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  1. @tynblpb yeah keep on insulting other people ! Classy
  2. @weedtime I'm not trolling I asked some serious question and you(and other devs) run away from them like spoiled child: - why there was no stress test before launch? - why there was no internal playtesting of 0.3 or 0.4.4 (which casued crashes and was taken down) ? - why you're using same EA excuse when other multiplayer EA games work more or less fine and ARE PLAYABLE ? - why are you manipulating with player base by asking question if the want updates that aren't broken (isn't it obvious?) - what major updates to game content did you released during 5 months (not counting 3TDM maps based on existing maps) ? Because for 5 months you released 3TDM maps (so there is hardly any new content, unless you wanna count new skins and weapons in broken game) and didn't fix the game as it works worse then before 0.3 so the whole "voting" was just to create another excuse and you said it yourself - "people don't want broken patches anymore" . So you added 3 TDM maps and broke the game even more in the last 5 monts. I asked questions and then some respones just attacked me without adressing questions I raised and I'm getting a warning ? Because you are not able to answer my question don't mean that you got to threaten me with warnings.
  3. @tynblpbLOL And you complain about whinning ? Your whole post is one, huge whine. You ask me to write something useful? - so maybe you should use your own advice first as there is nothing USEFUL in what you wrote - just another crybaby stuff. I've played many EA games including multiplayer games like SCUM or SQUAD and none of them were introducing game-breaking updates so yeah EA is not an excuse for not doing server crash tests before launch and internal playtesting before updates. Unless you want to make a point that in EA game you might not do playtests at all. And who cares how many hours you played on PTE ? If you were running around empty server you didn't help much - look at 0.3 failure.
  4. Not really I am not angry at all. I don't expect antything to happen overnight, but it has been 3 months since 0.3. And Devs are using same excuses (it's EA, it was working on PTE, we need more time) over and over again. And when I aksed if the did stress test (of servers before launch) or extensive internal testing before releasing updates they go agressive :D Which is funny as it's on them.EA excuse is most lame - SCUM or SQUAD are/were games in EA and they didn't have that kind of problems, maybe because devs of those games know how to do their job ? don't know. Times of broken/unplayable EA games are long gone on Steam and using EA as exucuse is just slap in the face for players. Saying that players voted that they do't want broken patches ? How stupid and lame is that ? Maybe they should make a pool and ask if players want to be sick ? To make such vote shows total lack of repect towards player base. IT'S DEVS JOB TO RELEASE WORKING UPDATES. Do we need a vote about this ? Also if you're frustated by someone giving an opinion on open forum, maybe you should step back and don't come here ?
  5. I tried PTE it's mainly empty wasteland few hourse after new patch/update goes live on it. It's a waste of time and another way for devs to make excuses like it happened with 0.3 And another days and nothing new happened, player numbers are dropping, its fanastic work by devs ! Well Done
  6. Nice try to avoid answering questions Did you do crash tests before launch ? I didn't say that there were crashes, you do crash tests to ensure that servers will hold heavy load. No you didn't do this as some streamers (bigfry ?) even called you out about it before launch. EA is not an excuse, there are several EA games that are playable - Rust, The Forest, Green Hell. Squad was in EA as well if I remember well and it didn't drop to 150 peaks, so please don't use it as excuse. It was nice try, but EA doesn't mean that game is not playable to majority of players for several reasons. "people don't want broken patches" that's hilarious, what else will you come up with ? People don't like to be sick, people don't like to have hangover, people don't like taxes ? Are you Einstein ? It was your JOB don't to release broken patches, you released borken patch and went for month long holiday and you wonder why people don't play WW3 ? Becasue Devs failed at their job - badly. You really needed voting to came up with conclusion that "people don't want broken patches"? WOW ! Now it's excuses : - it's EA (but other EA games tend to work more or less fine, even No Man's Sky was playable for majority of people even if it didn't live up to expectations but it wasn't broken to death, I mentioned Squad and other EA games, SCUM was playable from the start without game breaking crashes with every update) - it worked on PTE (sure it did , PTE was close to empty) - master served didn't work ( but you didn't crash test it) - people didn't want Smolensk (becasue it looked like horse you want what and it was crashing ) So what major feautures did you bring to the game in 5 months (excluding 3 TDM maps as they are based on already exisiting maps) ?
  7. Yep it's the same old excuses over and over again you've been saying same stuff since before 0.3. Did you do crash tests before launch ? Nope - you didn't care and game just imploded Did you do proper internal tests before 0.3 ? Nope - you just used PTE as excuse (PTE that was almost empty) and then went of out of sight for almost a month, leaving player with totally broken game Nope there wasn't a lot of things added in the last 5 months - from really new stuff there was 3 TDM maps(based on already exisiting maps) added in 5 months, unless you count new weapons or tanks as "a lot" and who cares about new weapon when game is crashing like crazy or there is noone to play with ? Voting was just another lame excuse, it was devs fault not to do crash tests before launch, and then playtest every update before releasing it. 0.3 broke the game, it's not like players left the game it was about releasing more bugs with every update.
