenly bad ideas. I guess its RIP WW3.
  4. Gameplay was much better during launch. Right now its a disaster. The gameplay changes, Patch after patch destroyed the game. Gameplay has been getting dumbed down, its lie to say it hasn't. At this point just start all over the gameplay got so messed up. Even when the game first launched and had worse spawns then now (still not good now, but much better), Very OP shotguns/tanks/rpgs, and Performance issues it was 10x more fun then now objectively looking without having those honeymoon glasses on. The worse part of this is being able to compare the game as it is now to how it was. You actually earned your streaks, earned your kills, had to think about how you were going to play and there wasn't constant steak spam. No complaints on tech or content from be only issues with how bad the gameplay has gotten. But every patch was bad for the game when it came to gameplay changes. No amount of performance increases is going to fix the shit gameplay to bring back players who quit. If the game is boring now its going to be boring later. The FPS part of the game had more depth besides who shoot first and you had to some effort into the gunplay inorder to do good as well could out play players. Not that its was the most indepth FPS gunplay system but its was decently enjoyable. Needed to be a bit higher back then as well but kept lowering the TTK dumbed down the game to much of a who shot first game. The game isn't even all that tactical or teamwork orientated so removing the FPS part of the game to focus on "Tactics" which are very dumbed down in this game to the part you cant really call it content. People still complaining about the low TTK which is the number one issue with the game which they keep getting ignored by devs. The people here still dont even play that much. See my friend list sit at 300-400 hours for the few people that played "a lot" before they stop playing while most players are finally reaching 300 hours after 8 months of the game being out. If the game is so good play it more then just a measly 300 hours By this time players should be having 500-100 hours in game. The biggest issue with forum poster is probably they dont play the game to realize how messed up it is. Also talking about the Heli drone is just LOL, already new it was going to be broken. Just look at BF4. For months the devs were saying no air vics in game cus it was bad for the ground experience. a couple of fly bois badgered the devs to put it into the game further killing the enjoyment. L2P shills dont understand that yes technically possible to take it out but its annoying AF to deal with while taking away the enjoyment from the ground game. Just delete the heli, the devs are not gonna balance it even if they tried. It only hurts the game. But it doesnt matter. The few people here will echochamber for the devs to give them false positive feedback after every bad gameplay change and the game will never recover. Came back to check on the game seeing its still in the trash pile with the same issues still killing it. Game used to be fun, just revert it please. Or give us custom servers where we could fix the game ourselves
  5. Spawn timers need a increase all around. Spawning on players is pure cancer. Kill the same dude several times having to burn the infection known as a squad out till their is no trace left for the disease to fester again. Should of never added spawn on squad lead into the game in the first place. The map isn't even that big to warrant needing it people were just lazy. This game surpassed not being uncasual a long time ago. No aim is really needed, killing players is unchallanging, death is meaningless, spawning is too convenient to where it hurts the gameplay, and cheese is a stable of the game. You keep making the game more and more easy to where its not even casual anymore its just meaningless to even try in the game anymore. Main reason I stopped enjoying to game is because instead of being less casual the game got way too casual. The skill ceiling keeps getting lowered to the point that you dont have to work on getting better at the game anymore even when killing players was a very casual experiences in the first place.
  6. I asked for them to delay controls instead of a hard counter. Jammers are mainly a excuse to include cheese into the game. Quas is OP its, ok use a jammer. UAV is bad for the games skill ceiling and fair play, its ok jammer, Sitting in the spawn using a helo drone, its ok jammer. Jammer isnt fun or interesting at all it. Dont rely on it to balance the game when it should be balanced with out it.
  7. Weapon diversity was already bad already because it the narrow room you have to work with. Low TTK games will favor high RoF when every weapons kills in 3 to 4 hits. You wither ran AK15 or beryl for damage or you ran the M416 if you were hipfiring with lots of ADAD strafing. 7,62 nerf was good it was pretty dumb to keep the damage so high along with even raising the limb damage multiplier in the first place. Need to lower the damage of every gun so the guns have room to be different and you can have lower RoF doing more damage be balanced in TTK to High RoF weapons with lower damage. Bolters are too powerfull but if you make the require two chest shots to kill with how fast ARS kill players then they will be to weak to be viable as you dont have the time to hit a head in .38 seconds. I use the Toch over the g29 for the only reason of its still oneshots players the same as the G29 and I was using it back in .3 days of giving me a handycap, no reason now to change it. 5 BTK though the chest would be great but the armor doesn't cover the outside of the chest which is a big issue for the gutshot problem because a lot of the time they are hitting you not in the gut even when the kill screen says they did. Need to make the armor cover the vitals and then the chest out side of the vitals would give no advatage of shooting them instead of the armored centered chest. Why aim for the head when 3 gutshots still kill, even if headshots are 2 hits to kill a less then .1 of a second difference in how long it takes to kill a person doesn't matter if its before the human reaction time.
