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  1. If this is the place you ask the questions, where's the place to get the answers?
  2. There should be no need for any partnerships for WW3 according to what the devs have said in the past. Multiple times in this forum the devs have come out and said that they have enough money to get this game through to 1.0 and advertise it when people voiced concerns about the game. What's happened? There's no way the Chi-na Flu bled the funds dry. Were the funds mismanaged? Was it a bluff / lie to not scare any potential buyers / gamers away? Or is it something else? I ask because like many of you out there I bought and still support the game and deserve answers. People that bought and no longer support it still deserve to know as well. Not only have I put a little bit of money into buying this but more importantly I've invested a good bit of time (not as much as some though). I originally thought the partnership was for bringing WW3 to multiple platforms at launch. Then I remembered seeing where the devs said in the past that they wanted to see how the game did after launch on Steam before deciding to bring it to multiple platforms. So partnership can't be for that. I'm honestly not currently upset with the partnership. I just don't see true point of it through what the devs have said. If what has been said is true then there is no need to make the game F2P or adding micro transactions into it or whatever My.Games plans on doing to possibly ruin a game with great potential. I only say that about My.Games because of their track record.
  3. Is there any way you could rollover kill streaks from the last game you played to the new one? You would definitely have to have early cool downs so trolling could not take place when trying to leave the base and being mortared first thing. For example I would make it as followed from the very start of the game: Airstrikes/Mortars- 2 min cool down from the start. Tanks/Vehicles- 30 sec cool down from the start. Drone Heli- 1:30 cool down from the start. If you were to come in after the start of the game you could have instant access to the streaks you had from the previous game played. I personally think it would give the game a more intense dynamic in the early stages of the match. It would also be like a reward to the player (you) from the previous match.
  4. There is no point in having a squad leader in TDM because there is truly no objectives that can be marked. If there is no marked objectives then there is no bonus points for the basic soldier. It's basically kill or be killed with no objectives. It only makes it to where the squad lead gets bonus points when he is spawned on which isn't a lot in some cases because they are always dead when I'm trying to spawn. We should have the ability to spawn on any teammate and spread the bonus point love.
  5. I would like to see WW3 bring a test range to the game. It would also be awesome if they would allow you to have Squad members practice with you in it.
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