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  1. Damn, prays out to the Russian bros and the people who still were looking forward to WW3.
  2. light loadout was meta since the TTK is so low and gutshots bypass armor. Peakers advantage is increase when you can run faster and if you are moving fast bad players have a hard time hitting you. Even if that shot you in the legs the TTK is so fast people cant really react fast enought for the shooter to be punished for shooting badly.
  3. The game is filled with casuals who are ignorant about skilled gaming, I feel your pain. 60 frames v 120< is night and day and really helps you aim better. The game feels so bad at the 75-100 ping the US players got premerge. Having ping in the 20s must of be nice. You really start to feel the issues in this game with the quick TTK and high ping. With 300 ping is faster then the TTK and even human response times meaning that you can have no way to counter a high ping player using peakers advantage because he will be almost half a second in the future to you perception. When you lag you have a advantage of being in the future compared to other players but you also have the disadvantage of having your reaction all appearing to happen in the past. Its good for those players to have a server to play on but it kills the game for the people who were playing it already.
  4. Difference in culture among Euros I notice is that they are much more likely to be pro censorship which some even thinking minor censorship is a positive or not so bad thing. Americans love freedom to do say pretty much anything. A lot thought this was going to be more restrictive of speech another thing was that VAC bans for not hacking is a big Yikes. Your game if you think that you should ban a person for TKing because you cant get a good system for it then I disagree but its not unreasonable. If its part of the game its the devs fault but that's a different issue then issuing VAC bans for behavior. If you arent issuing VAC bans and its just perma bans then its not as big of a deal as before.
  5. The base gameplay isnt built to be a competitive game. Its more moved to be milsimy with random gun sway, hyper fast TTK, low skill ceiling, and issues like headglitching. Fast TTK combined with higher latency means abuse peakers advantage will be the peak of high end gameplay. The only competitiveness you are getting is meta level stuff like how to win a gamemode instead of who is the most skilled. The game isnt going to get popular either. plenty of games in better positions then WW3 have died harder with no comeback. Theres worse games out there doing much better with more bugs and worse optimization are bad graphics because the gameplay is rock solid.
  6. The reason the recoil pulls down is because the sway will give a little extra downward push lessening the recoil you feel there for causing to you pull it down. The reason most games do not have sway on fully automatic weapons and only add it to bolters or battle rifles. Its impossible to predict the sway and their for impossible to use skill to counter it causing horrible control of the weapons. The issue is totally not the recoil its the sway the added. Horizontal recoil is random and can be a issue because you cant compensate for it like vertical recoils which always goes up and doesn't change direction sometimes like horizontal does. Most games have no sway and minimal horizontal recoil for a reason. The rest of the game is surprisingly simple when it comes to mechanics and customization. Theirs lots of it but in a couple of hours you learn it then end up figuring it all out. Customization is kinda meaningless, abuse latency to shoot people around corners before they can see you and every guns kills really fast so its not like you never needed put effort in one gun over another. This sort of applies to all the systems and mechanics in the game. Low skill floor, low skill ceiling. If you also count figuring out tactics and strat as as skill. They had a cool idea with the gunplay which was amazing in the launch months all tho a little too casual. But if this game just copy pasted BF3 gun play then it would do well unlike now. Planetside 2 is going strong, and they give a lot of certs now for the new players. Lots of players playing and their is gonna be massive new updates after they just increased the team to 29 people from 10. Good stuff from the play test Ive heard. So there is hope outside of EA for a large battle field game in 2020.
  7. The biggest issues for competitive play in this game was the gut shot, the head glitch and latency. One way to alleviate head glitching issues is with animations, Which I doubt that they would fix head glitching much with animations if they tried. If they are going to simulation over gameplay then they should at least move the bullet projection point to the chest from the point of view at the head.
  8. I used to play on Asian servers during NA down times with the 200+ ping with only a little bit of issue. Certainly had to play differently to compensate for being a 5th of a second in the past of the server but it was playable. Now you cant play the game with out the ping being too much of a issue even at 120+ NA players cant even play on EU right now unless they dont care about gameplay against other players that much.
  9. Remove sway and you will probably get some players back and retain them. Right now the game is pretty dead going from high 20's to 110's in playercount. The guns used to feel good a year ago, now they feel like trash. Gunplay is the most important part of a FPS. So far every thing the devs do to fix the player count issue like optimization, didn't work. The player count doesn't change based on if the game is well optimized or not. Animations wont bring back or keep players playing, either. Good responsive gameplay will. Come on think logically the game used to be great. Why is sway even a thing, That's what simulation games do to lower the skill ceiling. Fighting against the game more then the other players with sway.
  10. Changes after .3 mainly adjustments to the gunplay and the short TTK makes it a who see who first wins game. Other gameplay like vehicles get boring after a while of playing because lack of challenge and depth. You work a little to understand the vehicle game play then you pretty much have nothing else to learn or improve upon. The whole game suffers from low skill ceiling, which makes little content for those who are good at shooters. Along with a already casual game getting more and more casual each patch adding free vehicle, the combat being more oriented to streak spam, and spawning on players.
