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  1. It should be nearly impossible to solo capture! Not impossible, but barely doable... Which it should be. P.s. you can still easily solo capture if you go for a counter and choose to cap a flag that's away from the actions. This is all good for tactics
  2. I think making captures faster would ruin the game. The current length is perfect length for tactical play and promotes team/squad play, as you capture quicker with more people. The pacing of a game is important. If you speed things up then it's too arcadey. You'd have people solo 'run and gun'ning, capturing points and not meeting any resistance before moving on to the next. This is not a play style I want to see
  3. Well here's one instance I hope they don't listen to popular opinion ? I hope if this has to be added it's squad only... I can't see any practical situation where you absolutely need to communicate with someone not in your squad, other than to be a dick. If there's no holds barred VOIP people will regret their vote ?
  4. I was being brief as I was busy, but it's kind of what it says on the tin... I don't think the game needs a revive system, I don't like the idea of bringing people back from the dead lol. Shorter rounds I wasn't sure about, but I was playing last night and they are pretty long. I'm still not sure about making them shorter though. I wouldn't like quick rounds and I don't think they'd suit this game. Capture flag length. Well, again, I think it's a nice length. It manages the pace of the game, stops it been 'run and gun' and makes it more likely that you'll have to defend the point you're capturing.... It just makes for more interesting gameplay. In BF and COD you can charge around capturing points so quickly you never run into any resistance, which is bad. Over all, I think the game mechanics are really good. Gunplay is some of the best in a round base fps, and the pace is almost spot on, if not a bit too fast. They've got a nice balance between hardcore and arcade.
  5. Ohhh so you were just being a cunt. My bad, thought you'd missed the end of your sentence off lol
  6. I have to disagree. I think the aim was to have tactical play, not rush in guns blazing. Not that I'm in favour of reducing ammo or anything. That will come when all weapons and attachments etc aren't unlocked like they are now.
  7. You're right, it probably does need looking at ... Wah!?
  8. You make a good argument... Ok let's do it ??️ Ps. I would react to you comment, but I've run out of them ??
  9. Can't argue with any of those. Though, I think most will come later. They have a lot on their plate right now. I think once the connection issues are sorted, we need optimisation and then load out saving first, then fun stuff and mechanic tweaks
  10. I agree with hold breath but I doubt they'll add ghillies and foilage heavy maps, I think people would be up in arms about invisble people camping in bushes. And that's speaking as an avid sniper myself
  11. Hadn't seen that thread. Cheers for posting
  12. ? I was just trolling. Although, I am surprised something so trivial would be such a deal breaker
  13. Is this something the devs have confirmed or speculation? Either way, I think they need to do something to nerd the limitless Olympic sprinter thing they got going on.
  14. I'm all for more contrast so long as it doesn't make other players stand out more. I like that they blend in a little and are hard to spot. Most games suffer from players sticking out like a sore thumb
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