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  1. Probably asking to much for patch notes... But if there was some way I could see what was adjusted or changed in general from a year or two ago that would be appreciated.
  2. I was going to say they listen to certain people but it was more like certain people just agreeing with their bias on certain issue. X number of people liked what we did there for our decision is right. F51 will be listening to My.Games. My.Games might not have a lot control in the gameplay but they can pester them more effectively to fixing the game. My.Games wont be listening to the old players but they arent incompetent. Maybe greedy MTX pushers but not incompetent.
  3. Nice to see this got forwarded. One of the major problems with the game is bad spawns and enemies/allies appearing out of air randomly messing with the combat. The Head Glitch one also got forwarded which was another big issue with the game but not as bad. Would push for rally tickets and a cool down which would allow to be placed multiple times a match along the ability to pick it up and replace with in the same life to bypass the countdown. If its equipment then you would need to allow non squad leaders to one time replace it probably at the rally point with different equipment. Squad lead changes so you wouldnt want to end up with useless equipment if you lose squadleader role.
  4. I dont have faith in F51 I think they would do that but My.Games wants money so I doubt they would let them. Usually I would want the control to be with the devs, but even evil publishers would be better to get the game to a decent state. Its all about what My.Game wants and how much control they have to reign in F51 to get the game decent if they are trying to make it decent.
  5. I just want to see what they change in regards to gameplay design. Dont care about new content. Expect MTX to be a bit BS but if you get a decent game out of it then at least you can play. In the US the law around license v ownership is vague in a gray area but there have been legal suits one where a the license was considered ownership of a product not just access to it. Basically some loophole for buyers that license means you own it ect. F51 burned a lot of bridges tho with the community regarding communication and progress with the game which will hurt down the road. Chernobylte looks cool but is lack luster gameplay, I would put it as a semi fail. See hard times for the company. IDK what Corona did to the workflow for F51 but over hear nothing changed to our work outside the agency makes us wear a mask away from our desk and one or two people are deranged about catching corona, but its a different country. Its affecting a lot of companies but IDK why so you cant knock F51 but the current situation I think they are just making excuses. Plenty of companies have work from home with close to normal work flow. You cant blame everything on corona when the problems with the game were evident way way before corona. Maybe it can be the king of f2p fps games. If its still bad then people wont play it even if its free.
  6. Damn, prays out to the Russian bros and the people who still were looking forward to WW3.
  7. light loadout was meta since the TTK is so low and gutshots bypass armor. Peakers advantage is increase when you can run faster and if you are moving fast bad players have a hard time hitting you. Even if that shot you in the legs the TTK is so fast people cant really react fast enought for the shooter to be punished for shooting badly.
  8. The game is filled with casuals who are ignorant about skilled gaming, I feel your pain. 60 frames v 120< is night and day and really helps you aim better. The game feels so bad at the 75-100 ping the US players got premerge. Having ping in the 20s must of be nice. You really start to feel the issues in this game with the quick TTK and high ping. With 300 ping is faster then the TTK and even human response times meaning that you can have no way to counter a high ping player using peakers advantage because he will be almost half a second in the future to you perception. When you lag you have a advantage of being in the future compared to other players but you also have the disadvantage of having your reaction all appearing to happen in the past. Its good for those players to have a server to play on but it kills the game for the people who were playing it already.
  9. Difference in culture among Euros I notice is that they are much more likely to be pro censorship which some even thinking minor censorship is a positive or not so bad thing. Americans love freedom to do say pretty much anything. A lot thought this was going to be more restrictive of speech another thing was that VAC bans for not hacking is a big Yikes. Your game if you think that you should ban a person for TKing because you cant get a good system for it then I disagree but its not unreasonable. If its part of the game its the devs fault but that's a different issue then issuing VAC bans for behavior. If you arent issuing VAC bans and its just perma bans then its not as big of a deal as before.
  10. The base gameplay isnt built to be a competitive game. Its more moved to be milsimy with random gun sway, hyper fast TTK, low skill ceiling, and issues like headglitching. Fast TTK combined with higher latency means abuse peakers advantage will be the peak of high end gameplay. The only competitiveness you are getting is meta level stuff like how to win a gamemode instead of who is the most skilled. The game isnt going to get popular either. plenty of games in better positions then WW3 have died harder with no comeback. Theres worse games out there doing much better with more bugs and worse optimization are bad graphics because the gameplay is rock solid.
  11. The reason the recoil pulls down is because the sway will give a little extra downward push lessening the recoil you feel there for causing to you pull it down. The reason most games do not have sway on fully automatic weapons and only add it to bolters or battle rifles. Its impossible to predict the sway and their for impossible to use skill to counter it causing horrible control of the weapons. The issue is totally not the recoil its the sway the added. Horizontal recoil is random and can be a issue because you cant compensate for it like vertical recoils which always goes up and doesn't change direction sometimes like horizontal does. Most games have no sway and minimal horizontal recoil for a reason. The rest of the game is surprisingly simple when it comes to mechanics and customization. Theirs lots of it but in a couple of hours you learn it then end up figuring it all out. Customization is kinda meaningless, abuse latency to shoot people around corners before they can see you and every guns kills really fast so its not like you never needed put effort in one gun over another. This sort of applies to all the systems and mechanics in the game. Low skill floor, low skill ceiling. If you also count figuring out tactics and strat as as skill. They had a cool idea with the gunplay which was amazing in the launch months all tho a little too casual. But if this game just copy pasted BF3 gun play then it would do well unlike now. Planetside 2 is going strong, and they give a lot of certs now for the new players. Lots of players playing and their is gonna be massive new updates after they just increased the team to 29 people from 10. Good stuff from the play test Ive heard. So there is hope outside of EA for a large battle field game in 2020.
  12. The biggest issues for competitive play in this game was the gut shot, the head glitch and latency. One way to alleviate head glitching issues is with animations, Which I doubt that they would fix head glitching much with animations if they tried. If they are going to simulation over gameplay then they should at least move the bullet projection point to the chest from the point of view at the head.
  13. I used to play on Asian servers during NA down times with the 200+ ping with only a little bit of issue. Certainly had to play differently to compensate for being a 5th of a second in the past of the server but it was playable. Now you cant play the game with out the ping being too much of a issue even at 120+ NA players cant even play on EU right now unless they dont care about gameplay against other players that much.
  14. Remove sway and you will probably get some players back and retain them. Right now the game is pretty dead going from high 20's to 110's in playercount. The guns used to feel good a year ago, now they feel like trash. Gunplay is the most important part of a FPS. So far every thing the devs do to fix the player count issue like optimization, didn't work. The player count doesn't change based on if the game is well optimized or not. Animations wont bring back or keep players playing, either. Good responsive gameplay will. Come on think logically the game used to be great. Why is sway even a thing, That's what simulation games do to lower the skill ceiling. Fighting against the game more then the other players with sway.
  15. Changes after .3 mainly adjustments to the gunplay and the short TTK makes it a who see who first wins game. Other gameplay like vehicles get boring after a while of playing because lack of challenge and depth. You work a little to understand the vehicle game play then you pretty much have nothing else to learn or improve upon. The whole game suffers from low skill ceiling, which makes little content for those who are good at shooters. Along with a already casual game getting more and more casual each patch adding free vehicle, the combat being more oriented to streak spam, and spawning on players.
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