  8. If you hit the drone, with ammo count nerf you will run out of ammo fast. Having the heli vs average infantry balance should be a staple not hoping some one can hit the drone and kill it for you. UGV takes 100 rounds to kill and the heli takes almost the same amount but is much faster and harder to hit. It can run back to base very easily and doesn't really have to worry too much. Also sitting inside your base farming players is kinda BS. What happened to no aircraft in WW3 because they were always broken in BF games. Jamming is a bad mechanic doesn't add to anyones play of the game. Rellying on jamming as a excuse poor balance and cheesy content as in loitering ammo and other CoD style free kill call ins.
  9. I dont think your CQB theory willl work out that way. I remember back to .3 ammo bugs which got people to run ammo box instead of health then seek out teammates with health. Its made the game a bit more interesting and you know cared about teammates and I did go out of my way to guard a newb who had the health because he didn't know about the ammo bug. It was hard to get health from a lot of these players who only had it because it was default. Im for a lower ammo pool because running around mindlessly farming bad players in a casual game gets boring but the problems I see with lower ammo are dealing with UGVs. UGVs take 100 rounds of ammo to kill from a single player, If a player cant kill a UGV even with the long time it takes to kill then they could just roll over single players and then go back to repair. Bigger issue is will a player want to expend some of their ammo to do partial damage to a UGV when they dont have enough ammo to kill it or enough ammo left over to fight against other players. After that the Helo is a huge ammo wasters. takes near 100 rounds to kill if they hit so players will not want to deter the Helo when there rapidly decreasing ammo pool is getting wasted to deter the hello from farming players. Similar to not wanting to shoot the UGV because it will leave you with little to no ammo. Im fine with the ammo reduction in either way. Go ahead. You could start players out with full ammo if they spawn at homebase or at the start of the match as if they came into the battle fully kitted but started to run out of ammo. Would add resupply streaks as the streaks ingame are not really fun and somepeople enjoy the shooting over vehicles. I also dont expect a Helo to stop trying to kill people to give us ammo like how it is for people running around with the ammo bug who hog it to them selfs because giving other people ammo means they will compete with you for kills. Thats onething I notices in .3 people hogged their ammo bags and plenty of time Ive heard people say they didnt want to give other players ammo because they would get less kills if the teammates had ammo. Trying to make a reason for everything isn't a good way to go about it. Like trying to make a reason to use burst when there isnt a real life reason and burst weapons are hard to handle IRL and in games because of having to guess and control the sudden recoil is harder then expecting a continuous recoil that you control. Burst on m16s are used for a shotgun effect with a squad firing all at once to area targets 800m out against groups of people or lightly armored vehicles outside effective range shooting a target. Its a area of effect concept. For the 10 rounders just because you can have them and you do doesn't mean you need to try or can and make them viable. The only reason to use 10 rounders in IRL is to be a smaller target while prone and you usually are using a semi auto sniper with a 20 rounder. In WW3 aiming doesn't matter so making you self a smaller target is not going to have a better effect and going prone makes you a unmoving target even if you are smaller. Having the smaller the mag the faster you ADS and switch weapons along with what would be hard to put into the game of being lower prone profile would be the best choice. I dont see a reason to have the 10 rnders in the game. 20s make some sense and you can make them really fast at reloading, switching, and, or ADSing. Should really lower the weight of everything so we can carry multiple weapons again. Have the weight come from the gadgets. IDK when you guys are if you are still going to let use choose 2 gadgets but no reason to use most gadgets if you are running out of ammo because then people will ony carry ammo with a few medics around here and there. You can even have it to were you can choose the ammo kit twice to lower the cool down and lengthen it for if you caryy only one ammo pack. Adding weight to gadget then allowing us to carry two could let players equip a firstaid kit to the secondary slot for low weight but it will have a long cool down for being secondary. Players then might have to wait a minute for the health but have a way to not be too reliant on having to run health. So primary gadget carries two expendable gadgets, and has a modest cooldown of the refreshing gadgets. The secondary slot allows long cool downs and one expendable so you cant dabble with having one c4 or if you want 3 c4 you put it in both slots. Then weight will punish you for being greedy. I liked when the weight system punished greed instead of preventing players from using items.
