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  1. Previously, matches were too long, but now are too short.
  2. I'm missing something with objectives and linear maps as i said, instead of control points.
  3. Add ASSAULT MODE with LINEAR maps and ojbectives (e.g.: objective 1: deploy a bomb - objective 2: destroy their cannon etc...), and remove TDM. Don't split population for that boring mode. Personally, i disabled TDM.
  4. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: When you join a match, you always join as LIGHT ATTACKER, even if you selected HEAVY by default. You are forced to change from HEAVY to LIGHT or MEDIUM and then select HEAVY again in order to spawn as HEAVY. GAME BUILD ID: 3335211
  5. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Yesterday and today, i noticed my G38 autoswitched fire mode ("N" key by default), so i thought i accidentelly pressed "N" while watching map ("M"). I decided to change key: i set fire mode on "L" instead of "N", but i wasn't able to change fire mode from single bullet mode to other modes by pressing "L". In other words, new keys are not working properly, or maybe what doesn't work is the specific "L" key (didn't try). Also, as i said, besides key binding bug, looks like fire mode gets automatically switched for some weird reason. GAME BUILD ID: 3335211 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Don't have more info. It's very annoying, died three times in 1vs1 while i was sure i had primary fire mode instead of one bullet mode. Please fix it as soon as possible.
  6. Don't know, i played just one match in the last days and it's happened. What i did if i remember well is switching weapons (or pressing 6 for radar) and pressing "N" for fire mode. Don't know how to reproduce it sorry.
  7. Is no longer red but green... GAME BUILD ID 3335211
  8. DESCRIPTION OF BUG Crosshair white dot disappeared GAME BUILD ID 3335211 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Don't know how to reproduce this bug. Please try to avoid new bugs ?
  9. I'd like something like UT99 Assault, with walls, obstacles, doors etc...
  10. Title... please. Linear maps with attackers and defenders.
  11. Thank you all for infos
  12. 100 Damage on stomach from G36? How does damage work? I hit them 7-8 times in a row, and they don't die. They hit me once, and i get oneshoted? Also, there are players who come from corners and instantly target you, like if they know already where you are. Looks like it's full of cheaters who use wallhack and/or aimbot.
  13. I'm asking because appearently, i've been able to shoot a player through a shelf. It's conceivable but is it as intended, or is it a bug? Also, today i was sitting on stairs, so i was surrounded by walls and i had no enemies around, but i noticed bullets (or don't know what…) hitting interior walls around me.
  14. Do bullets pierce objects?
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