  11. ok good, still got a lil hope left to check in from time to time. Search and Destroy should be a game mode, the game is almost built for it. Would be the gamemode that would push tactics and gadgets the most. After that please fix gunplay, the player count is not low because of optimization. If the gameplay is good it will carry. Look at Tarkov, very unoptimized and very buggy at times but still is going strong. The number one issue in the game is that its no longer like battlefield which is the only reason WW3 sold so many copies was for hopes of a non casual BF game. WW3 sadly gotten very casual and dumbed down patch after patch. You have to do something to retain players and content is already not keeping them interested.
  12. Heard that that it was coming out of EA and actually launching. Its with in the 12-15 months. Devs say that they only had 1 or two things that they needed to address which I disagree. Just checking if its true. Also that's when MW comes out which very similar to WW3 so...
  13. "Sniper is OP" says the player standing still Try strafing while you shoot. superior fire power of a AR should beat a Bolter when it comes to strafing.
  14. Tanks would be more fun with out third person. But would be horrible to navigate in the cramped area's When I was bored in a tank just playing FPP made the game a lot more enjoyable but would be harder for newer players who would get stuck and forcing your self to play at with a handicap to make the game fun is a game design error
  15. They kept adjusting stuff like TTK, recoil, gunplay for no reason. The core game was good at launch. Gun feel was great. Horrible process to making changes to the game. .3 had a big hitreg issue that artificially increased the TTK. There was not a baseline to make a scientific decision for the changes they made going into .4. Seems like they adjust things just for the sake of it. Kept making dumb little changes that no one or 99% of the player base did not ask for to solve non issues which just created issues. Really wanted a non casual BF game since dice would not make it, WW3 at launch was less casual messy but had a good core gunplay. They are pretty bad at knowing what to focus on. Vehicles should be a big part of the game, they are not bad but lack depth and the enjoyment they could have. But the core vic gameplay has been ignored while the fun gunplay was adjust over and over till it was a disaster. Along with this they just did a 180 on what the games was about going into some random ass direction not explained before launch or what we expected from the videos and marketing from this supposed BF killer. Fully agree with @Fullback strike spam was a Issue, I personally didnt deal with a lot of helis cus I GTFOd from the game around that time but they were cancer. I just come back to see if they reverted to the good WW3 which was pre .4 Also like to add that they still haven't fixed the biggest issue since .1 gut shots.
  16. I get on dominate then go do something else because the game suck ass now.. Where are you how much do you play. Ive seen how bad you are at the game. Its cringe watching you play the game so badly and then try to talk about "tactical gameplay". You dont understand a thing about playing well and treat the game as a larp. You have poor aim. Looks like you put not effort into practicing and dont have your settings correct for precise aiming. Also lack in reaction skills which prob explains why you are playing the game so slow. You constantly slowly creep around corners that only gives your enemies a heads up. You have the corner that means you have latency advantage and you will see the enemy on your screen before they see you on their screen. You show the enemy your hit box before you can see them by slowly creeping corners which is the opposite of tactical because in even IRL you dont slowly creep corners. Violence of action is how to win. Real life tactics is no way slow, You are even LARPing wrong. You actually crouch. Maybe inorder to control recoil since you are lacking in the aim department but crouching only makes you a slow target and faces the plate down at the ground when you move. Crouching is the dumbest thing to do in the game unless you fully hide your hitbox when you do it. Its like watching a child play pretend army soldier. Very cringe. You dont understand the mechanics around being a good player or the game. I hear you came from console but now you think your hotshit because you play a easymode game but still cant understand how to play it. Ive spent over 10k hours in FPS games and spent hundreds just practicing to develop my skills. Their is a reason for everything down to FOV, and how many inches you should move your mouse to turn. Most mechanics transfer over from FPS game to FPS game. Having alot of knowledge and understanding of multiple FPS game as well as No Lifing WW3 for several months I understand the game better then you will ever. You don''t even know the difference from opinion and fact now you want to start trash talking. If your right prove your right.
  17. Simple, Exchange the spastic click and spawn on squadmate for squad leader placing a Squad style rally point / BF style spawn beacon. How many times does a player spawn on a player who is in combat or spawn and then is immediately attacked. Or has an a unaccounted for enemy spawn on the player that they are fighting that kills them. Based on map size its kinda impractical to cancel spawns for situations that that would cause this. Give It a mini radar to prevent spawn camping and then players can see others dying on the point so they cant not spawn into a trap. Squad leader will place the rally point/beacon which will promote squad cohesion and a logistics of spawn element in the game. Makes the game more strategic and tactical. Would also make the game more interesting where you can go hunt down spawn beacons. There can be a whole bunch more nitty grtty cooldowns and other requirements latter on. This with objective spawns, homebase spawn, and mobile spawn is all you really need.
  18. A whole bunch of people already bought the game and still dont want to play. AFter over 100k copies sold and 6k players after the launch issues were fixed. The issue isnt that people dont have the game. Lots of people do. The game has retainment problems. At this point the playerbase is dead and no one is sticking around. Had a free weekend that brought back some players that quit shortly after that. Like 14 pop on a friday night. At this point the game it doesn't matter. You can get some f2p people who cant afford better games then WW3 to play and retain them.
