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  1. Yeah, as Jomach3 mentioned, this is simply a bug with the sprint toggle option. If you are using toggle sprint, change it to sprint hold and you won't experience stutters. The toggle option seems to switch on and off at a extremely fast rate, making it look like your screen is stuttering. You can also prove this because you'll slide occasionally while it is stuttering.
  2. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Maybe this isn't a bug, but just in case. This open space in the wall doesn't seem to be natural, it looks like it should be closed off. I've been able to get kills in this spot as it looks into the enemies spawn sort of(this is in the Warsaw map I believe, with the spawn being the one closest to C1 in the road). GAME BUILD ID: 3246502 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Follow the wall to the mall's entrance and look for the column closest to the entrance and the building with the wall, it is on the left side of the column.
  3. I really hope some sort of auto balance gets implemented. Indeed it isn't so fun when your team consists of only half the players the other team has. I wonder how it will affect the faction system though, we'll have to wait and see!
  4. If I had to guess, this is something they will look at down the road. I totally agree though, I would like to select which rail I put my flashlight or laser. Hopefully they'll also give us the option to put camos/colors on specific attachments! I usually like to run around with a default body with tan accessories.
  5. Would love to see squad voice chat at some point. I wouldn't care that much but I would prefer if they left directional voice chat out. In my experience, games that implement this feature just end up having people trash talk the other team or to mic spam for a medic.
  6. Agreed! Anytime I use canted sights I always lean left to make it balance out, at the cost of me looking like a fool. ?
  7. I would say do without revives altogether. But, if it were to be added I'd like it to be a slow process and you can only revive the same player once or something? Similar to Recon's idea but slightly different, I like the idea of everybody having their own IFAK and you have to replenish it from a medic bag. Otherwise I'm hoarding that ammo bag! LOL
  8. Thank you! Here's hoping it makes it into the game by the time it fully releases! ? That would be awesome! But maybe a little too ambitious for the dev team
  9. Hello all! So far, having tons of fun with WW3! Besides some of the bugs and ideas that have already been posted, I wanted to make a suggestion/request. Unless I just haven't noticed a way to do it, I think the movement system would feel a lot smoother if we could freely look around while vaulting or climbing. It's just a pet peeve of mine, but I hate the feeling of having a fixed perspective when vaulting especially when trying to keep tabs on enemy locations, and sometimes it can feel like I'm fighting the mouse to look the way I want. Let me clarify I am specifically suggesting adding a free look while vaulting/climbing and not asking for the ability to shoot while doing those actions or something. Maybe Farm 51 already has a plan to implement this, but if not, I think it would be a small, but extremely helpful feature. Let me know what you think!
  10. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: All the pistol sights I've tried, including the red dot, have been misaligned. The front sight(or dot) is usually too far to the left. GAME BUILD ID: 3239979 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Equip pistol with any sight attached.
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    Hello! Can't wait to see you all in-game! Good luck, have fun!
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