  10. Battle bots are easymode but jammers are pressing a button counter something isn't adding anything to the game. Jammers dont really add interaction to the game, saying they have a cost just make its Rock Paper Scissors game situation where one thing counters another in a circle instead of bringing player interaction. Having optics to shoot out makes battlebots less of a ammo waste where you have to spend 100 rounds to kill it. Slowing down vehicles is the right call if they are tanky, add a APS to the Battle bot along with optics to shoot out and possible mobility kill options along with weak points for infantry weapons so you dont have to spend all you ammo to kill a BB. Would make interacting with them more then press 6,7,8, or 9 or expend most of your ammo to kill it. Jamming should be a hindrance not a hardcounter if they are in the game at all even if drones are easymode. Also add that UGVs only take 1 damage per bolter shot. You can make 7.62 do 1.2 and bolters do 3-5. Spraying down a UGV with 100 belt fed rounds that takes 10 seconds or 15 for ARs who reload and then doing 1 damage every 2 seconds with a bolter is a why even try moment.
  11. mines irl break the tracks instead of out right destroying tanks.
  12. The blur is nothing more then a annoyance. Dont get hurt or we will annoy you. No need for it just makes the game worse it diesnt help anyone out. A simple darkening around the edges gets the point across to people that they are hurt no need to make the game more annoying. I rember back un .1 adding a red affect was brought up and turned down now they add it into the game for no reason.
  13. I got more kills with arty before the deay was taken away. If you want a realism argument arty takes several seconds if not a minute between sending the order and landing hits. a better argument arty should be area of denial not what you kill with. Making streaks utility instead of free kill generators makes the game less shallow. You can at least have a delay in letting the enemy know there is arty in coming the same with jdams. instead of the enemy knowing as soon as the strike is called they know as the jdam is inbound with less time to react. Arty can be a bigger area as well to properly be a area denial while jdams are more like percison stikes
  14. Right now all the mercy spawns are just farms for the winning teams. All players can enter and in cases I could stand still in one spot and melee players in the back as they spawned in to show how bad it is. More of hindrance then a advantage. The way it works is when a winning team has taken all objectives they wait to see which mercy spawn is being used by watching for which objectives are being flipped. Once we see it being flipped kill hungry players with out a fight swarm to the location and farm it. We can walk into the location and sit a corner and camp. If a player is killed the first time same on us if they do it again shame on them go spawn in the safezone. The real issue is that players are new and will look for the most convenient spawn to get to a fight so they will keep spawning till you as a enemy tell them to stop. There is a issue as well that the mercy spawns pose risk to the winning team as the spawners there will snipe and harass the winning team from the spawn causing the winning team to need to push in and kill them. The farming will go on till one smart player spawns at the main base goes to the other side of the map to take a objective as the winning team is busy farming the mercy spawn. This usually happens a couple of times in one match when the teams are unbalanced. Right now only one mercy spawn gets activated and a way to alleviate the farm is to make both spawns available so the wining team will get spread out to two potential farms/fights. Could also make one of the spawns available when the losing team has only one possible objective spawn. If .6 comes and people who are new and bad at the game start getting crushed then farmed because the other team has a squad on VoIP who has been playing the game for a long time they will complain a lot then quit. Happened today with a lot of newplayers got on then got farmed because they didnt know how to play and avoid getting farmed by better players in a onesided match. -above is the only short term solutions here- Longer term solutions is to make them spawn outside of the map in a zone where the losing team is not counter out of bounds but the winning team would be. The current locations of behind the bus and pillars near A1/A2 on Warsaw, the museum on Warsaw, the park on Berlin then enclosed area near C2 on Berlin, and the two opposing spawns in the C1-C2 area are all very known and bad spots. There is not a good place to put them in the current borders of the map but you can make spots for them out side the map. -- Some of the objective spawn is also very bad. The locations people spawn in put players into situations of playing whack a mole with players aprearing in spots fighting is going on in. --Berlin A1 spawns Utillity hallway spawn- This hallway is a very traveled route to the A1 objective and is the shortest way from B1-B2 to A1. Many times have Ive had players spawn right in front of me in the hallways and in the room. Usually in front of me. Completely unfair for them as they spawn into a situation that would be very disadvantageous for them to respond to. Completely immersion breaking for those who care for that and very boring when you get kills from clubbing seals. (A very bad spot) Also a issue when you are pushing into A1 and have people spawn behind you when realistically that route wouldn't be available to a enemy or if you are trying to recover/ reload and cant shoot them in time after they spawn. / better spot would be across the road in a series of open cargo container like on Moscow. The long hall spawn- Less of a issue but it does occur that players spawn infront or behind a player pushing into the a1 from the long hall near the hand statue. / maybe a room upstairs players can spawn in then jump down through the ceiling their will alternate hole inthe wall leading to the outside street. Behind the counter- Ive gotten many kills when a person is spawned there as we