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  1. Hi There.. Not sure if this has been requested before.. but it would be nice to be able to switch to secondary weapon while sprinting (im not saying to be able to fire with it) as often you are caught sprinting then you have to stop, then have to change to side arm very clunky feel to the animations, then it comes up, then 1 second delay, then you can only fire.. and by then youve already been shot as well. This usually presents more as an issue when you are equipped with a sniper rifle and then need to change to some sort of sidearm/secondary Thanks in advance
  2. They could just add in the usual Glock, CZ, Sig and thats pretty much enough
  3. Ive tried both playing as EU and the default game.. no South African servers.. nothing listed on the server list with a ping less that 180.. I live in Johannesburg
  4. Lol.. as ive said in other posts.. ZA is starving for a modern FPS shooter.. would love a title like WW3 to become our "one and only" Btw is there anywhere to see a global player count? Like live? Or purchases made?
  5. Hahaha.. well.. I hope there is more of us than 30 Thanks for the good news Ping to EU (which is the closest is 180-220).. Similar to when BF gave us EU servers.. my ping on that is now 1-3 as soon as Johannesburg servers were added
  6. Hi Devs.. Here are 3 easy fixes that can be added to the list of other peoples suggestions 1. Bodies should remain a little bit longer on the battlefield 2. The ability to swap for/pick up a downed players weapon - this can be possible if bodies remain a little 3. Once deploying a special eg UAV/Reaper.. the laptop takes far too long to be put away and you end up getting shot. Its quick to open but reeeeeeaaaallly slow (unrealistically) to put it away - decrease the time please. So far the game is fun to play. Keep up the good work.. Regards from South Africa
  7. Kind sir.. They not operationa then (because Ive checked every day).. those are the best we can find i.e EU servers
  8. Unfortunately I did the search.. best servers I can find is 160 to 220 ping.. which are EU.. ZA servers not up yet Devs said approx. 2 weeks after EA... im not holding them to it though Btw.. BF4 and BF1 I get 1-3ms lol
  9. Hope they do this.. Expressed my interests in an earlier thread.. But the usual insults come from those who assume we live in jungle land.. Game developers need to set up majority servers in NA, EU, AS Then a few in South America, Australia and Africa (South Africa) in order to have global coverage.
  10. Hi AllI know the Devs are still busy fixing major issues at the moment. But they mentioned a possibility of South African servers (Johannesburg) and indicated is on their EA map.. If they released these there will be huge sales for this title upon release because:Battlefield 1 only released servers for South Africa many months after release and it P1ssed off the gaming community.. (who knows if BFV will even provide for us at the tip of Africa)To the devs: If you would like to win over a whole FPS community/country/even region (as neighbouring countries always join our severs) please set up a few South African servers
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