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  1. At the moment the personal statistics at the war map/profile doesn't actualise.
  2. Slow down guys. In my opinion it would be better to optimise the game you had made to this time. There is enough content for everybody to have along time of fun with this game. So please fix the problems with the networkcode and all the otherstuff. If the game will work without any gamebreaking bugs than you focus again on new content. But nobody wants to play a game with much content wicht works like crap.. Just keep on and make us happy.
  3. Nope sorry, but i found it today. I searched for the Q&A from the first AMA. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Yepkw_Q4AX3CwtDnnCFONZQjpUPI_RSRfGtIM5ZgTRo/edit
  4. Ones befor the game was pulished, there was a document publishesd by Farm 51 with focus on FAQ, now i can't find this anymore. Where can I get this docuent now?
  5. The game feature of "supplies" is already included in the game, but not activated. Are there plans to which time they will be usable?
  6. Here is an idea to bring mor realistic to the game. I would say the melee fighting or better the hand-to-hand fighting isn't optimal in the moment. I see there two great chances, the first are melee weapons like knives, axes and so on, I would love to them in game, exspecial cause the soldiers still whereing them on their plate carriers. The second way to impliemt somethig could be Bajonets, this would be a great option and way to custamase the weapon.
  7. Are there plans for nwe or someway better voice models? For example the german voices are a bit wrong, no German Soldier sais "A (like Ahhh) zwei." We german soliders use also the NATO phonetic alphabet. This why we say also "Alphat zwei" and not just "Ahhh zwei". It may would be helpfull to contact some native speakers for help.
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