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  1. After more than 100 hours of play in the initial version of the game plus 32 hours after the 0.6 patch I have to say that there have been many improvements but I think a lot of things have to be absolutely revised so I decided to write here some changes that the developers should seriously take consider if they really want to make the game balanced smooth and fun. let's start with the basics: 1) 2 seconds of invincibility as soon as you spawn - block spawn on in combat freandly team - block the spawn if airstrike is coming how many times have you happened to spawn and to be killed instantly before you even understand what is happening? (for me a lot time!) 2) Increase speed of automatic healing (for many reasons) if you notice 90% of people always use the medikit or syringes because in practice using something else is not convenient! the reason is simple because if you get hit and your life is low to recover all your life it takes even more than 2 minutes with serious consequences exampple N1: nobody uses the ammunition package so if you run out of ammunition find someone who supplies you with ammunition and repairs of armor is rare !, N2: if you get hit and you don't have how to heal youself you are forced to camp if you don't want to be killed in one hit then (increasing the number of campers). *good way can be 10%HP every 6 seconds or 30HP every 18 seconds. 3) Vehicle improvements I use a lot the tank and light tank, all in all they are decent and well studied but still there are problems especially on the physics, movements and collisions. 1) improve the acceleration of vehicles on climbs, blinds and easy obstacles. (absurd just think about a tank with more than 1000 horsepower struggles to climb a small climb or gets stuck on every hole or sapling) 2) totally modify the helicopter's control system, and physics ( I state that I used it little but the reason is because of the bad piloting system, take the bf3 / bf4 helicopter command system as an example) 4) browser server and match making improvements: - Add a queue for full servers (avoid wasting time searching for a server with a free slot.) - Add a number for each server (so you can immediately recognize which server you're playing) - Add map rotation/votation (maybe make servers where there are specific maps so without rotation, and other servers where there is a rotation of the maps and with the possibility of being able to vote the next map during the game.) for now these are my suggestions I will update the list as soon as I have other to suggest (I want to clarify that I have not mentioned so obvious that they must be fixed as animations stability of the servers and above all stuttering and low frame rate. I hope you take these suggestions seriously and I'm sure they can only improve the game for the better!
  2. @N4choLibre I'm not inpatiende I'm just telling you explicitly that you're a huge retardant who shoots bullshit on the stability of the game. I do not say I want it to be improved right away so I wait but at least you're aware to tell the truth the game is not always stable at 60fps and stuttering a lot that's it close question.
  3. it's clearly you did not understand what I mean first point I never said that I expected a game optimized in fact if you read the beginning of my thread I said exactly what you said, but what I say and why you say crap that the game runs well when it is not true at all what I wanted to say read better what I wrote above and stop shooting crap and make me feel sorry that I cry and I did not have to buy it
  4. well 60-70 fps it's not fine in 2018 almost 2019 and not fine for mine standard, maybe for u can be fine cuz probably u are also playing on 60hz monitor like the all pp say the same. anyway what i try to say it's the game it's not run well and just cuz u don't care to play at more than 60fps that's don't means we need stay a this 60fps. ps i don't belive you can get stable 60fps without drop on 50 or 40 with your config, try to take a tank on berlin between B1 and B2 and look better your fps -.-
  5. @Garack jesu crist i hate so much when pp say With xxx and xxx the game running FInEeE! that's is a bullshit! maybe u just can't feel the lag cuz u are playng on 60hz old crap monitor. the game don't run well at all! i can feel the lag when frame rate drop below than 60 and when that's append make me sick! anyway i got a good pc with 2 gtx 1080 and i7 8700k 16gb ram. and i can tell you GAME DO NOT RUN GOOD AT ALL.
  6. @Yolocaust1337 maybe cuz your sistem have less than 12gb ram that's the problem
  7. I open this thread with the hope of being able to communicate with the developers and to bring the community together for the current situation. The game is dying already in the first 30 days. the basic player fell from the usual peaks of 5000 / 1,500 to just 1,500 / 500. this means that as you go forward it will continue to decline to reach the point of the release of the access that "if this will ever happen" that to play there will remain only me and another 100 players and this thing really makes me a deep sadness. The reason that all this is happening and clearly this damn Early Access when a game comes out in EA people do not realize that they are playing an unfinished product and then find themselves having a bad game experience full of bugs, frame rate low, balancing armor weapons and sniper done badly, lag server, few maps and few content make pp abandoning the game in a week and remaining of a BAD idea !. in any case I'm not here to blame you for something but surely it would have been much more opportune to release the game in a BETA phase in February, where the game would have been much more playable and enjoyable now, but obviously the best launch period and always between October and November so you have opted to risk and release a clearly unfinished and almost unplayable product to seize the opportunity is not so that it works. NOW what I expect will be an avalanche of bug fixes and maximum game balance at the end of January for try to attract as many pp as possible. otherwise all people will continue to stay with a bad idea that the game does not deserve. this and all I'm sorry to say these things but and how the facts really are. summary of everything (Early Access and a total failure).
  8. this make no sense... pp really can't understand with good balance all is possible.
  9. we have only 3 map so what is this useless point? ofc im talking about new map
  10. I think here you are creating an wrong atmosphere against helicopters. if your think the helicopter are only for farming againste infantry that is totaly wrong. everything is possible with good balance, however it is said that the pilot must camper in the air and easily generate anhigh kill streak if the height limit will be balanced to a duty does not happen, all through is the fact that with 1 rpg the helicopter and practically KO is an attack helicopter is not very fast so the aiming shot is not so difficult, as regards the equipment I think in words all the weapons with splash damege have to be rebalanced my opinion too good, a splash reduced damege means that it is more skill on the part of players to snipe people instead of bombarding them. anyway this and what I think I think my balancing helicopters is not a big weight indeed would add a gameplay in a touch of extra depth, and then let's say it in all of you would not gas a throw down a helicopter with a rpg? let's go guys just look at the negative side of the thing and then the helicopters is not said that I have been inserted in every map so if someone is not the case to be killed by a helicopter 2-3 times per round well then this game is not for you .
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