  8. I don't know why, I know that any significant update was moved or removed (like Smolensk) nobody expects devs to solve some issues overnight, but it has been 3 months ! Maybe even more as game was poorly optimized back in 0.2. For 3 months we didn't get any significant update as both Smolensk and Recon were moved and tons of different bugs and issues. Even with 3rd weekly raport - it's bunch of promises and not even an ETA. Why should players stay with this game ? 0.4.4 and Smolens is just amateurish , there is no effort to bring players in and that pool was a joke - it was like asking - if somebody should his/hers work. And there was hardly any brad new content - for 5 months since launch we got bunch of TDM maps and some weapons as both new maps and modes were pushed update to update. PTE is also like excuse to have more time as with those number of players is just wast of time pushing patch notes and update notes for both main version and PTE is just confusing and divide player base. With 100 people playing who cares about PTE ? And then devs instead of playtesting updates properly use it as excuse that something was working on PTE (hello update 0.3 and Smolensk).
  9. Is Smoleńsk in the game ? Or was it taken down ?
  10. I think that sadly Devs don't know what they are doing Game was very stable before 0.3 , sure it wasn't optimized and wasn't running good on worse PCs ut since 20th of December (0.3 Patch) is a trainwreck, there is hardly any new content (sure we got some TDM maps but they are versions of already existing maps), there are issues all over the game (crashes, ping), Smolensk was a huge failure, 0.4.4 was even worse fiasco. We don't have any timetables for updates, Recon isn't even IN THE GAME, there is no promotion, no communication. Player numbers are just sad, but even worse devs aren't doing a thing about it.
  11. Problem is that those fixes are taking like forever. Before 0.3 the game was quite stable, sure it wasn't working well on older computers but it was solid and stable. Since 0.3 there are constant fixes which go nowhere it is almost 3 months and player numbers are dropping, reviews are down and game is slowly dying. There is little new content sure we got two TDM maps but they are versions of maps that already exist. Smolensk was a huge fiasco, there is no Recon, no Smolens, no Arctic Map. How much time devs need to fix it ? A Year ? 6 months ? Because they already have had 3 months to iron this version out. Right now there are still game-breaking bugs, there is hardly any new stuff and players are not longer playing WW3. Another fiasco with 0.4.4 patch yesterday was just another evidence that devs might not know what they are doing, as since launch it's like one step forward, 2-3 steps backwards. And I've been with them since before release but it's hard to have anymore faith
  12. I guess you have serious trouble reading - player count dropping badly and reviews dropping badly aren't complaint - those are facts that you can validate by yourself "Mr know it all" however you wanna spin those things are happening and it's bad not only for a game now but for it's future as well. I do not imply that I know how everyone should do their jobs as I don't - I am just speaking from players perspective - I bought a game and I stucked through horrible launch (which was Devs fault - they didn't do enough or any crash tests - if I remeber BigFry talked/wrote about - for him it was "stupid" not to do them), I defended the game and then after update that introduced game-breaking crashes I hope Devs will take responsibility for that and fix them ASAP- they didn't, it's 4 weeks and no solution - meanwhile player base shrinked to the point that there are less then 100 people for hours, reviews are dropping (as players are disgusted with crashes). Why should I make proper documentation on how they should playtest this game ? It's quite obviuos - hire big enough playtester team and not rely on "empty" PTE as empty PTE won't test anything. Devs explanation that crahses were minor on PTE were pathetic as only handful of people played on PTE as overall player count those days was like 350-450 players at peaks in main version - PTE servers were mostly half-empty or empty - so devs new right there thay update won't be playtested properly and even with that knowledge they didn't test it more but pushed it live and then went out of sight, releasing patch with new weapon week later knowing that a lot of people are having serious crash issues.
  13. My purpose is just concern that devs my their amateurish attitude to playtesting (no crash tests before launch, little playtesting before launching update) and to fixing game breaking issues (4 weeks is a lot - if I mess something badly in my work I have to fix it ASAP) is slowly killing this game as : - player count is dropping badly - because game is unplayable for a lot of players - game reviews/reception are dropping badly - becasue game is unplayable for a lot of player what it's more its hurting chances to bring back players or gain new players.
  14. Nope, you're just wrong As a player (and I did report bugs on Discord, when connection was an issue) and as a buyer I can voice my displeasure who things are being handled, by your logic if someone buys any game can't voice any concern. And defending pushing game-breaking updates which aren't fixed for over 4 weeks is just patting devs on the back for no reason, especially in situation when it obviously hurts the game (player count and review/general reception)
  15. @@PRUNKgaming Developer responded a week ago and for that time nothing changed. And check your info as I was posting long before New Years(and I defended WW3 many times here) so please do not spread falso information about me as what you wrote is 100% lie. I have been playing this game and supporting since relese so maybe just chill out and don't assume things you don't have a clue about. "proper fix" is coming SOON (4 weeks and counting)
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