  19. I literally asked this question in the Q and A to see if they were going about this right. I knew there was going to be head glitching ever since they said yes in the Q and A. I just hoped they had a plan around head glitching. Most games go for head projections for a reason because rifle projections are hard but they should of worked through it especially when they are going for 1:1 realistic maps and leaning that cant alleviate head glitching through making the cover short enough that they cant hide all of their hitbox except the small part that actually shoots. This was a major oversight especially with leaning and the map design. Any decent player could smell this as a issue even before the game came out.
  20. TZoningHard

    [Gameplay] Respawn

    I absolutely love the spawn beacon for respawns. Been pushing for a squad style respawn with rally spawns placed by SLs since .2 or .3. Give it a mini radar and show deaths around the rally point to prevent spawn camping. Then the game would have more strategy and a logistic of spawn feature to the game instead of chaotic unorganized spawning on players. getting killed because of a enemy player spawned on the player you were killing or vice versa would not be a issue because you understand that's a spawn point and enemies will spawn here. You actually have squad cohesion instead of spawning on one of the random squadmates out doing random things not together. Could even make it where squad mates have to coordinate or be cohesive to put down a rally. But devs told me that they dont like this idea continually.
  21. Dude just raise the TTK and then headshots would be valuable. Like its so simple. TTK of 3 shots to gut vs 2 shots to the head is so minimal their is not point to attempt. Put some challenge into the game. Make people work for kills instead of spoon feeding them then they will look for better faster ways to kill like headshots. Effort makes games worth playing for long periods of time.
  22. Dude thats so fucked up to say. So people cant criticize the game for months or horrible changes. They keep "balancing the game" for the past 7 months and fuck the game all up. At this point criticism is in hindsight so dont even dare say wait and see. Also if they are going to balance the game latter then they should love the feedback people are giving them right now on how fucked up the game is.
  23. Shotguns are gimped by RNG. You might one shot or you might put 5 shots into a person before they die. Deff not OP actually pretty bad to use unless you are lucky. A AR is better upclose weapon then a shot guns because you can always kill a enemy with in half a second spray but if the first shot dosnt kill or you miss with a shotty it means you have almost a full second to try again unless you vepr but that will kick you far enough off to still make AR better. ARs are already like 3 shot kills vs the 1-5 shots of RNG and this is counting back shots not chest.
  24. People really want to nerf people that are better then them. The reason people play CQC bolter is because its harder then being a noob with a AR or LMG. Defiantly not because its easier or some how cheese in anyway. If it was cheese then people would be CQC bolting a lot more. How many CQC bolters are their even in this game because Im the only one I see playing it. I played the hell out or AR. Then it got boring for a while, So I started bolting. I pushed my self to be good at CQC with a bolty. Its a fun challenging playstyle that puts you at major risk and disadvantage. I switch up my play style to keep the game interesting. I play shotty when they are pretty bad because to win with you you need to just plain old out position and take no risk with it because of the randomness with it killing. You might have to pump 5 shots in to a person or just 1. The challenge makes it interesting and ARs are better up close because the TTK is close enough to reaction time its a almost non factor if the shotty is a oneshot. Also you can Spray up close with no penalty while if the shotty misses the moving target there is no recovery. this makes ARs more effective up close. But the shotty has a shot and scoot playstyle that makes it interesting to play when AR gets boring. I play with the tochnost over the G29 because its weaker. I would put iron sights on it because it was more of a handy cap. I play a large variety of different playstyles. Not just bolter and I don't want to have the options for play styles limited down even more. The AR still has all the advantage all around and when Im having a off day I wont be using the bolter I would be using the ARs since they are far more effective to kill with and you can get far more kills. As a bolter player and advocate for Bolter Rights go ahead and give the game more sway it will only make bolter stronger. Go head and add more flinch it will just force me to only play bolter more. When I hit the enemy and it doesn't kill the player; the flinch will give me extra time before they can get their aim on me. Sway only nerfs non-single fire weapons that need to maintain a constant aim on target. And the odds of flinch affecting a bolters aim is to large to be a factor in a firer fight let alone balance. If the weapon has a BTK of one then the only window for flinch to affect the outcome is before they fire. This would mean you would have to fire and hit them before they fire their weapon. Bolter not going to nerf bolters only non bolters while messing up the AR gameplay. Honestly right now Im only playing bolter right now because the sway in the game doesn't effect my ability bolter playstyle unlike how effects ARs. ARs are way easier and more efficient to kill with but I cant stomach full auto guns right now its so annoying that the game makes that gun play more RNG based then player input. Bolters can just be snaped across the screen and are not effected greatly by sway. Go ahead and nerf scopes as well, They arent the reason for any thing as well. I dont use anything past the lowest mag I can get for a reason. Magnification is a crutch to use when you dont have good aim yet. Its much more effective to try and get a 1:1 aim ratio with no magnification.
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