just taken it. B1 spawns Craters - people kinda far from the spot and if tanks are around your are in trouble. Not much cover if players are taking B1 but not very fair since you are coming from a location they could of cleared before. b2 spawns broken buildings - not that bad, but still flank route leading to happening on the occasional spawnkill C1 spawns The hall on the first floor behind the reception desk- A horrible spot, This spot is a safe point for pushing into C1 by attackers and is a very used spot in general. Many times pushes into C1 cause this spot to be farmed for kills. You can even stand at the back of the hall and shoot spawners in the back. Many times pushing into c1 I have ended up in a mosh pit of spawning and respawning opponents leading to very crud fights. This spot usually leads to continual respawns and farming of a whack a mole minigame till some one goes upstairs. /some rooms down the hall going to the bottom courtyard of C1 to spawn in or some 2nd/3rd stories rooms to spawn in to jump out of. Pillars upstairs- still a bad spot, end of most of the time having to kill a person who spawned here but they usually stop once the objective starts ticking. C2 spawns Tunnels near C1 - A used route to get to C2, killed a bunch and I mean a bunch of spawners here on my way to C2. Forced me to sit there and farm the spawn since they would come up behind the player moving to C2 if they did not. Several spawns in one line of sights a player can aim down the hall and farm. / more possibility for spawns by adding rooms in the tunnels. -- Warsaw A1 spawns The spawn behind the Hesco wall- Very well known and leads to easy kills or people throwing gernades to hear a yell to tell if a player has spawned. Fish in a barrel. better to not spawn here. A2 spawns Halls - Ive killed a couple of people spawning here out of mid air when flanking. / more in the court yards. C1 spawns Tarps- not as bad since most people stay on objective but you can stand in the back if some one is taking it. Columns- Out of way, not too bad. C2 spawns Tunnels - not traveled a lot but a farm occurs from time to time. similar situation to Berlin C1 tunnels. The wall on the corner- It's a place people use for cover assaulting b2, at times after clearing you can get shot in the back. -- Moscow There ok but C2 spawn has issues with the hesco spawn providing very poor cover. I would say that over all in this game you will experience encounters you shouldn't have to prepare for or for situations that you cant prepare for with the spawning. But it doesn't have to be this way. Never have spawn killing issues in Insurgency because the players spawn in safe zones. Also no players spawning on top of each other to take away from the combat. Squad Game has some spawn issues because of people exploiting to shoot into bases but they have safe areas to spawn at main and logistics to transport people to the battle. The rally points in squad work very well and leave it up to the player to pick a good spot based on the situation. The habitats for spawning at FoBs work very well also since they are protected and over plenty of cover with the players choice of placement. Have a lot less spawn killings in Planetside 2 because you spawn either in a spawn room, or onto defended area near a sunder (even then you get a couple spawn kills before its destroyed), or onto a spawn beacon which allows you to drop pod into the game, or finally on to a spawn pad which is placed like a rally point in Squad Game. Rising storm had the VC tunnels There's no need to have situations were players spawn infront of each others as enemies. Would suggest adding spawn rooms as bunkers or pillboxes onto the map influenced by the control of the objectives. Similar to planetside two were a area is taken the spawnroom will flip. Would also have RMCS repairable after some time has past since the match started and each time they are destroyed so players can get out of the spawnroom. Or you could have two opposing pairs for each point. Plenty of area to put them and it would make the game more orderly gameplay with out spawn farming. Use Moscow C area for a example you can have two bunkers attached underground covering each other where they spawn to the team last in control of the region (who controlled both points last) with a oneway hatch on each pair of the bunkers. Example for the city such as C1 Berlin would be open up some of the rooms and connect them with tunnels or internal hallways so the spawners have two routes to counter attack and a small window to check to see if leaving is safe or to shoot back/throw smoke. This could tunnel to the C2 subway as the route there. It will cost a bit of programmer and map designer time but in the long term it will fix a lot of the spawn issues while providing non chaotic spawns that degrade the gameplay. It is not interesting or enjoyable to spawn in on a player to get shot down or to farm a player you spawned ontop of another or to spawn on objective for the same to occur. Its very frustrating for new and bad players who are losing to keep dying to bad choices that only hurt the game for both sides. Already happens a lot where players spawn on top I would also resuggest squad rally spawns with a short radars for squads only and with .6 showing deaths on screen it will give players enough info to make a choice to spawn on the rally creating a sense of logistics and routes of enemy advance instead of having random people spawn in areas that would defy natural logic such as spawning a room already cleared. People mention Tatics a lot but this game is not so conducive to tactics with how chaotic and spammy the spawning makes it. You check a route only to have enemies come from it later when they should not have or the fighting because shooting down people who appeared from mid air and mulitplaying players creating unplanned situations. Long post because spawns have been Very bad for months with no fix and are getting worse in .6 @Morp
  15. You can turn down the camera shake a lot in the settings. The game feels a lot better after this. Im not sure what the setting is named off the top of my head.
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